"Get up!" The eagle is shining, lang will look at Chen Asi and gently say that Chen Asi just got up and it was already wet in the corner of his eye.

Ying Yang Lang will see Chen Asi so excited and say with a smile, "You don’t have to do this. You deserve it."
Chen Asi wiped a tear. Can he not be excited? Captain Lixin is small, but he is a scattered official. He can get a generation of salary, such as the brigade rate, a captain, and a five-eagle young commander. Although he gets more rice than Lieutenant Lixin, these are all career officials. Once he retires or leaves his post in the future, he will have no salary.
In addition to the official honor, the most important thing for a captain from Jiulixin is that he can get 49 stone rice a year, but now his team leader gets only 10 stone rice.
Chen Asi wiped away her tears and said, "Asi, thank you for cultivating Lang Jiang."
Eagle Yang Lang smiled and patted Chen Aisi. "It’s good luck that you are young. This time, the selection of the military distribution team to teach martial arts will decide to recommend you. This is a good opportunity. It depends on you."
Chen A ‘si was slightly stunned and said, "Jiangwutang?"
Eagle Yang Lang will nod and say, "Yes, what a good opportunity to come back from Jiangwutang. You are at least the team vice."
Chen Asi hesitated for a while before saying, "I don’t want to be a soldier, but I decided to retire after I cut the Tang Dynasty this time."
The eagle is young lang will face plate to nu way "how can this you retired not failed to live up to my cultivation for you"
Chen Asi bowed his head and said, "Lang will know that so-and-so is really afraid of death. In recent years, I joined the army and didn’t make any contribution. It was because Lang will command you effectively that I won the war again and again. I thought that I was not a soldier. Before I joined the army, I asked to join the army for three years, but I could ask to be discharged from the Eagle’s Eagle’s Mansion. I want to go back to Beijing and serve myself with a little business, so that my blind mother can die."
Ying Yang Lang was very angry when he heard Chen Asi’s words, but his face slowed down when he heard Chen Asi say that he would serve his blind mother.
The eagle will sigh, "Ah Si will know that you have always been a very loyal person and very filial to your mother. But although you have reasons for this, I can’t promise you. Do you think you have 49 stone salaries a year and can’t get anyone to serve your mother? Say ugly, even if one day you don’t fight, don’t say that the court will give you pension money, even if your salary is one year, it will be enough for your mother to die. "
"Besides, you said you wouldn’t fight. I don’t believe that every time you go out to other groups of travelers, your horses will be damaged. You are a long group of people, but you haven’t lost a hair. Even if you don’t have a horse, I wonder if you are a deserter. Think about it again. Even if you go back to Youjing, it’s at most a long party leader. Is it interesting to be a squire?"
Chen asi fell into a hesitant struggle.
"There’s one more thing I haven’t told you. After your brother was seriously injured in crossing the river, he was lucky to live a life after being treated, but he didn’t have his right leg. Now he has returned to his hometown in Youjing. You, Chen Jiaxi, hope you are the only one." To be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-four Bad blood has become
The weather in Chang ‘an was very hot at the end of the month. When Li Yuan returned to Chang ‘an with a great army, food prices remained high after the war, and the people in Chang ‘an lived in dire straits.
Chen Shuda, the prime minister of Datang Gate Province, is not worried about food and clothing, but the current situation is also not very good for him. On this day, after he retired from the DPRK, he returned home and pushed away all officials to visit his own room to watch the throne.
Since Heyang’s defeat, he has been able to feel that Li Yuan’s attitude towards him is far from what he used to believe. This is ridiculous, but it is because of his niece.
Chen Shuda was Chen Xuandi, who failed to succeed for a long time after Chen’s demise. Later, Yang Guang counted all Chen’s brothers because he favored Chen Houzhu’s daughter Chen Yi, and Chen Shuda’s uncle Chen Yi’s official position was also promoted all the way, first worshiping Shi Sheren and then leaving the county.
At the beginning, Chen Shu-da Li Yuan was also an old friend of Jiang County. After Li Yuan rose up in Jinyang, Chen Shu-da took advantage of the rebellion and dedicated the whole Jiang County to Li Yuan Guan. After that, he moved to the prime minister’s court. It can be said that Chen Shu-da’s position is very stable, but now he feels that he is in danger for a night, just because Chen Ai and Li Chongjiu have sealed the county wife.
This guess is based on the fact that Britain, such as Li Yuan, will be annoyed with him for such a trivial matter, but the changes in the court in recent months have proved his judgment.
Thought of here, Chen Shuda couldn’t help sighing. He put the memorial on his desk and picked up a letter with a half resignation. This was his second resignation. He had already given it to Tang Yuan for a month, but he was persuaded by Tang Yuan.
Chen Shuda himself may be oversensitive, but a few days later he came to Fanyang County, where Lu Chisong committed suicide after being convicted of corruption.
Lu Chisong was originally led by Li Yuan from Jinyang to meet Li Yuan’s army in Hedong, and was sealed by Li Yuan. After the defeat of Fanyang County, it was heard that Lu Chisong’s secret was revealed. His son, Zhao Chongchen, Lu Chengqing’s private correspondence seemed to reveal the secret of the court. Lu Chisong was interrogated by Li Yuan for corruption, and he committed suicide in prison in a few days.
It was Lu Chisong’s death that made Chen Shuda very afraid of Lu Chisong’s intimate relationship, and Chen Shuda generally turned out to be a great friend of Tang Yuan’s in the past. At the beginning, all three of them had a good friendship with each other in the big Sui Dynasty, and Tang Yuan raised their troops. Without saying anything, they not only rebelled against dispatch troops, who ceded territory in the Sui Dynasty, but also responded to Tang Yuan after Li Yuan’s country.
However, by now, Tang gaozu has forgotten his old feelings. Xiao Yu heard that not only Lu Chisong but also himself had always been at odds with Prime Minister Xiao Yu, which also aroused Tang gaozu’s suspicion.
Xiao Yu was the Emperor of the Southern Dynasties, Xiao Kui, Xiao Yu, a young man with a good command of classics. After that, the Queen Dugu married her niece to Xiao Yu. It happened that Li Yuan was the nephew of the Queen Dugu, and Li Yuan Xiao Yu’s wife was an aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin. Later, Li Yuan rose from Jinyang and went out to Hechi, and the prefect of Xiao Yu rose up and responded to welcome Li Yuan into Chang ‘an. Li Yuan also attached great importance to worshipping the people’s department, Dr. Shang Guanglu, and sealed the post-Prime Minister of Song Guogong.
Li Tangtang, Xiao Yu, Chen Shuda, Lu Chisong, can be said to have gained great rewards from dragon three’s heroes who are behind Li Yuan before the situation is over.
Xiao Yu Tang gaozu should not be doubted, but the problem is that he is Xiao Huanghou’s younger brother Tang gaozu, and even Xiao Yu is much more distant and indifferent. Chen Shuda asked himself that his original contribution was not as deep as Xiao Yu’s and Xiao Yu’s Tang gaozu.
Tang gaozu even suspected Xiao Yu, and besides Xiao Yu’s court, there were also two people who were suspected to have elegant Wen Dayou. Their contributions were not outstanding, and Tang gaozu was directly impolite. The Ministry of Industry of the former Shaanxi host was still changed to Longyou wasteland, and Wen Dayou was also released to Sichuan and Sichuan as an official. Both of them were promoted and lowered. Who told them that they were brothers of Wen Yanbo, the prime minister of Zhao?
Chen Shuda will resign in his hand and watch it again. At the beginning, when he was an official in Li Tangshi, his ambition was gradually eliminated. Now he wants to leave.
When Chen Shuda’s room was stuffy and a person was thinking, a voice outside the door said, "Master Qin Wangdian came to visit the government!" Chen Shuda listened to the heart. What did the king of Qin do in my house at this time? However, Chen Shuda and Li Shimin always got along well, and they often secretly ventilated each other to help each other.
Chen Shuda is in charge of "telling the lobby of the King of Qin to wait until I get dressed, and then I will meet you."
Soon Chen Shuda often walked to the lobby dressed in a suit, but when he saw Li Shimin’s confidant Chang Sun Ji, both Chen Shuda saluted, "Is Qin Wangdian here for business or private affairs?"
Li Shimin said eagerly in the previous step, "The Duke and Orphan of Handong have come for something. Have you seen the signs of danger?"
When Chen Shuda saw Li Shimin say this, his face changed slightly, but he was relieved when he saw the outside world. When he frowned, he scolded slightly, "You are doing great things in Qin Wangdian, and you must not lose your temper. You can speak slowly and I will speak."
Li Shimin said with tears, "Where does the life of the people care about so many eyes for a moment to ask the county magistrate for your help!"
When Chen Shuda met Li Shimin, he also knew that Li Shimin was worried about the current market. After Tang Jun was defeated by Heyang, Li Shimin privately said that Tang Jun would be defeated except me, Li Shimin. It is reasonable that this rumor became more and more widespread, and even Chen Shuda listened to three different courtiers themselves.
Chen Shuda comforted Li Shimin. "I know that the king of Qin is just some common rumors. Don’t worry. It’s not a confused person who knows that this is Zhao’s deliberate dissemination of false news. You can’t mess with you now. Zhao’s tricks will succeed."
Li Shimin said, "Han Dong Gong, you also know that three men make a tiger. Once my father took back my soldiers’ hearts and had bad feelings for the orphans. This time, Zhao people said that his father had a big banquet in a mansion after withdrawing troops from Heyang, and the generals of Tiance House said that they were gloating …"
Li Shimin terrier pharynx can’t speak, and grandson Ji is to help Li Shimin. "You are not ignorant of Han Dong’s suspicious personality. You should also help the temple when you are here and now."
When Chen Shuda saw it, he said with a sigh, "I know your physical difficulties in the Qinwangdian, but I’m afraid I can’t help you with suspicion at the moment?"
Li Shimin wonders, "How tired my father was when he started his army? My father should trust you the most, but even he suspects you?"
Chen Shuda sighed and told Tang gaozu about his doubts. Li Shimin’s grandson was jealous and Li Shimin sighed, "I didn’t expect to ask Han Donggong for help …"
Chen Shuda and Li Shimin all said to each other. At this time, the eldest grandson suddenly said, "The bad blood between the Duke of Han Dong in the Qin Dynasty and you has become a disaster. Isn’t it a big mistake to make a real country and worry about it?"
When this statement came out, Chen Shuda was shocked. This eldest grandson said that it was a complete rebellion.
Chen Shuda hasn’t considered this time Li Shimin Huo Ran got up and pulled out his sword from his waist. "What the fuck did you say? Are you, me, Li Shimin a father and a thief? Cut off your slave-killer to show your loyalty to your father! "
Say that finish Li Shimin sword to grandson avoid cut grandson avoid unexpectedly also drew a sword to parry.
Chen Shuda thought for a few turns. He is blind. Why can’t he guess that Li Shimin’s grandson is acting in front of himself? But Chen Shuda is not moving. He wants to decide the risk one step at a time.
The king of Qin is a British leader who can believe that everyone has always been very close to each other, but he refuses to believe people with other surnames except the Li family in Longxi. Now that he has fallen out of favor, he may one day fall into Lu Chisong’s field. At this time, he is going to plan for himself.
When Chen Shuda got up and kept coming and going, Jianfeng said, "Stop it and listen to me."
Li Shimin’s grandson stopped to Chen Shuda’s way, "I have been afraid to say this for a long time. What my grandson said today is just what I want."
Chen Shuda knelt down and said, "I beg the temple to plan early. Now it’s time to die."

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