After listening to the sound of A Dai suspection.i Zhantian, I realized that I am not alone now. Although I don’t know what strength A Dai is now, now he volunteered, so he must be sure to deal with a gold fighter, and A Dai’s younger brother, the white python, not to mention that that guy is Warcraft and a gold-level Warcraft. It is not a problem to entangle a gold fighter killer, but it is much better to deal with two by himself, although it is dangerous.

Think of this suspection.i Zhantian no longer hesitate to move his mind. A huge black shadow appears to himself, while A Dai is imposing. The huge head of the white python and the huge snake head of the white python suddenly shake it, and its maw suddenly spews out with a thick poisonous gas.
The four men in black were obviously startled by the appearance of the white python and A Dai until the poisonous gas in the mouth of the white python eroded to their side. At this time, A Dai’s four little hooves on the top of the white python suddenly slammed into the front of the black male leader, and the snow-white claws took a gust of wind and suddenly patted toward the leader’s head until the wind swept over his head. The leader finally reacted and suddenly waved his sword toward A Dai’s claws [
A metal collision sounded. The leader was hit by A Dai and retreated a few steps. A Dai paused for a moment and then posted it again, not giving him a chance to catch his breath.
The white python is not to be outdone, and the snake-tailed attack goes towards another man, but the man is not so lucky. In the face of the fierce attack of the white python, the man is dwarfed by the wind.
Seeing this situation, suspection.i Zhantian finally felt relieved. I knew these two guys were so big. Why are you still doing that? But it’s not bad now. Although it’s not easy to deal with two gold bucket fighters, it’s still good for you to bear.
Any suspection.i Zhantian whole person like a cheetah suddenly towards the left two people suddenly plundered and went to the hands of Raytheon hammer, but also broke out with all the light towards one person’s head and kicked his right leg with bursts of strong breeze at the other person’s throat.
He actually wanted to attack two people at the same time. Although it was easy to say when he fought with the gold fighter before Huangfu Zhantian, this time he was faced with two gold fighters. He also had to be extremely energetic. He should know that killers are killers. They never leave too many opportunities for themselves. They all attack at the fatal place of their opponents at the expense of paying some generations. Section 68: Five people and two beasts
In this way, in the wilderness, five people and two beasts catch each other and fight less. At present, it seems that Huangfu Zhantian still has the wind on their side, and I am afraid that this entanglement will not end in a short time.
The leader is getting more and more frightened. What kind of Warcraft is this? It’s so hard to be entangled. It’s a little harder than steel. Plus its endless strange tricks. Sometimes a fire comes out of his mouth. Sometimes his body looks like it’s covered with thorns. It’s not that he can’t cut it with his own sword. It’s more that he can’t hold the knife hand because of the paralyzing feeling. It’s better that he can try his best to display quarrelling.
And look at the white python. The body of the white python is more flexible than that of the black man. There is no reaction at all, even no trace. But every time the white python strikes, it will make him struggle to cope, and he must always be on guard against the poisonous gas from the mouth of the white python.
The situation of Huangfu Zhantian is not as good as the two of them. It can be said that fighting with these two killers is evenly matched. Although Huangfu Zhantian has a little advantage, this advantage is the advantage of Raytheon Qi in Huangfu Zhantian. Whenever Huangfu Zhantian Raytheon Hammer hits the other side with a sword, there will be a violent Raytheon Qi rushing towards the human body. Although he relies on vigorous quarrelling to force it out, the loss of quarrelling for him is getting bigger and bigger.
By this time, Huangfu Zhantian was not in a hurry. He actually tried to get lost in the combat. He put away Raytheon’s hammer and fought with these two men. These two men shuttled back and forth. Unconsciously, Huangfu Zhantian learned the posture skills from the white python. These two skills often interfered with each other. Sometimes, they were beaten several times by the two men because of the interference of the two postures. However, with Huangfu Zhantian’s understanding of these two postures, they gradually merged. However, Huangfu Zhantian people are caught in this strange state. Sometimes they can fight Huangfu Zhantian, but they don’t know what it is, but in the end they always hit the location by a small margin. Huangfu Zhantian also has many opportunities to defeat them in one fell swoop, but Nai Huangfu Zhantian didn’t want to defeat them at this time, but chose to give up giving them a fatal blow and plan to continue to test his posture [
When these two men are getting more and more frightened, they can also cause some troubles to Huangfu Zhantian by virtue of their familiarity with each other and mutual cooperation. They have also hit Huangfu Zhantian several times, but I don’t know how Huangfu Zhantian’s body got into the iron to attack Huangfu Zhantian. It can make him feel some pain at most, but when they attack, they can’t hit him anymore. And as Huangfu Zhantian’s posture matures, they are often hit by Huangfu Zhantian. For some reason, they don’t know.
Any suspection.i Zhantian smiled and said, "I won’t play with you."
Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes moved, and the whole person seemed to realize something. His figure was like a ghost. He came to the back of the two men in black, and his hands suddenly printed on the back of the two men. The blow was Huangfu Zhantian’s strength, and his left and right hands each held a palm to directly shake the two men to the ground.
These two men haven’t lost so easily, but Nai Huangfu Zhantian just shocked them too much in the battle. Of course, it was mainly shocked by Huangfu Zhantian’s posture. For Huangfu Zhantian’s attack on them, they dare not compliment them. Because Huangfu Zhantian’s attack on them is like scratching, their attack on Huangfu Zhantian must be too weak, and it is impossible for a person to be strong in everything. If the attack is also strong, it will be too against the sky. Therefore, Huangfu Zhantian’s left hand should be considered as a weak attack by them.
They think that in the face of such a weak attack power, they will of course devote most of their energy to the attack surface on the defense surface, but there is not much effort to cause this situation.
"How did you … how did you …?" A population is constantly bleeding and pale, glaring at suspection.i war heaven [
"Oh, it’s nothing. I just tried my new posture. I don’t want you to die so soon. Otherwise, who will help me test my posture?" Huangfu Zhantian clapped his hands and said.
After listening to Huangfu Zhantian’s words, the two of them were depressed. One of them was directly fainted by spitting blood from the air port, while the other one resented staring at the knife in Huangfu Zhantian’s hand and suddenly spit out a mouthful of Jingxie spray knife from his mouth. Then the man suddenly stabbed in the front and shouted "Qi!" As he finished these things, his pale face was even less bloody at this time, while his hair quickly turned into snow white and there were many wrinkles on his face. But at this time, his breath was much stronger than before, and I’m afraid it was almost the same as that of a high-ranking gold fighter.
"Don’t be smug, you stinky little brat. I will leave you here even if I spend 30 years’ life, otherwise I will be sorry for my brother." After that, his face actually appeared a little flush, which looked very strange. Obviously, some secret method was used. It seems that this man is desperate to avenge his brother. He also paid such a painful price, but if he really beheaded Huangfu Zhantian with a knife, it would be worthwhile for him.
Looking at this man, Huangfu Zhantian feels a little careless and gives them a break, but now this man has completed the secret method and it is too late to say anything, but Huangfu Zhantian is still very cautious about this secret method, because he himself has this secret method, but this secret method is more malicious, and then he has to practice from the beginning. Of course, if he can rise to the level of blade master, then it will not be a retrogression in his skill, but his true spirit will disappear, but it will take time to practice. At present, this man is consuming 30 years of life, and this secret method is vicious, but relatively speaking, its power will definitely be
Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly surprised to know that the unconscious man was brought into the small world with a wave of his hand, and then the huge blue wings behind him suddenly flew quickly towards China. Since you launched such skills, I won’t fight hard with you.
"Maybe you come." The man saw that Huangfu Zhantian actually flew in the sky, and his face was so angry that the veins stood out and exposed thick blood vessels. But his strength did rise, but he still didn’t reach the level of blade master. Otherwise, Huangfu Zhantian wouldn’t be so carefree at this time.
"Idiot will go? I’ll go again after the end of the secret method." He said that Lei Guang cut and dragged his long tail to the ground and kept going on the rampage. But when Lei Guang cut behind him in the secret method of Huangfu Zhantian, there was a metallic sound, but the man didn’t hurt him at all except for the broken clothes, which surprised Huangfu Zhantian that he understood the secret method’s toughness. It’s a good thing that he had Raytheon wings. Otherwise, even if he succeeded in cutting him with a knife, he would have to pay a painful price this time.
The man who used the secret method repeatedly waved a grudge against Huangfu Zhantian, but he didn’t even encounter anger at Huangfu Zhantian’s skirts. The man didn’t lose his mind and turned his head suddenly toward the white python.
When the white python crushed the man to death and prepared to get him done in one fell swoop, it didn’t expect a murderous look that frightened him to lock it up, so he gave up on the male killer, and he suddenly put a pendulum to unload the attack on the man who used the secret method [
Seeing that the man who cast the secret method was incredibly still calm at this time, if this man and another man besieged the white python together, then I’m afraid my side will be finished. Nai Huangfu Zhantian Raytheon Wing suddenly stopped drinking "Little Sun Ye, I’m coming" and said Huangfu Zhantian that the whole person approached the man who cast the secret method quickly like a shell, while Raytheon hammer in his hand burst into bright light and pointed at the man’s head.
The man who used the secret method didn’t avoid flashing, grinned and smiled cruelly, and the sword in his hand suddenly split out toward Huangfu Zhantian.
There was a loud noise, and the whole person was severely chopped up in high school. If he didn’t quickly beat Raytheon’s wings, I’m afraid it would be a disaster. Just now, he still used the high-falling potential. If he fought normally, I’m afraid he would be finished. I didn’t expect to cast the secret method. This guy was incredibly tough.
Huangfu Zhantian wiped a handful of blood on the corners of his mouth and looked at the ground to see that the man was blasted into the ground by Huangfu Zhantian. The ground was smashed out of a pit of one and a half meters by this man, but even so Huangfu Zhantian did not let his guard down because he felt that this man could not be so. Section 611: Kill 1
"Ha-ha, smelly little boy, that’s all you have. If that’s all you have, you’re finished today."
Indeed as expected a grimace of a grin to the man suddenly came out from the pit.
At this time, his clothes were rotten into rags, his hair was blackened, and he was still braving bursts of smoke. It seems that he was bombarded by the true spirit of Raytheon in Huangfu Zhantian. Although his mouth said so, he was actually hurt a lot because he did not feel this kind of injury because he now used the secret method.

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