"The Star Fleet is finished"

"After charging, the main gun is locked and the target saturation attack is imminent."
"The main gun volley!"
"Shit, it didn’t work. It’s still alive."
"Nine government representatives request to speak."
A curtain of light hits Gu Qingshan.
The president was surrounded by several old scientists, and the first person spoke into the com.
"Goddess of Justice, we suspect that this is a giant marine life with cell mutation, and we have come up with a plan to eliminate it."
The goddess of justice said, "Please speak."
The old scientist said, "We decided to attack with modern weapons to kill giant biological DNA."
"Please continue"
"Li was attacked by a bullet, and the outer layer of cobalt 59 was tightly sealed and directly thrown into the ocean from the universe."
"What time is it to return cobalt?" Gu Qingshan said with his hand on his forehead. "What if there is a mistake and the stratosphere explodes?"
"The proposal is harmful to mankind and continues to be rejected!" The goddess of justice immediately said
Gu Qingshan sighed and murmured, "I suggest to attack the portrait first."
Receive information first, and everyone will have four abilities to deal with monsters in vain
In this way, many losses will be minimized and many soldiers will no longer waste their lives.
The goddess of justice was silent for two seconds.
Then the goddess of justice made a request to the ground
"The Goddess of Justice is about to enter the war. Please ask the President to grant it."
"You want to do it yourself?" The president asked.
"I’m going to attack the portrait to find the weakness of unknown creatures," said the goddess of justice.
"Fine, I’ll give it to you," the president decided.
The light curtain was shrouded in a red light.
"Warning the goddess of justice to enter a state of war!"
"All commanders withdraw from the restricted sequence and the goddess of justice takes over the three armed forces."
"Surface-activated proximity sensor array"
There are tens of thousands of groups of proximity sensors, and the whole array is secretly distributed outside the atmosphere. In the dark universe, it is always in a state of disconnection and stealth.
It was not until this moment that tens of thousands of sensors received the activation signal of the goddess of justice that they started the operation program.
Chapter seventy-five Confused
"layout of war"
The goddess of justice runs at full speed
"After calculating the optimal attack weapon, the fortress of Xiongbugao Star was selected"
The fortress of Xiongwuxing is not responsible for detecting aliens, calculating and dealing with federal affairs, but for one thing.
That is fighting.
It is a real weapon of war.
At this moment, the goddess of justice ordered the weapon system of Xiongbugao Star Fortress to wake up.
"The Xiongwuhao Star Fortress has a star jump."
"Xiongwuxing fortress arrives at the designated place"
"Star fortress weapon system ready for 30 seconds"
"Laser silo ready"
"The magnetic railgun is ready"
"Nano-scale material disintegration bomb assembly completed"
"Micro black hole bomb generator is ready"
"weapons and systems are ready to fight. AI gives connection sensors."
"Mobile armor formation is dispatched to connect the sensor array weapon system to prepare for ignition, and 3D positioning is about to be implemented to attack the target"
"Let’s go!"
Twelve steel armor roared toward the depths of the ocean.
They will find the attack position around the giant monster and send it to the proximity sensor array.
The sensor array will specify the precise attack position of various weapons.
This is an experimental anatomical precision war blow.

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