Half an hour later, the Wolf clan sent a good news. One hundred baskets of cocoa beans were excavated. The cocoa beans could not be sold for a few dollars in Oceania, but they were sent to China after the activity. It was conservatively estimated that the price was at least three thousand dollars. Of course, at present, there are few three-class ships, and even if there are three-class ships, everyone pays more attention to combat capability. Ang Blade Armor can’t carry away one hundred baskets. It is estimated that the benefits of this treasure will be distributed to three or even four ships. Perhaps at this time, everyone will pay attention to the weight of the ship.
At the same time, the cockroach reported that "the fifth element is going to be withdrawn, and the waves and dragonflies come and finish."
The fifth element works out the principle of digging for one or two hours according to the size of the island. I got the information. The staff of the Ministry went to Gebao Island to follow them, and then the waves touched the island with dragonflies. Although they left with the fifth element, they left the coordinates. This side is not Tonga. The forest waves easily touched the coordinates.
Then the wave attack dragonflies dug rice in one breath, and finally they dug up a treasure chest. Of course, as soon as the treasure chest was dug up, it went to the wave package, and after the wave prayed, it was ordered … Don’t let the fifth element know that it would be tragic to abandon the goods if it was a hundred baskets of wool.
"what!" Everyone asked together.
"The bow is like a water god!" Langxi Road "Good thing for hull damage reduction by 15%"
Cockroaches sigh "it’s not as good as money" and are disappointed!
"agree!" Wu Xin said, "Anyway, this broken ship will sink, or it will be 15% worse."
"If you have any more questions, I’ll let Azure dress up as a cormorant to fish and then braise happiness." Everyone left their pets on the boat, and I’ll take charge of the boat, with a bad attitude and arrogance.
An hour later, it was reported that Blackbeard had left Santa Cruz Islands, and everyone was nervous about where he was going. Blackbeard obviously brought panic to online games that could not be panicked. Being killed by pirates, the punishment for dropping cash and 1% of bank money was quite serious, not to mention the fear number. Such a small bank has thousands of people, and some people have a life of at least a few hundred dollars.
Wearing shoes is afraid of barefoot, or saying that your family is worth thousands of dollars, there will be no property and no way out if you are robbed again. It is very kind to wake up. When you meet pirates with black beard, you can choose to protect the property. Many people wonder why you let black beard out since you want to protect the player’s property. The reason why BOSS is not terrible is that he has a low IQ, and the wandering goods like black beard are a mine that explodes around him at any time for players. You may step on it if you don’t know.
According to the reporter’s tracking report, Heihu divided the fleet into two groups, one group swept the ships in the waters of Santa Cruz Islands, and the other group looted the waters of Tuwanu. This hand was very insidious. Players were stimulated by this news and were afraid to flee from Tuwanu in the trapped cities. As a result, Heihu actually relied on half of his troops to take Tuwanu to stop them. They responded to a group of warships and a battery.
At this time, Wu Xin received a screw saying, "Snail!"
"Are you interested in doing a one-vote business?" Screw question
"Screw, you hunter want to join hands with us to do business?" Wu Xin shook his head. "How do I feel that you British men are quite low in credibility?"
"Are you interested in playing black beard?" asked the screw.
Are you interested? Of course, if you are interested, an ordinary crew member will have to pay a fortune in cash. The little leader still doesn’t know that the crew is estimated to be higher and the captain is higher. If you can rob them, it is equivalent to robbing the city once, but the strength is put on the table. "Are you kidding?"
"I never joke," said the screw. "Three of you have been wanted, and I still have a lot of money to move. The rough plan is that I will lead the dare-to-die boat to hold off four boats in their group, and you will take the other boat to fight against the arrogance."
"You?" Wu Xin frowned. Although he didn’t want to admit it, the winning rate of the one-on-one boat was slim.
"Ten third-class ships, including China Guardian, Element and Fear, are invited to join the ranks. I have prepared an integral table here. You can get a bonus according to your contribution to kill one person, and you can get a corresponding bonus for how much damage is caused to the enemy ship. You can freely rob it and keep it private."
"Ha ha" Wu Xinxiao "There are pirate ships with looting function, and those who are not pirate ships are not interested."
"Shepherd’s Guardian is the symbol of your eternal guild, and the element number is your fifth element. This ship’s wealth is less valuable to them than you think." Screw said, "I choose all the ships with the strongest fighting capacity, the Russian polar bear. I am the 15th candidate on my list. Of course, you will definitely meet acquaintances, the Red Queen and the Richie. If you can’t guarantee that the dread will sail, then I won’t wave with you."
"I’ll call you later." The screw was invited to encircle the black beard in Wu Xin Ship Channel and reported out.
The wave first thought, "What are the chances of winning or losing?" This kind of thing is very important. Even a pirate ship can be ranked among the top ten in the ball. It is a milestone to win the pirate king again, but if you lose, it will become a black beard record, and the top ten ships will become the top ten clowns. Not everyone can understand that daring to challenge black beard is a symbol of courage. Losing is brave and losing is reckless. This is how history is written.
"Ten third-class ships deal with a fourth-class ship …" Bai Wen pondered for a while. "If everyone works together in Qi Xin, there is still some success. I hope that this kind of battle is most afraid that some people will save their lives and lead to a chain reaction."
"There are some influential ships that should not be timid after a death?" Mei Liao asked
"Red-haired queen and Richie have participated. Even if they don’t look at our enemies for the time being, who can pick up the side? Who wants to help us when we rob the black beard ship and watch us put our wealth in the bag? "
Lang agrees, "If the screws have a thorough plan and strict rules, we can try, but as far as the current screw shallow plan is concerned, it’s really hard to promise. By the way, why don’t eleven ships have to have ten ships?"
"Black beard is very cunning, and they also have a lookout. If they find that the hostile forces on the sea are very strong, they will not rashly leave a ship. It is possible to hide the signal on the side of the island, and then kill quickly and hide too many good ships." Bai Wendao "There is a logical experiment question. What are the chances that you can find something in your room if you look for something and you can’t find it in two thirds of the place?"
“333%?” Dragonfly asked
"No, it’s 1%," Bai Wendao said. "If the players can’t get a four-level ship with ten three-level ships, the eleven ships and twenty ships may be slightly bigger than the ten ships, which is like an siege war. No matter how many troops you have, you can send a certain number of soldiers at a time. If there are too many ships, tactics can’t be avoided, blocked, shot and other factors will be disturbed, and people in front will be regarded as targets."
"This game is common," said the cockroach. "It’s good for some online games to play wild monsters less, but it’s good to follow the tactics. But at this time, other unprofessionals may take away their hatred after a treatment or interfere with their tactics. As a result, the BOSS didn’t brush it, but it caused the brush to be wiped out. In a word, the fewer people there are, the better."
Bai Wendao: "According to the current naval battle, it’s okay for ten ships to be long-range, but if they attack the same ship in the short and medium range, it is inevitable that they will be accidentally injured. For example, the Element is the main fire force against the black beard. Because he is too close to the black beard, there are two guns and bows, and people can’t go a mile away. If the sea water is raised or the height of the ship is lowered, they may be accidentally injured. Once the team is integrated like this, it will be easy to disperse. The number of ships to be controlled."
Wu Xin said, "There is another common problem. Most or most upgraded ships don’t consider the data of sailor transport. Our ship has 36 positions. The quality of sailors is not as good as that of their pirates. They pirates, sailors, have the same color of pike and dagger, and the creation of screws for everyone is definitely limited. Once the docking ship can’t get it, the crime of failure will fall to the docking bow, and we are the best docking ship."
Dragonfly, who doesn’t like to speak on this occasion, suddenly said, "I think a successful enterprise should not only learn how to make money, but also learn how to give back to the society. It is sometimes necessary to be a fool hero when appropriate."
"What about losing?" Became rich and famous. Everyone knows that.
"If you lose, you lose," said Dragonfly Channel. "Women don’t like a man’s excuses to refuse to try. The brave are not those who are not afraid of death warriors, but those who dare to try new things. At least they dare to fight with Blackbeard."
"well! I support the dragonfly view, "Youer echoed." Not everyone has a chance to beat Heihu. "
Two women lead to a deeper topic, which can be said to be a view of opportunity. The company will send you to a strange place to cultivate and develop the company industry. Do you dare to try? When many people refuse and accept, they forget that not everyone has such an opportunity, although they may lose miserably.
"I suspect that the screw paid a bribe to the dragonfly," Wu Xin said after taking the words. "Xiao Luo, I agreed to pay for it and fight this battle regardless of hatred."
"hatred?" This screw doesn’t like to hear "which ship or group do you have hatred for?"
"…" This question is even more profound. Wu Xin ha ha smiled. "Anyway, you can arrange it and we will do the dirty work."
"If this is true, I’d like to invite you to have lunch."
"Don’t let us do this. It’s not you."
"That’s it?"
Wu Xin said deeply, "killed mankind!"
"Goodbye!" After the screw hung up, he said to himself, "Is it Superman who just gave me a message?" Superman is an alien, but his body looks like the earth …
The dreaded waves gave a thumbs-up to the dragonfly. "You are the first person to turn around the Gankun people in one sentence. Those people are all die-hards, and so am I."
"You really want to go, but all you say is that you agree with their reasons for not going," said the dragonfly. "They all want to take part in such activities, but they are afraid that you can’t afford to fail. I just helped you find a great excuse."
"I don’t believe the sheep that you are a psychologist."
"I’m really not," said the dragonfly. "Are you the second sai-jo, Lao Wang’s professional doctor, your friend is injured, you are a college student, and sometimes you are a shepherd? What identity? What is so sometimes playing games? "
"I’m sorry, although I know it, it’s not easy to reveal other people’s privacy. If you want to know, you’d better ask him yourself." Langdao "I don’t know exactly. Although I have met him, I must have kept something from me. He didn’t know that he had submitted more than 100 resumes to apply for jobs until he emailed me."

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