"Go in and look for Lingcao?" One of the young monks at the early stage of Yuanying laughed. "You dare to go in with it. Isn’t this food for the monster inside?"

The other monks also laughed. Xi Fangping turned a deaf ear to this and said with a smile, "How do you know how to find Lingcao if you don’t go in?"
Laughter stopped, and the friar nodded slightly and said, "Yes, although I am a little older, my courage is really good. There are not many bold brothers like you this year, but I still can’t let you in without the Moyu brand. You can’t get the Moyu brand by making peace. You’d better go back and don’t ask for your own death."
Xi Fangping hurriedly took out the Moyu brand from the bag and handed it over. "This is the small brand of Moyu, and please ask several seniors to have a look." The monk took the brand of Moyu and watched it back and forth several times before throwing it back to Xi Fangping’s mouth. He kept complaining, "There are so many strange things these days. A monk in the Dan period dared to go to those places to look for Lingcao, and someone even gave him a small brand of Moyu. Isn’t this a deadly thing?"
Brother Zha waved his hand, and Xi Fangping jumped up and flew straight along the corridor while thanking him. As a result, many people knew that Wang Muqing had entered the back of Bawang Mountain. Even if he didn’t return for a long time, everyone would recognize that he had died in the mouth of the monster beast or was swallowed up by the bad weather in the back of the mountain. No one would take it to heart, even Qian Wu was a late-stage brother, and he was still the kind of brother with no future in heaven. No one would drop a tear.
The more you fly in, the lower the temperature is. When you fly a hundred miles away, the cold wind comes at your face with gravel. Like an ice blade, Xi Fangping hurriedly transports aura to block the intrusion of the cold wind. This attack is a piece of cake for Xi Fangping, but Xi Fangping knows very well that this place is only about a hundred miles away from the garrison. There are many brothers who have been sent to fix the weather at the end of Yuan Ying. If he is here, he must have a monk to throw his knowledge here, so everyone knows that there is something wrong with this Wang Muqing. Xi Fangping can deliver a protective mask equivalent to the strength at the end of Jiedan to resist the cold wind and rubble, but this protective mask is obviously not enough. From time to time, one or two rubble breaks the mask and hits Xi Fangping. It is too tough for Xi Fangping to knock down a big tree and hit the gravel on Xi Fangping, but it is just tickling him.
From time to time along the way, one or two Lingcao passed by Xi Fangping, ignoring this reason. This is just the entrance of the back mountain of Bawang Mountain. Almost every day, monks with black jade in their infancy entered. If they were good herbs, they would have been lighted. Besides, the purpose of Xi Fangping’s trip is not to get herbs, but to lift the seal method of the axe.
I flew more than 500 miles directly until I was sure that I had flown out of the Godsworn’s knowledge at the end of Yuan Baby. Then I turned to the wild goose to return to the peak. At the same time, I unscrupulously released my knowledge and observed that the temperature around me was getting lower and lower, and the cold wind was getting stronger and stronger. But these were just small things for me to stop hiding myself.
After flying for a thousand miles, Xi Fangping suddenly stopped. There was movement about 200 miles ahead of him. Xi Fangping hurriedly held his breath and flew forward at the same time. After flying a column of incense kung fu, Xi Fangping now had a heavenly brother who was fighting with five monster beasts about five miles ahead. That heavenly brother had reached the peak level of Yuan Ying’s mid-term, but it was even more terrible to fight against the monster beast with him. Each one had ten-step repairs, which were five and white. The wings are crystal clear. The big bird looks quite beautiful, but the sharp wings of the minions are a chill, which is quite terrible. Xi Fangping can see at a glance that the heavenly brother is bound to die. Although the five monster beasts are worse than him, they are not a small class, but the fierce cold wind adds to their power. At the same time, the birds lose their muscles twice, and it is definitely not a Xiaotian brother. It is in a passive state, and several attempts to break through have failed.
Xi Fangping took a cold look at the fray and then took a detour. He didn’t want to get involved. He didn’t need to save a heavenly brother. Anyway, after all, it was going to be a big kill. Now one more death counts as a few hundred miles. Xi Fangping is now about 200 miles away from himself. There is a powerful smell that is the smell of the twelfth-order monster beast that just blocks his way. Xi Fangping doesn’t care about this twelfth-order monster beast. It’s rare to see people around now. If you really want to have that monster beast, it will be released and killed.
After flying near, Xi Fangping was now small. It turned out that it was a 12-order snow leopard, staring at himself with eyes wide open. Maybe it was now that Xi Fangping was afraid of it. The snow leopard was a little unsure and didn’t come to drive Xi Fangping away. Looking intently, it was now that there was a lux snow lotus next to the snow leopard. Although it was a little far away, it couldn’t smell the fragrance. But look at that head, it should have been five or six thousand years old. It seems that the snow leopard is guarding the snow lotus. If Xi Fangping wants to show it, even a little greedy snow leopard will
Xi Fangping took a casual look at a snow lotus and flew forward for five or six thousand years without looking back. Snow lotus was worth millions of lingshi at most. He didn’t want to kill the 12 th-order snow leopard when it was in waves. It is estimated that it will take some years to watch it mature, and it is very likely that it will advance to the 13 th order. He will bother others. Snow leopard stared at Xi Fangping without blinking until Xi Fangping’s figure gradually disappeared.
It took Xi Fangping two hours to get to the wild goose all the way back to the mountain. He met more than a dozen monster beasts, all of which were ten-order monster beasts. He met two monster beasts with twelve peaks alone. Xi Fangping ignored these monster beasts and didn’t attack Xi Fangping in translation. Xi Fangping has a deep understanding of monster beasts, but if you don’t go to them normally, they won’t be difficult for you, especially these ten-order monster beasts have been transformed into human beings, and their intelligence is quite good. Naturally, it is not easy for monks to dare to come here. I still try not to annoy them.
When I saw the geese returning to the peak, Xi Fangping was dumbfounded. When I saw the geese returning to the peak from a distance, I said that the peak was actually a huge piece of ice. The ice covered a thousand miles straight and the ice wall was smoother than the light blue light shining in the sun. There were tens of thousands of ice caves in the ice. Looking at so many ice caves alone, Xi Fangping felt dizzy. If the other party really hid the dharma tactic in an ice cave, how long would he have to find all the caves? After thinking about it, Xi Fangping couldn’t help laughing. Anyway, this time it was just exploring the way.
The closer you get to the peak of the wild goose, the lower the temperature will be. There are still about 30 miles before the peak of the wild goose. Xi Fangping’s hands and feet are almost numb now. Terrible cold is pouring into Xi Fangping from all sides. As strong as Xi Fangping, he can’t resist the cold attack. Xi Fangping can’t help but be shocked. He is quite familiar with his situation, but he has the strength of Yuan Ying’s late stage. Plus, he has been added to Xuan Bing Tianlian’s cold elixir. It is reasonable to say that his cold tolerance is much stronger than that of ordinary monks. Even in the early
Twenty miles before the geese returned to the peak, Xi Fangping had to fall from the sky to find a place to breathe again and again. If he didn’t breathe again and again, he estimated that he would have to turn into ice and hit the ground. As soon as his feet landed, a terrible chill surged from the arch of his feet, and he immediately became numb. He was so scared that Xi Fangping hurriedly jumped back for twenty miles that he stopped to find a stone that wasn’t very icy and sat cross-legged.
Looking at the huge iceberg in front of me, Xi Fangping smiled naively. Before he reached the peak of the wild goose, he had already tossed himself horribly. Really, he had to go to various ice caves to find the method. At least he had to make a mid-term repair. It seems that this should be a rare place to fix the true world. Those cold winds are all blowing from the peak of the wild goose.
Cold place? Xi Fangping’s heart moved. Isn’t this another fire star? Decades ago, he got great benefits in Huoling Star. The strength of fire monsters such as fire crow, fire pig and dragon pig has made great progress. In just a few months, most of the fire monsters have entered a whole stage. Now, can the geese return to the peak to play the same role?
At present, Xi Fangping has more than a dozen kinds of celestial relics, among which there are more than a dozen ice celestial relics, including one celestial relic, the blue dragon, the small two celestial relics, the centipede with wings, the ice cow, the snow eagle and other three celestial relics, and the four celestial relics, such as the ice dove, the ice goose and the short-tailed ice dragonfly, account for about one-seventh of the total number of celestial relics. If these celestial relics can benefit from the return of geese to the peak, they will not waste their time.
God read a billion ice monster beast flew out from the belt, and in less than half an hour, all the places in Fiona Fang were crowded with wild geese returning to the peak, and thousands of blue dragons had a burst of excitement. Then they flew straight to the peak of wild geese, and a big mouth desperately sucked up the cold. Although they were separated by a long distance, Xi Fangping still saw clearly that those ice reiki gathered into a bundle and flew straight to the blue dragon’s mouth as if they were essentially.
Then arrived at the wild goose back to the peak is the ice cow, snow eagle, ice python and other two celestial animals. Although they are not as fast as the blue dragon, they are already scary. The ice cow is as long as more than ten feet, and the ice python is as small as a chicken, but the fighting capacity is quite strong. The snow eagle is screaming and rushing to the wild goose back to the peak. For them, it is simply a natural treasure. Even if Hunyuanzong is full of fairy dust, it is not as good as this wild goose back to the peak.
After them, they rushed into the peak of the wild goose, and the ice dove, the ice goose and the short-tailed ice dragonfly, while the ice scorpion, a relic of the Four Immortals, stopped at a place about ten miles away from the peak of the wild goose. It is estimated that it is a way to bear the cold, but Xi Fangping has deeply felt that most of the ice scorpions are repaired in the ninth order, which is far worse than Xi Fangping’s, but the ability to resist the cold is much stronger than Xi Fangping’s. Until now, Xiao Xifangping can’t stand it if he can advance to a place about twenty miles away from the peak of the wild
Xi Fangping couldn’t help laughing at the billions of cheering celestial beasts. For Xi Fangping, the celestial beasts are his family and his brother’s position in his mind is only worse than that of Hui Qing. These celestial beasts, like Hui Qing, will never betray themselves or talk to themselves about conditions and interests. Xi Fangping ordered them to put life and death at risk regardless of moving forward. Xi Fangping couldn’t help but be happy. Why are you so stupid? It’s better to ask other monks to help him find it. Let these celestial beasts find it. For the Godsworn, there is no deification in the middle period. Don’t even think about coming to the peak of the wild goose. But Xi Fangping has at least nearly 20 million monster beasts to freely turn around in the peak of the wild goose. Even if the spiritual wisdom of the celestial beasts is slightly worse than that of the general Godsworn in the middle period, you can also communicate freely with yourself.
How to find an ice cave? You have to give a standard to the animals left in the celestial world. Xi Fangping couldn’t help but meditate. This cave should be not and quite strong for about 100 thousand years, but its shape remains unchanged. However, it is difficult to judge. In addition, there should be traces of monks’ activities in this hole, such as some artificial platforms or things thrown by monks like jade bottles; Besides, this hole should be fairly large. It is hard to imagine that a heavenly leader will stay in a hole where he can’t even lift his head for three months. Of course, more importantly, this hole is likely to be defended by powerful monsters or banned by powerful monsters.
The drums kept banging, and nearly 20 million animals from the celestial world have arrived at the wild goose back to the peak. I don’t want to go back to Xi Fangping’s side. Xi Fangping has tried his best to tell his thoughts to the animals from the celestial world. These animals from the celestial world are quite clever, but Xi Fangping is not sure whether they will understand what he said. Anyway, it is better to be a dead horse than to find a hole by hole.
It wasn’t until I saw these celestial animals happily flying to the wild goose back to the peak that Xi Fangping breathed a sigh of relief and found a relatively sheltered place nearby to meditate and breathe. He didn’t have to go to the whole fix-true world in person, and no monk could send tens of millions of hands to find things in the wild goose back to the peak like him. You know, even the heavenly school has the ability to move freely in the wild goose back to the peak, and there are thousands at most, even the monks didn’t have the ability in the early days of deification. The area of the wild goose back to the peak is so large and the height is so high, and there are at least some ice caves There are hundreds of millions of holes, and some of them are holes and holes. Heaven knows that the Heaven Sect will put the dharma tactic in that hole. Even if thousands of godsworn monks find it hole by hole carefully, it is impossible without thousands of years. Xi Fangping can be sure that there must be some information about geese returning to the peak in some places in the courtyard, but that’s a mountain gate. There are at least thousands of godsworn monks around who peek at the classics under the noses of so many people. Xi Fangping thinks it is easier to find them one by one.
Chapter two hundred and thirty Ice lake
Two, however, many people are powerful days later, and they have been reported to Xi Fangping by monster beast 6 Ruan Xu. Now, these monster beasts who have the ability to get back to the peak of the wild goose have ten-order spiritual wisdom, which is enough for Xi Fangping to communicate with God. Although the description is not very clear, Xi Fangping can understand what they mean.
Only ten days later, the monster beast army searched the whole goose back to the peak and sent back millions of excellent information. Xi Fangping prepared a large number of jade slips, and every time he got a message, it was engraved on the jade brief, otherwise even if his memory was good, it would be impossible to remember these things.
Looking at so many messages, Xi Fangping thoroughly talked. After all, it is a monster beast. Sometimes its spiritual wisdom is the wisdom of the monk. If you want to talk about millions of messages, you can delete them casually. 99% of the monster beast is a monster beast. A piece of ice may be regarded as a monk’s chair by them. There are more than 10,000 pieces of slightly valuable news left, which is enough for Xi Fangping. From these more than 10,000 messages, Xi Fangping learned that there are thirteen orders in the area where the geese return to the peak. There are more than a dozen monster beasts of the 14th order, mainly the 13th order, and there are two monsters of the 14th order. These monster beasts once clashed with the beasts of the celestial world when they searched for geese to return to the peak. However, because the number of the beasts of the celestial world is too large and their strength is terrible, more than a dozen monsters born and raised in their own caves are now afraid to move.
One of the news started on the 3rd. Xi Fangping noticed that there is a small ice lake a thousand miles away from here. There are four monster beasts in the ice lake, all of which have 13th-order pruning geese and returning to the peak. One or two kinds of extremely fine grass with tens of thousands of years can be found around other 13th-order monster beasts, but there is no fresh grass around these 43rd-order monster beasts.
Xi Fangping is very curious about what it is that can make the 43-order monster beast cling to each other. Is it Lingcao with a temperature close to 100,000 years or something else? Or are these four monsters trained by Mao? It is possible for Xi Fangping to move in his heart. Under normal circumstances, other monsters don’t like to stay with other monsters except the immortal beasts. The sense of territory is very strong, but these four monsters with thirteen orders can stay together in a small ice lake, which is definitely not simple.
XiFangPing immediately display posture toward the ice lake.
After a column of incense and kung fu, Xi Fangping arrived at the glacial lake, where the glacial lake is 20 acres away from the foot of the wild goose back to the peak, about 30 miles away. It is not too cold. Xi Fangping barely managed to withstand such a cold, and the stones were frozen and cracked. It is impossible to have an glacial lake. Maybe this glacial lake actually appeared in front of Xi Fangping. The whole lake was foggy, and a small hot spring chugged out at the center of the lake, which was quite interesting.
Xi Fangping penetrated the knowledge of gods into the lake, and his face changed slightly. There are four strange fish in the lake, about two feet long. The head alone accounts for half of the length. A row of cold teeth are exposed in the huge mouth. A pair of eyes the size of a human head are staring at the lake, and the eyes are shining fiercely. These four strange fish have a thirteen-step repair and show practice. They actually put on a four-phase array in the lake. The four-phase array is a defensive formation made by monks when facing enemies one or two grades higher than themselves. But these four strange fish not only transport them in the water, but also connect their heads and tails.
It is obviously not the average guy to make the 43 rd-order strange fish so nervous. The 25 th-order blue dragon is yawning and chatting at the mouth of the four strange fish in the lake, and a lot of ice aura is sucked in. But don’t look at the so-called blue dragon. Their claws are always faintly ready to attack the lake. These 25 th-order blue dragons alone are enough to make the four strange fish pose such a defensive array.
Four ice cows on the shore of the lake are stamping their feet while staring at the four strange fish in the center of the lake. This is the forty-third order ice cow, each of which is as high as fifteen or sixty feet and as long as more than twenty feet. A single tongue is almost as long as the strange fish. At this time, the four ice cows occupy almost the whole shore, and when they stamp the ground slightly, they come to the trembling end with amazing power.
Behind the ice cow, there are forty-three order ice pythons, which are winding up most of their bodies to reveal huge pythons’ heads, and a pair of huge red eyes are staring coldly at the lake, while bright red snakes are spitting and spitting, asking each other to fight to the end.
There is also a small snow eagle in the ice lake. This kind of snow eagle is heterogeneous, but it is not big. It is quite beautiful. Don’t treat this snow eagle as a pet. Even if it is as big as an ice cow, it is not necessarily their opponent. At this time, the thirteenth-order snow eagle is slowly flying around the lake, and its small eyes have never left the figure of the four strange fish
At the same time, there are about 200,000 or 300,000 ice scorpions around this lake, which are hundreds of eleven cold stones and surrounded by an ice lake. It is obviously very similar to the old ones.
Such a large formation surprised Xi Fangping. Under normal circumstances, strange fish should not mess with the celestial heritage animals, and the celestial heritage animals would not look for strange fish. After talking with the blue dragon, Xi Fangping realized that several nine-order ice scorpions had found an ice lake two hours ago and went to play. I didn’t expect that the four strange fish had been at peace with the celestial heritage animals for the past few days and suddenly attacked and ate those ice scorpions. This also required that the celestial heritage animals help each other. Everyone was a companion to kill one, which was equal to challenging the entire monster beast army in the vicinity. The third-order ice cow rushed to the four strange fish as quickly as possible. After a fierce battle, the strange fish escaped into the lake. The ice cow chased it into the lake without thinking that the strange fish 6 avatar could not work, but the kung fu in the water was really good, so it was thrown out in a panic.
The ice cow lost, and the 25 th-order blue dragon and the 43 rd-order ice python arrived at the same time, and the 13 th-order snow eagle flew in at the same time, and the ice scorpion in the nearby area also rushed over to surround the whole ice lake. Seeing that it was only a few or nine orders of ice scorpion, it attracted such a terrible enemy. The four spirits knew that it was not good, and immediately formed a four-phase array to protect their condition. If Xi Fangping didn’t just come to the 25 th-order blue dragon, he was preparing to hit the lake well. For example, it is absolutely impossible for the blue dragon opponent
See strange fish out of the four-phase array Xi Fangping was overjoyed that these strange fish had a tactic to lift the seal method of the axe, otherwise no one would be full. With a brace, 43 monster beasts were trained in such a snowy place.
To ensure success, Xi Fangping took out the sound drum and tapped it gently for a few minutes. After a while, two blue dragons flew from a distance and landed at the lake. Xi Fangping didn’t underestimate the fighting capacity of the blue dragons. He was afraid that it was a strange fish that had lived here for at least tens of thousands of years, and he was quite familiar with the terrain at the bottom of the lake, and he was not sure what traps the heavenly monks would set. Therefore, it was more safe to send two more.

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