"You’re not in the mood and I’m not in the mood." Li Yan reached into the embroidered bamboo skirt and kneaded it vigorously. "It’s good that I won’t be responsible for growing some meat."

"I was hungry before I had a fart with you. Now those people are eating and drinking. My body naturally rises. This guy is not bad. I’m not as good as this. I won’t kill you after I am old. How about you be my man?" Embroidered bamboo hummed gently without struggling.
Li Yan put it in her ear and said, "What? Do you love me after doing this? "
"Who the fuck loves you this guy? I mean, you are my man and wait on me every day, not my mother. Your woman lets you play with me." Embroidered bamboo said.
Li Yan said, "I wait on you? Haha, you always wait on me and take the initiative several times, but it takes only one day for a couple to get married for a hundred days. Well, I also want you to listen to me. How about I allow you to be my woman? But you can’t be big and you can be small. "
"I will continue to assassinate you after I take back what I just said. I believe I will succeed one day." Embroidered bamboo face flashed with vicious color.
Li Yan laughed. "Very well, I like you for not losing your character, but let’s be my woman honestly today."
Embroidered bamboo frowned and gently hummed, "Why did you come in so quickly this time? Don’t you usually like to tease the old lady before coming in?"
Li Yan said, "Oh? Yes, I forgot, but no, this is the last time. After today, I will go out from here. Even if I want to do this with you, I don’t think I have a chance, so this time it’s more direct. "
"What? Are you leaving? " Embroidered bamboo shouted
"Really? You didn’t lie to my mother? "
"Cheat you to do? What good is it to cheat you? "
Embroidered bamboo swearing "how can you this guy you go old niang kill who go? If you dare to leave, you are not allowed to touch my body. Get out of here now. I won’t do it with you. "
Li Yan laughed. "I don’t think I will see you very often. I don’t have a wife outside if I don’t touch you, and I have a better figure and a more beautiful face than you, but I can’t go out if I actually come in today."
Embroidered bamboo gritted his teeth and said, "Are you angry with me? Why do you want me now that your wife is so good?"
"It’s just venting," Li Yan said.
"vent your mother’s mother and bite you to death" embroidered bamboo bit Li Yan’s shoulder
Li Yan also ignored letting her bite him. I can be sure that this woman really likes herself, but she also hates herself and wants to kill herself.
Two contradictory feelings of hate and love appeared in her body.
It’s hard to believe that Li Yan will be bitten out of blood by a mouth, which is comparable to that of a bronze body and an iron frame. Embroidered bamboo mouth allows it to flow out of the blood department and drink it, which has a feeling of wanting to eat meat and drink blood.
"After I have your blood in my body, no matter where you run, I can find you and kill you." Embroidered bamboo licked her lips and her eyes were even more bitter with blood.
Li Yan or smiled, "I said you can’t kill me, just come to me."
Embroidered bamboo cold hum one or two long legs wrapped around Li Yanhu’s waist to cater to "I want to beat you this time."
"Are you? I don’t believe it because you lose every time. "
Embroidered bamboo suddenly revealed a smile. "This time is an exception. Do you know what I did before I was brought in? To tell you the truth, when I was ten years old, I was proficient in fireworks to please you men. At the beginning, I was a grandfather who took a fancy to the old lady and brought me here. But it’s a pity that that guy was poisoned by me before he came to enjoy it, but today he is going to be cheaper for you. "
Li Yan felt that the female body shrank with a jerk as if to suck her soul away. He was surprised to see this woman. I didn’t expect this embroidered bamboo to have such a hidden thing.
"how about it? I just relaxed. "Embroidered bamboo blushes with a smile on her mouth." I used to train the old lady’s procuress to say that it takes one round to turn a lean man into a dead fish. Even if you are a monk, your body is much stronger than ordinary people. I don’t know how many rounds you can last. "
Li Yan thought for a moment, "About three hundred rounds."
"Are you? That old Niang will accompany you for three hundred rounds, but be careful. Oh, don’t die in the end. "Embroidered bamboo said maliciously that she didn’t believe that she couldn’t beat this Li Yan, which was not as good as him.
Unconsciously, the day passed. At this time, the bad old man sounded outside the door, "How to decide whether to go out or stay here?"
"Nature is to go out and wait for me to tidy up."
"Well, hurry up," said the bad old man.
Li Yan will lie prone and embroider bamboo while sleeping. Looking at that flushed face, it seems that she remembered yesterday’s madness. "Yesterday, you almost made me give up my idea of leaving."
Embroidered bamboo looks a little tired with her eyes open. She grunted coldly, "I’m not leaving yet. It seems that my mother’s means have been put to good use."
"Many times this time, I have spent the most comfortable night. If you go out and want to kill me, just come to me and I will wait for you."
Li Yan got dressed and took the red sword and put it in a bottle of Dan medicine. This bottle of Dan medicine is Jinji jade bone Dan and the most precious bottle. "I will give you all his Dan medicine without taking it with me."
Embroidered bamboo has the strength to scold, "I’m not selling meat. Who wants you to take all those pills away from me?"
Li Yan said, "I don’t even have the strength to swear. Let’s save it. By the way, you said that my abode of fairies and immortals is very good, and I’ll send it to you. Remember to clean it up. Maybe I’ll be brought in again when I get into trouble."
"I don’t know how to clean you. Get out of here!" Embroidered bamboo roared.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Half a year back
Li Yanzheng was about to push the door and leave when he suddenly thought of something and ran back, stuffing a Dan medicine into embroidered bamboo mouth.
"Cough! Cough! What do you give me to eat? "Embroidered bamboo wants to punch, but it’s full of strength. When the arm is lifted to the middle, it falls."
"It’s nothing but a pill. Well, I’m leaving. Let me say one last thing. I won the battle." Li Yan went out and waved and finally disappeared.
Soon Li Yan left.
Embroidered bamboo gritted his teeth and tears came out. "I’m leaving. I’ve been with you for more than a month. What is it? Don’t die outside. I’ll wait for you. I’ll take your life myself, whether it’s a year or a hundred years. I’ll always be after you."
The bad old man looked at Li Yan and shook his head and said, "You little romantic debt."
"Isn’t there a saying that good people don’t waste their youth?" Li Yan said that his generation lived like a dog, and now it’s hard to come into this world. So what if he was presumptuous once?
"Okay, old man, I can’t say that, but you go." The bad old man rushed out of Li Yan and took off.
Li Yan left the cell for a moment and cheered.
"Great, 9527 has finally left." Everyone is happy, tears are coming, and they can fight and fart and play with women as much as they want after they are no longer worried.
"Haha, our good day is finally coming."
"Shut up, everyone. What are you yelling about?" Embroidered bamboo came out with a face of murder.
"hey? Isn’t this our beauty master? Why did you get up so late today? Did you overdo it yesterday? Women who can make 9527 linger must taste good, don’t you guys want to try something fresh? " Pencil necked eyes welled up with greed and heat. If Li Yan were here, he wouldn’t dare to breathe, but now he’s gone.
"Hey, hey, Wang, I’ve wanted to try it for a long time." Some people are vicious again.

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