"Ha ha! Good knife! " Li she laughed and waved a few knives and forced Li Zhuang. Can Li she be unhappy? He said to Xiao Lin, "I’m going to the village entrance, so I’ll take this knife first."

"Village head! Wait for me! " Xiao Lin took an iron sword and chased it out to see that Li She had disappeared.
After Li She was equipped with a tiger’s head broadsword, the force value became 35 points. Now the root is a wolf-killing machine. That fence can’t be stopped. There is Li She’s figure, and there are wolf corpses everywhere!
Li Zhuang felt very incredible. When Li She met, she asked, "What’s the matter with you, little brother? As if he were a different person. "
"Because of it!" Li She looked at the tiger’s head broadsword in her hand and said that she wanted to pass it to Li Zhuang again and said, "Eldest brother, you are better than me, so you can give it to you to give full play."
Li Zhuang quickly refused to say, "Little brother, what are you doing? It’s not that you don’t know that I can bow and arrow. Even if you give it to me, I’m not used to it! "
It’s true that Li Zhuang is still holding the bow in his hand. If Li Zhuang is holding another weapon with a force value of 1, it will definitely become a big killer. But Li Zhuang must take a bow to shoot an arrow and then he can be a tree stick to hit it.
"The younger brother! There is danger over there! " Li Zhuang suddenly way
It turned out that a fence not far from these two brothers was washed by wolves. Hungry wolves descended on the villagers in succession, and Zhou Xiang, the deputy village head, was at the forefront of the wolves. The two brothers rushed to protect Master Zhou.
Li she killed the wolves and roared, "Now the fence has been washed away, and the wolves are about to rush in. What should I do?"
Zhou wants to say that "there are two ways at present" when the two people are not in a hurry to protect them.
"Oh what way? Uncle Zhou, let’s hear it. "Li said happily.
"First, let the people hide in the house and rely on the surplus food at home to survive for a few days and then come out when the wolves disperse," Zhou wanted to say
"no! Now it is impossible for the people to have surplus grain in their homes and reward food in the warehouse! " Li She immediately denied it and asked, "What about the second way?"
"Village head, look over there!" Weeks to didn’t answer but stretched out his arm and pointed to one place.
Li she looked at Zhou Xiang’s arm and saw a wolf.
Chapter 20 Pass the test
Li she saw a wolf, a wolf heavily protected by wolves, and a noble wolf whining there.
"Wolf king?" Li she asked
"Exactly!" Zhou Xiang-Li talked about the second method: "The wolves are so brave because the wolf king will die and the wolves will disperse."
"I’ll go!" Next to Li Zhuang said
"no! I’ll go! Brother, it’s not convenient for you to break into wolves with a bow. Why don’t you stay here and protect the villagers and let me kill the Wolf King? "Li explained.
"That little brother, be careful!" Li zhuangqie road
"hmm!" The knife crossed the fence and went straight for the Wolf King.
The wolf king’s eyes curled at random and suddenly he saw a man rushing towards his side. The wolf’s eyes revealed deep doubts. This was the first person who dared to rush at it. The human beings whined at Li She. Two groups of wolves suddenly stopped attacking the villagers and all went towards Li She.
"I yelled at you!" Li involved in a huff and a knife to cut the hungry wolf in front of him to the ground and then went into the wolves.
At this time, Li She really became a wolf-killing machine. She was tireless. In the wolves, she liked the broadsword to cut her head and cut her belly. She was covered with an amazing murder, and her whole body was dyed with the blood of the wolf. If The Hunger
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Please check out the skill’ passionate fighting spirit’ you have learned in the battle. "
Li, who is passionate about fighting, is involved in the skills he has learned in the battle; The effect is tireless, the force value is tripled for two hours, and people will be twice as tired after the event.
Li She now has a force value of 15 times three times, which is 45, plus a tiger’s head broadsword 2 for a full 65 attack points! However, the force value of 9 is a hurdle. It is up to you to understand and break through 9. In this way, Li’s force value can reach 9 at most. But at present, Li is still a killer for wolves. Li feels that he is simply unstoppable now.
The black wolves surrounded Li She heavily and vowed to block Li She on the road to the Wolf King. But now Li She is a demon to the wolves, and she can’t stop seeing the broadsword flying at the root. Hungry wolves have fallen to the ground one after another, and if hungry wolves dare to die before, they are carefully kept outside Li She’s attack range.
The wolf king whined again. This time, it was not as casual as the previous times, but it was a bit anxious and fearful. The wolves hesitated and dared not sample when they heard it.
Li She doesn’t care that you hurled yourself towards the Wolf King. The Wolf King whined and ran away as if you were saying you were malicious.
The wolves ran away when they saw that the wolf king had run away. Soon there was no living wolf around the village with broken limbs and bones.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You have passed the unified test and gained experience. Please continue to enjoy the game. "
"Enjoy you …" Li She fainted before she finished, otherwise I don’t know if she would be banned again.
When Li She woke up, she found herself lying in the village chief’s office, sitting up in bed, feeling that her head was very swollen and her stomach was so hungry that she almost mumbled and staggered out of the door.
At this moment, Li Zhuang also came up with a bowl of soup and medicine. He was very happy to see Li She woke up. "Little brother, you finally woke up. This is Chen Xinggang cooking a bowl of soup and drinking it soon."
Li She took a sip and felt extremely bitter and hard to swallow. Finally, she held her nose and poured it into Li Zhuang and said, "Eldest brother, I slept for a few days."
"You’ve been sleeping for two days. You must be hungry if you haven’t eaten for two days. Let’s go to Ma Nan’s restaurant to eat something," Li Zhuang said, pushing Li She.
The two brothers came to the restaurant together. Li She took a look at it. It was very lively. Some of them were still unfamiliar. Li Zhuang casually found a corner table. Li Zhuang shouted, "Xiaohua, go and let Ma Nan make some side dishes. By the way, let Ma Nan find his brother’s high school."
"Good!" Xiaohua is a small boy in the village who works as a second child in this shop.
"What’s wrong with these people?" Li said, pointing to those strange faces
"I don’t know, it’s just that when I was in a coma, the village changed, and suddenly some foreigners came here to rest in twos and threes, and some refugees were arranged by Master Zhou." Li Zhuang replied.
After what Li Zhuang said, Li She has a general idea of what is going on. It should be that the protection period of the novice village has passed and the world has been officially connected. These are the ties for players to adapt slowly.
"By the way, did the restaurant collect money?" This is Li She’s most concerned problem. Li She doesn’t want to give others food for no reason, not her own villagers.
"Rest assured, master zhou has arranged to receive money! Because our village has not implemented the tax system, the money belongs to the village head and is kept in the warehouse! " Li Zhuang said
"Well, that’s good! The food has come so fast! " Li she saw Ma Nan coming with food in person and quipped that Xiaohua was still holding two altars of wine.
"How come the village chief didn’t inform me!" The horse is difficult to complain about the food.
"Just have a meal, don’t bother your chef Ma," Li said jokingly.
"It’s okay! Don’t bother you two brothers to talk. I’ll go to work first. "Ma Nan filled the wine for both of them and left.
Li She picked up chopsticks, picked up a piece of tender meat and put it in her mouth. She chewed it slowly, without raising her thumb and said, "This horse is getting better and better. This meat is really good."
"I killed more than 100 wolves thanks to my brother, and now every family is eating meat," said Li Zhuang.
Li she ha ha smiled and then took a sip of wine. Kyaw Win moistened her throat and even her tongue was stained with the fragrance of wine. "Ha, ha, ha! Good wine, good wine! "
"I heard that Ma Yi seems to be going to be a senior winemaker," said Li Zhuang.
"Oh, good!" Li Yele laughed. This is the third senior talent after Chen Xing and Zhou Lin.
Li she drank a mouthful of wine and asked, "I wonder how the village construction is going."
"Now the private school is building the Zhongshao Tower, the logging yard and the grocery store, which have been built long ago, and the boxing gym has not been built yet," said Li Zhuang.
"Made! What are you waiting for? " Li said in doubt
"Little brother, it’s very kind of you to say that there is such a bricklayer in our village. Since joining our village, Ji has been working hard every day and is about to vomit blood. You still urge others," Li Zhuang scolded.
"Alas, it seems that there are still too few skilled workers." Li sighed.
Chapter 21 County Commandant Hatred
"Village head, you are awake!" Zhou wants to run in quickly from the outside and looks very anxious.
"Come to Zhou Daye for a drink," Li said, handing Zhou Grandpa a full wine bowl.
"I heard that the village chief woke up and hurried here to have something important to say," said Zhou Xiang anxiously.
Li’s expression was stagnant, and it seemed that Master Zhou really had something urgent and said seriously, "What is it that makes you so anxious, Uncle Zhou?"
"Alas, it’s not a logging business!" Weeks want to say with a sigh

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