"Hum, that’s a good reason. If people who sneak in later talk like this, won’t Feather City become a defensive city this day? Who will resist when evil robbers come?" The old man was obviously a little angry when cold so way

"Well, since the elder has to make it clear, the younger generation has to say that the younger generation is Jiang Ruyi and Mengtian apprentice, and the two of them are my teachers. Now the elder should no longer doubt that I am an evil robber," said Huangfu Zhantian supercilious way.
"oh? You are the students of those two little guys, so I’ll take you to see them, and the two provinces have wronged you! " The old man doesn’t care about Huangfu Zhantian, and then directly binds Huangfu Zhantian with his hand and flies away directly.
After Jiang Ruyi and Meng Tian confirmed that the old man finally misunderstood Huangfu Zhantian and Huangfu Zhantian was white. This old man should be his grandparent, but he is very stubborn. He won’t let Huangfu Zhantian call his predecessors as before, but with this matter, the two of them have become very good.
Here, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t delay for too long to accompany Xiao Yan and several of them. It’s a pity that Henaan isn’t here one day. On this day, Huangfu Zhantian told his experience all the way, and then Huangfu Zhantian took out those holy elixirs that he had got at the beginning. In addition to improving his strength and refining his physical medicine, he was put away by Huangfu Zhantian. Even so, those holy elixirs reached five thousand pieces of terror, which means that their side will at least have thousands of new promotions to the strong.
Mengtian and Jiang Ruyi were horrified at where Huangfu Zhantian got these pills, but Huangfu Zhantian was very tight-lipped and they didn’t say it.
When I lived here for a day, I flew away directly, but when I left, I had a few small tails. Although Henaan was not only Xiao Yan, they always followed Huangfu Zhantian, and finally Nai Huangfu Zhantian took them away from Tianyu City and owed fans to the environment.
After five people flew for a day, Huangfu Zhantian disliked their slow speed, so they were directly wrapped up by the laws of heaven and earth. The four of them flew quickly towards the border, fanning the fat swamp, lazy and angry, teaching you to shrug off barium and neon thieves, and stirring up the ship to cut into the pool and invade the aperture and teach you to steal neon.
After flying for two days, the five of them finally flew to the border section.
"Xiao Yan, the four of you are looking forward to twisting and roasting leeches from a distance, and poking the company to gather together to make up for the situation, and being led by the vector φ to teach them to stew, beautify, build and repair the cave, Lu Chu and Pi Mucheng Street, suspection.i Zhantian to them four ways.
Xiao Yan, after they heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian, they immediately ignored Huangfu Zhantian at losing.
Looking at the four of them suspection.i war day suddenly wry smile up this day inferno is not they can go in, if monty clansman know that outsiders come in also don’t know what will be the reaction?
Finally, Nai Huangfu Zhantian promised them to let them follow, but they were not allowed to enter the inferno sphere of influence [
The four of them know that this is the bottom line of Huangfu Zhantian, and when they no longer pester four beautiful women, they are swarming with Huangfu Zhantian and heading for Yuhai Building. When pedestrians see Huangfu Zhantian, they are all dry. Of course, there are many lovers who come to play Xiao Yan in this issue, but they are given away by the foot of Huangfu Zhantian. The four of them are Huangfu Zhantian who will die if they touch the scales. Even if they show mercy, of course, they have some strength that is not bad. They want to teach Huangfu Zhantian a lesson by their own strength.
With those people, we can learn from the past, where to cut the gap, and where to cut the gap? We can invade the gluttonous badger, Na Siji, O aluminum, privately move the sword and leech, and the emperor can pry open the badge, and the emperor can hide it.
Huangfuzhantian ignored these people and went straight to Yuhailou. Looking at this Yuhailou, Huangfuzhantian suddenly fell into a trance. I remembered the first time I came to the border sheath to protect < Ц у у у ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф ф 109
"Xiaotian want to what? Do you miss your sister Sakura? " Yuxiaoxian looked a little bad and looked at Xiao Yan Tieying Yuejiang Feier next to Huangfu Zhandao. The three of them immediately stared at Huangfu Zhantian as if Huangfu Zhantian would eat him alive if he didn’t give them an answer.
Looking at these four beauties like eating people, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly shuddered. Each of these four beauties is considerate, gentle and generous, but when they meet together, they burst into tigress temperament. This is so scary. Is it right or wrong to provoke so many women?
"No, there is absolutely no such thing. I really want Jill’s sister to lead the way. I have met you guys, so I dare to provoke others again!" Any suspection.i zhantian a face of determined way
"Hum, it better be like this or else!" Xiao Yan snorted and stared at the suspection.i war heaven.
"Of course not. Well, let’s hurry in!" I don’t know what will happen if I am interrogated by them again. When I am interrogated by them, I will lift my legs and step into this jade tower.
Xiao Yan, the four of them looked a little defeated and fled. Huangfu Zhantian immediately laughed, and then the four of them followed Huangfu Zhantian into the Jade Sea Building.
"Hello, what do you need?" Yuhailou man saw a handsome boy come in with four beautiful girls, and his eyes stared straight, but he did his duty and he quickly reacted and came to Huangfu Zhantian. He knew that these five people must be the young master.
"I don’t need anything. As soon as you let your boss, Miss Sakura Jill, come out, you will say that Huangfu Zhantian has something to find her!" Any suspection.i zhantian said with a smile
Hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, the guy was suddenly disappointed, but when he heard that suspection.i Zhantian was looking for Miss Sakura Jill, his face suddenly showed a wary look.
"What do you want with our boss?" That guy was becoming very alert way
"Don’t be nervous. I’m friends with your boss. If you tell her my name, she will come to see me naturally!" Any suspection.i war days immediately after seeing this guy alert look laughed
"Hum, that’s what everyone who comes to see our young lady says. Go away. You’re not welcome here!" That guy made a gesture of please to Huangfu Zhantian, and cold grunted. I knew you were not a good guy, otherwise how could you be accompanied by so many beautiful women? With so many beautiful women, you still want to provoke our young lady. I don’t know how to live or die.
"Ah …!" Hearing this guy’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly startled. He didn’t think that he had been treated like this. Is there anything happening? Otherwise, how could anyone pester Sakura Jill with this jade tower power? And even if jade tower can’t cope with it, the refined pharmacist union can always cope with it, right?
"Well, do you have any good weapons here to introduce me to?" Huangfu Zhantian didn’t press the little fellow any more, but adopted a roundabout policy.
"I’m afraid you can’t afford it!" That guy has now decided that suspection.i Zhantian is the kind of dude who is not academic. Of course, it is impossible to give suspection.i Zhantian a good look.
"oh? How expensive is it? Might as well take it out and have a look, but I do have a weapon here. I wonder if you will accept it here? " Any suspection.i war day smiling way [
"Yes, of course, but we have to look at the quality of the weapon you took out first. If it is at the prefecture level, I advise you not to take it out again, so as to save a shame!" That guy looked at suspection.i Zhantian contemptuously and said that he didn’t believe that an uneducated dude could take out any good things, that is, some weapons at most.
"Ha ha, in that case, it’s a shame!" Huangfu Zhantian said with a smile, after that, he took out a weapon from the small world that reached the peak of the world. This is a water-attribute sword, blue and full of powerful energy fluctuations. This sword has just appeared in Yuhailou, and the whole hall has become wet. Everyone looked at the sword, and his eyes showed horror. Then some clever people quietly stepped back. Obviously, they took notice that there was a world-class martial arts here. Section 1775: Conditions
That guy obviously didn’t expect suspection.i Zhantian to actually take out a weapon and look at the sample quality, I’m afraid it’s the lowest level, and it may be stronger.
Looking at this heavenly weapon, the little buddy suddenly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said to Huangfu Zhantian, "Please wait a moment. I’ll call our shopkeeper!" Say that finish after he didn’t stay suspection.i zhantian answer directly ran towards the inside.
Wait until the little guy left Yuhailou hall, and all his guests gathered around and looked at Huangfu Zhantian with burning eyes.
"Little brother, I don’t know what your long sword is?" A thin young man asked to please any suspection.i Zhantian
"the sky is absolutely!" Any suspection.i Zhantian light way [
"What? The sky level is absolutely true and false! "
"No, I must get this weapon!"
"I have to inform the family to get the money ready!"
After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, the whole Yuhailou suddenly boiled up. Perhaps the day-level weapons are not too tempting for suspection.i Zhantian. After all, a person who can take out the hallows does not have much feeling for this day-level weapons, but for these people, it is enough for him to show off once in his life.
"Brother don’t know you this sword can not sell me? I will pay ten thousand yuan for the crystal! " A man shouted excitedly

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