"That card says that taking a waterfall for 24 hours in a row can be counted as merits! After that, I wrote a sentence: men will not like it if they are persistent, and then we found those who came to watch the female ninja. As a result, no one insisted on it for 24 hours because of too much consumption in front.

The hateful little devil opened a bonfire party near the waterfall, and it also made people escape the wind and blew the fragrance in the direction of the waterfall. No one endured this torture, and many people fell off the waterfall on the spot 2.
At this time, we realized that we thought this assessment was too simple. "
After all, the wealthy businessman started from scratch. If you think about it carefully, you will know the truth. Although this is an assessment, he saw a lot of things in this assessment. Perhaps this is the reason why his position is different and his knowledge is different.
I heard the ninja tell me that the rich businessman paid the money directly, but in the end he kept silent.
"Is this young lady also a ninja or a naruto?"
Mute nodded his head to show that it was exactly as he said.
"I don’t know if I want to meet this little devil. Do you think so?"
"Do you want to see him? Can you say something? "
"I think I should leave my konoha. You know, we businessmen, especially those rich businessmen who can make money, live through the crossing every day. I have too many blood licking days. Now I want to settle down. I have been wandering around the mainland for these years. I find konoha is the best place to live. I want to settle here, but I hope I can still meet that little devil!"
"This is not my decision, but I don’t think it’s the most important reason. You don’t want to talk about it, but if you can’t impress him, I don’t think he will come to see you. You know, he is a wealthy businessman with Konoha. He has a lot of money. Even Konoha’s family can’t compare with him!
Now do you want to talk about the real reason? "
Chapter 10 Little Fox’s Romantic History
"Well, then I’ll tell you what I think. Please forgive me if I say anything wrong.
Little devil’s adult … Er, will it be all right to call him that? "
"Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems. He knows that those people call him like this, but he doesn’t care about it. You can rest assured that it’s okay."
"Well, I’ll talk about it.
This simple assessment looks simple, but there are big ideas and great wisdom inside!
First of all, he provoked the anger, emotions and impulses of the examiners. These ninjas didn’t even see the questions clearly. From here on, it was doomed that those ninjas passed the examination because their physical strength had been exhausted by their impulses.
Later, whether it’s the smell of the bonfire party or the female ninjas who come to watch it, even the little ninjas and dogs who take part in the examination, are all tempting and stimulating these people. I really can’t figure out how these ninjas, who have long been Chinese food in his basin, can pass the examination.
What I doubt is that his written test questions are not at all or there is no assessment at the back … "The rich businessman boldly said his guess.
"How did you guess? There is really no written test, but there is still an assessment. He has prepared three in total. I didn’t expect to brush off all the personnel departments in the first place!
Because it was a very humiliating thing, when those ninjas who took part in the assessment went back, no one told their peers who were going to take part in the assessment. The final result was that the assessment was over. You still don’t know what happened in the assessment. I think everyone who took part in the assessment at that time said it!
If you hadn’t come to buy the news, maybe even this ninja wouldn’t have come to sell the news. We agreed that he would come to sell the news because he had a seriously ill old mother at home, and when the ninja was there, he could still make some money. Now, because he was demoted, the income he could make was relatively limited, so we asked him to complete this multi-gold. You see, my side is just recording the whole process.
However, he also said that if anyone can think of his words in this assessment, let me take a sentence, or there will be no harm to Konoha, so it will take as long as you want to settle down. The so-called Konoha is also a shelter for everyone, so there is nothing to worry about!
I don’t know if he can’t see you, but I think he should meet you. I’ll tell him when he comes back. "
"Isn’t he now Muye?"
"Well, I can’t answer that, but now he is really busy!"
"Well, I know. Thank you for your help, Miss. This is a little token of my appreciation."
"Ha ha, that’s so embarrassing!" The mouth said no, but the body betrayed silence.
Silent words are also true. Shu Mao really doesn’t have leaves. So where did Shu Mao go? What the hell is going on here?
Before talking about it, I talked about Shu Mao’s study of the shadow doppelganger and his preparation for going to Huaguoshan for practice. Indeed, Shu Mao has cultivated two shadow doppelgangers. Shu Mao also arranged for the shadow doppelganger to go to Huaguoshan for practice with Gang Shou. It is not planned to go to Huaguoshan for a trip to his hometown in Gang Shou, but he can’t stand it, so he agreed.
It’s not a big deal, is it? But it turned out that Shu Mao’s adventurous heart was activated, and he couldn’t help himself. Okay, the real key is that the goods have been examined for more than ten days in a row, thinking about not giving himself a vacation. I’m really sorry for myself, so I secretly changed a shadow avatar with the shadow avatar. At home, I took the fox with another shadow avatar and followed Gang Shou to Huaguoshan, which means that now Shu Mao people have arrived at Huaguoshan.
Even if the goods arrive at Huaguoshan, the thief is dishonest and wants to go out to play!
This caused the Huaguo Mountain to fall out, and the elder went to sleep. The old ape and the magic root couldn’t look at the goods. The goods set out by themselves, saying that they wanted to have a good look at what the psychic world really looked like, but they were afraid that they would get lost and went out with the little fox.
The old ape is also kind and honest. The size of Huaguoshan was mentioned above, but there are two old apes as big as fire nation. They are not worried about Shu Maoan at all. They also specially arranged a group of monkeys to secretly protect Shu Maoan. Just at this time, let him see that the psychic world is also good for the development of the post-psychic world, and let him go.
But now Shu Mao is in trouble. What’s going on? This has to start with the little fox
As mentioned earlier, this little fox was actually an ancient Kyubi no Youko. When he dominated the psychic world, he was waiting for the scenery limit, and of course it was also a romantic limit. Isn’t it that he met the descendants of the little fox-the jade-faced fox family before he left the border of Huaguoshan
"Why do those white foxes in front of the little foxes smell like you?" Don’t ask Shu Mao, you can get the fox’s taste. He is really a great cook, and you can still tell the taste.
Fox sniffed the cute nose and shook his tail. "These should be my descendants!" "
"What? Do you have descendants? " Shu Mao’s alarm alarmed those white foxes, and the white fox was also clever. Instead of catching him, he looked up. Then suddenly, when the white fox exclaimed, he saw a group of white foxes and immediately surrounded Shu Mao.
"What is this?" Seeing the fox in his arms gradually hiding his breath, Shu Mao suddenly felt that something was wrong.
Then he was dumbfounded. The little fox pretended to be dead (fox pretending to be dead is a must). He went straight to wait for a while and was surrounded by a group of white foxes …
Shu Mao thought, little ye, I just came to play in the psychic world, and you are not so "hospitable"!
Then Shu Mao jumped up decisively and ran away. It’s the most correct thing to run away directly. Unfortunately, the goods obviously forgot where this is. This is the psychic world. Is that animal’s nose eating dry food? A group of white foxes ran after Shumao, and Shumao felt something was wrong, because the pursuers behind them seemed to have disappeared, and then they felt that the little foxes in their arms seemed to signal him to leave here quickly.
Just when Shu Mao was about to turn around, he found that he was surrounded by white fox feelings and he ran into the fox’s nest! This cargo was hopeless and went to the old home of the "enemy" and didn’t know the way to kill people!
"In front of the Huaguoshan guests and so on, the bodhi old zu asks you to go over!" At this time, I ran out of a group of white foxes and talked directly with Shu Mao.
"But if you are a guest of Huaguoshan, we won’t do anything to you, otherwise we will live under the protection of Huaguoshan. Please rest assured that our ancestors just want to ask you something."
Shu Mao thinks so, too. At least he is also a guest of Huaguoshan now. Besides, if there is anything, he can inform the old ape.
"Then lead the way in front of you and I will accompany you to meet your ancestors."
"Guests, please follow me. All of you disperse!"
Walking straight inside, all the ancestors of psychic animals in Shumao’s image are old and aging, but when he saw the ancestors of the white fox family, he was shocked and beautiful.

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