JiWu was livid and looked at JiFan bitterly and said, "JiFan now gives you a chance to get out of Korea alive. Do you want it! “

JiFan expression said "if you want to kill me, you won’t give me a chance" and sat down in the chair and took a sip of tea.
Ji Wu sneered, "Young Master just needs a few errands to leave you as a soldier and you can go!"
JiFan expression said "double army! Each person is equipped with a sword, an iron gun, a piece of black iron armor of 1 kg, the rest or two iron shields, or a long bow and an arrow feather. After some training, you can walk and ride well! Advance and retreat! Order it to stop! I can tell you that you don’t deserve to let them run errands! Are the arms given by God awesome? My 3,000 double armies can fight against 10,000 arms given by God. Can you keep me? It doesn’t seem that Jijiazhuang is here. In people’s eyes, you are just a woman in exchange for surviving. When spring comes, I will step over Jijiazhuang! No one has come, Wang Qiang, let’s go! " Say that finish and leave.
Ji Wu’s face was shocked first, then embarrassed, and finally he thought to himself, "Ji Fan must be kept today. If this army is really trained into Jijiazhuang," he shouted, "Somebody will kill them both on the spot!"
Outside the door, Jojo ran in and a group of armored foot soldiers "promise!" Say that finish qi qi Tang pulled out a sword.
"Wait! This is Hanfu. Are you Hanfu guards or his guards? Did he ask you to kill me and you killed me? " A dignified marten dressed in brocade came in with his hands behind his back, pointing to a group of foot soldiers and scolding them.
Those foot soldiers should take back their swords and kneel on the ground!
The middle-aged man was followed by a girl who was about 15 or 6 years old. At that moment, the whole room was eclipsed. The female temperament was noble and elegant, but it was noble and elegant.
Middle-aged man pointed out his index finger and was still in shock. He didn’t understand the changes very much. Ji Wu was merciless in his mouth. "From today, my Korean family doesn’t want to see you in Nanpi City. I left you for the old martial face. If you want to sow discord, just try it. Is my Korean family afraid of him now?" Get out of here! Throw it out of Nanpi City around. "
——————————————————— dividing line
"JiXian nephew! What are you thinking? Let’s introduce one. This is my only daughter, Han Ru, who is 15 years old today. "Han Tieshan politely introduced Ji Fan to one side.
Aside from Han Ru’s embarrassment, he hammered his father’s back to protest. How can he tell others his age when introducing his daughter? He naturally knows his father’s mind
JiFan shook his head and threw Ji Wulin’s look of hatred at Han Tieshan before he left. He smiled bluntly and said, "I won’t say uncle Han’s training method for both armies, but I can guarantee that uncle Han will never point to you if he doesn’t do something he shouldn’t do in the future. It’s also my only guarantee."
Han Tieshan looked at Ji Fan with bright eyes for a long time before he nodded his head and said, "It’s enough to have you!"
Han Ru is puzzled.
Wang Jiangze showed a profound look and became more and more convinced of the conjecture.
Ji Fan said with a fist, "Uncle Han, I’m sorry that my food money was stolen by a villain. Please forgive my little nephew for excusing himself."
Han Tieshan looked at it carefully, and there was another guess in his mind. Is there a snowstorm this winter? The same guess, bold guess, immediately said, "My dear, where is the food? I can let people give my dear twenty thousand bears."
Wang Qiang looked anxious and said something to JiFan, but JiFan was the first to say, "Uncle Han loves JiFan, but please forgive my little nephew for collecting hay."
You think I’m stupid! If there is a snowstorm in winter, even if your original food is enough, this favor will be doubled. How can you pay it back in the future?
Wang Qiang breathed a sigh of relief.
Han Tieshan nodded approvingly "don’t send! Then don’t forget to visit Nanpi! "
"It must be!"
On the way out of the city, one of the ten double armies said to Jifan, "Master, when you went in just now, a deacon asked us to take refuge in Jijiazhuang, and we left without consent."
JiFan nodded and didn’t cheep, but he thought that after they took my money to buy food, they wouldn’t dare to stay long and wait for them outside the city.
Outside the city, Wang Qiang pointed ahead and narrowed his eyes and shouted, "Isn’t this the two brothers? Follow "
JiFan hurriedly ran out of the pike.
The closer you get, the deeper your anger gets. You stole my money and sold food yourself and bought ten God-given soldiers? OK! Great!
Is there such a despicable person? Is there such a selfish person?
The other party obviously found that his ten God-given spearmen lined up in front of the car, while the two brothers looked at them with disdain in the car.
Ji Fan looked at three carts of grain and asked two people, "You stole my money and I gave you my life. Is that how you repay me?"
I hope that the other party will die and deny it, but it’s hard to do it.
"You my brother name take you 1 gold to shout a fart! Next year, you will be "Zhao Sanyi’s face is crazy."
Wang Qiang swearing "stung your mother! I’ll borrow your mother and pay you back next year! "
Zhao’s face sneered and said, "You can find whatever you want!"
Wang Qiang muttered in astonishment, "How can there be such a bitch!" When yelling "bitch!"
Zhao San answered, "Thank you!"
Wang Qiang scolded, "Your sister!"
Zhao "I don’t have a sister!"
Chapter 13 Zhen Fu, you know!
Ji Fan stopped Wang Qiang and directly lined up to pull Wang Qiang to hide behind and directly ordered "the column shield to shoot accurately in front of the front archer"
6 arrow feather shoots rapidly!
Zhao swore and controlled the soldiers to dodge and prepare to fight back.
Tick tock ~ ~ ~ ~
Hundreds of Qingqi rushed out and came straight here, far from a hearty laugh. "My dear! You must owe me one this time! "
Ji Fan pulled the old fox!
It was Han Tieshan who led the hundred riders.
Surrounded by Zhao San and Zhao Guo
Han Tieshan Jianfeng pointed out that his face was severe and shouted, "Give God-given arms to Ji Xian’s nephew, leave some food and grass to roll."
Zhao natural unwilling eyes wandering up just want what command a pike in his throat as cold as ice sound like nine days outside the fiend whispered in front of him "don’t play what idea I can guarantee that once there is any change, the first dead person is definitely you! Believe it or not? "
It is Ji Fan.
Zhao was reluctant to look at the grain, grass and arms given by God, and finally transferred them to the man in front of him, and then left despondently.
JiFan Han Tieshan is polite again in JiFan repeatedly promised that if there is any help in the future, try to help Han Tieshan before it is not too difficult. This just reluctantly left and yelled at JiFan "Remember to come! Don’t let Ruer wait! "

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