Strive to completely crush this young rookie in the shortest time!

Villarreal intends that even the fans in the stands can see that they are all the new defensive stars in team C.
The commentator even directly sentenced Sai Passareira to death. "Sai Passareira is a young rookie in Hertha C team … but the tragedy is that his choice in the first team debut was really bad. I can say that he played a … wrong game with a wrong coach when he made a mistake! It’s a pity that a good seedling … "
He shook his head as he spoke.
Changsheng also squatted on the sidelines, staring at the field jam.
He certainly knows what storms this arrangement will bring to Serbia, but he doesn’t choose that he can trust Serbia’s firm belief in himself …
He bet on the effect of constantly giving Sai Passareira the skill of "Genius is tempered in this way"
Now, Sai Passareira’s attributes are always better than before. When I first saw him, he was promoted.
Especially in several key attributes.
He has gradually become a good central defender.
However, in this game, it is these attributes that are most valued by the winners.
It was sixty years ago, but now it has grown to sixty-seven.
[Defensive position] Originally 75, now 13.
[Decision] Seventy-six now eleven
In the game, he will maximize these attributes to make a defense against Villarreal’s huge waves.
Many people are nervous and looking forward to a rookie who is not optimistic about winning, but holding his fist.
Is it really great to practice by yourself?
Chapter 33 Genius
It is not appropriate to compare the Villarreal attack to the tide, but to compare it to the "tsunami".
After all, it was the season when they played in La Liga. Although they were relegated, they still retained some players who played in La Liga and played in La Liga. Their vision and momentum were different. To many people, their offensive really had something different from that of the second-division team.
According to the Hertha players present, it was a "tsunami"
Ten-meter-high waves came to them and then hit the dam, raising huge waves and shooting at them.
And this dam is … plug Passareira.
This young rookie!
Defender Hernando Moreno, who is sitting on the bench, has not been angry until now. He will even compete for a 10-year-old C team player, but is it really because the head coach and Passareira are good and ambiguous, as segura said?
If that’s the case, he’ll never be willing to become an affair sacrifice!
He sat on the bench and waited angrily to see the jokes of the rookie and the head coach. He thought that when the rookie could not resist Villarreal’s attack, the head coach would bow to himself.
Moreno can at least watch jokes on the bench. segura didn’t even make the big list in this game.
He sat in the stands with other teammates who were not selected for the top ten, and there was a special area reserved for them. They just sat there and waited to see that Sai and Chang Sheng made a fool of themselves.
Most of these spectators sitting in the stands are people who are whispering in the substitutes’ seats in a game and waiting to see the winners.
Changsheng suspected that if they didn’t do anything right there, it would make trouble and affect the morale of the team, so he simply sent them to the stands
And he decided that by the end of the season, none of these people would be on the bench.
How dare the players go against the head coach? The coach has too many ways to kill these players.
In particular, the head coach is an idiot who is deeply loved by the club chairman …
He’s fearless. Even Real Madrid, he dares to spit and threaten, and he’s afraid of just a few second-division players.
As everyone expected, the yellow submarine offensive was coming towards Sai Passareira.
Let him pinch a sweat.
Everyone can see that Passareira is struggling to cope. He is desperately adjusting himself to Villarreal’s attack
Ten minutes after the game, his jersey was stained with a lot of grass green and dark brown. The former was rubbed on the turf and the latter was dyed on the surface soil.
The dirty jersey said that the situation he faced was difficult.
Everyone thinks that he will soon fail and then collapse, and Villarreal’s attack will flood in from here and bring disaster to Hertha’s goal
This "soon" changed from the first minute to three minutes, then extended to five minutes and then ten minutes.
Now ten minutes have passed and the score is still!
Hertha has few offensive opportunities for tactical reasons. When defending, Dorset Passareira is under great pressure.
But it was under such great pressure that Passareira didn’t make their fatal mistakes!
Although he was embarrassed, he held on!
Ten minutes!
This is a key stage. Villarreal’s attack is twice as dense as usual, but it makes his experience go up. In other words, Xabi Passareira is equal to others for 20 minutes, 30 minutes and even 45 minutes …
He survived, so he is no longer a inexperienced rookie.
Half-court experience is also experience!
Villarreal stormed for ten minutes, but failed to blast Hertha’s goal. Generally speaking, at this time, their offensive will slow down, because their physical fitness can’t keep up and they have to adjust. They can’t fight to the end of the last 90 minutes in one breath.
No matter how strong the team is, it can’t do this.
There must be a rhythm adjustment.
They should slow down at this time.
But the thought of attacking for ten minutes without breaking the rookie’s defense against Villarreal makes the players feel a little angry and hold their breath, and they have to beat the rookie before giving up.
So in their forced rush to Villarreal’s offensive, it actually took another rapid step!
However, in the face of Villarreal’s offensive, Cesar Passareira is not as embarrassed as before!

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