But two people here have just got the information from Qin Kai. Never thought that they would miss again! Those men in black were selected by thousands, and Lu Mingyang personally selected them from the martial arts experts to prepare for the assassination of Qi Xu.

"It’s outrageous that the army is wiped out again!" Qin Kai a clap a console table Qi Ying narrowing her eyes, finally aiming at the direction of Qin Kai corners of the mouth is hung with a little smile.
"JiXiong you incredibly still have idea to laugh? Don’t you worry that the woman you love has been robbed by that wild boy, and your prestige and interests are almost taken over by him? " Qin Kai’s temper is coming again, but he can’t control it.
He didn’t reach beginning of autumn until he hoped for the stars and the moon. Now most of the fields in Qin have been hit by floods. It’s sad to look forward to the grain harvest again for so long!
Qin Kai is almost crying. As Chu Lin said, he can’t send soldiers without food and grass.
So Qin Kai deliberately told Qi Ying something hard to listen to, deliberately stimulating him to get along with him for so long, and he also got some understanding of what they can get along with so well or for a reason.
"There is no hurry." Qi Ying said that the clouds are light and the wind is light. In the past two days, he has been pretending to be a foreigner. He has already secretly come to Qin to try to discuss with Qin Kai, such as dealing with the foreign husband and wife.
"Who was in such a hurry to tell me that you, the State of Qi, led the flood to the State of Qin, and he hated Brother Qi so much that you were not in a hurry?" Qin Kai’s anger is hard to get rid of. Walking around the temple is untenable.
This grain depends not only on the war, but also on the shortage of silver in Qin State. I wanted to buy some grain and grass from Qi State for emergency, but I didn’t expect that he was also hit by disaster.
"But it’s not good for us to play hardball now." When Qi Ying said this, he was afraid to get angry.
"But I don’t lose at least know the ability of Xu." Qin Kai said, pulling his words back to comfort himself.
"Mr.wong thinks this Xu looks familiar, but I can’t remember where I have seen it." Qi Ying recalled that all the fingers of Su Shiyuan kept rubbing the ring face.
"I’ve always heard that Brother Qi’s painting skills are superb, so it’s better to splash ink on a portrait of Xu, or I can send people around to inquire about his life background." Qin Kai looked at Qi Ying’s difficult sample and thought about it.
"Good is also sent to check before, but it is still fruitful today." Qi Ying came in very depressed and planned things. He was stirred up by Chu Lin, but he heard that Qin Cheng had returned safely.
Time and again, he felt that Su Hanwen was not a simple person, and the old ministers in the palace had been shocked by him for almost a few days, which almost meant where to play.
"Come and prepare Four Treasures of the Study!" Qin Kai toward the side little eunuch said.
"Yes, the emperor" ordered the little eunuch to go to prepare soon and put the prepared things on the table in front of Qi Ying.
Qi Ying picked up a pen and paper and gently painted every outline, and found that this man was so exquisite and impeccable. At ordinary times, it was nothing, but the more he painted, the more familiar he felt with Qin Kai, so he looked at him.
Until Jiying finished painting Qin Kai, he couldn’t help but gasp in air, as if he had decided something!
Ladies, have a nice weekend. Is this chapter fat today? Come and call me a little hard-working. Chapter 138 Go shopping in spring.
"Brother Qi looks so much like Su Shiyuan!" Qin Kai was completely transfixed when he saw Qi Ying painting the portrait.
The so-called "thinking day by day and dreaming night" almost every night, he dreams that at first glance, this portrait actually overlaps with the figure in his mind.
"How much you miss her!" After hearing this, Qi Ying was really angry and thought that this guy Qin Kai must be selfish. Although this person is very similar to the princess Chu in many places, there are many places that don’t make sense.
"Don’t you think they look alike?" Qin Kai looked at Qi Ying and nodded one after another for sure.
Qi Ying did not dare to deny this point. Looking at this face carefully, it is really like a slightly different facial features, which is incredible.
If it is true that she disguised as a man, then the princess in the vicinity really has this ability. Recently, all the political affairs in the Qi Palace can be in her hands.
"Like is like, even this height is like thinking that something is wrong." Qi Ying thought for a moment and was very depressed.
"What’s wrong?" As soon as I get to Su Shiyuan’s Qin Kai eyes, I can’t help but shine. I heard Qi Ying say this, and Qin Kai hurriedly asked.
"The king couldn’t say it." Looking at the portrait, Qi Ying couldn’t help but get bored again. He insisted on finding out the true identity of Su Hanwen, so everything could be solved.
"ah! It’s him! " When Qi Ying just finished painting this portrait, both of them were wondering in front. Although they felt very similar to Su Shiyuan’s face, they were not alone after all.
Just when the two men were a little bored and left the table, Leng Qingtong couldn’t help exclaiming that after saying these things, he quickly retreated two steps and immediately shut up.
"Do you know him?" After hearing such words, the two men fixed their eyes on the female body behind them after glances.
Leng Qingtong didn’t expect that the two men didn’t blame themselves and then nodded timidly. "It is a genus that he met several times but failed to take the lead. Before several injuries, he was hurt by Lu’s adult. He failed to drop him and almost lost his life."
Leng Qingtong’s novel did not dare to look at the eyes of the two men in front of him.

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