However, before the end of the month, I want to earn 120 thousand to repair the house and even build two new buildings. The money is a little small, and I can hope that the sales will be higher in the near future.

At present, the trend is that there are many "tomato-eating" live broadcasts.
Others brought back vegetables to stir-fry and eat.
There are very few Europeans, but each one will be amazing. More and more people are going to try it on the spot.
The manor produces a delicious taste, and one can fry a plate.
And these four vegetables are the most common vegetables-don’t do too many things.
There are tomato eggs, cold tomatoes, green pepper meat, green pepper eggs, three fresh potatoes, stewed chicken with potatoes, potato stew, mashed potatoes, shredded potatoes, braised eggplant in oil, flavored eggplant …
Not far from Zhuang, I’m hungry.
At the good dinner, three people from the proprietress An Danyue came. The female chef was a good cook and saved the dinner not far from Zhuang.
Not far from Zhuang, I searched for keywords such as "eating tomatoes", "manor output" and "European vegetables" and saw many live broadcasts and social accounts.
Brother Wen exposed a Pse photo of his father and his son with a long hair, and added a sentence: "My father decided to invest in hair growth, and we both spoke for ourselves. Today, we sent vegetables to be tested, trying to find effective hair growth ingredients."
The fake uncle had a peach blossom that night and took a photo of his sister. "I will buy more for my brother and my father tomorrow. His marriage is worried."
What surprised Zhuang not far most was that Mi Mei also made a video.
"This is mainly to thank the owner of the manor. This is my grandmother. She has been tortured by rheumatism for more than ten years. The festival is so swollen that I can’t sleep all night. Every time I see it, I want to cry …" Video Rice sister’s eyes are red. "I made three fresh potatoes for my grandmother tonight, and it will be fine after eating them … Thank you, the owner of the manor. Thank you! My grandmother is a very good person. She doesn’t deserve this. Thank you, thank you! "
This makes Zhuang not far away have a profound understanding that … the manor has really changed the lives of many people.
And rice sister, this family is very European!
Not far from Zhuang, I wanted to say something. I tried several names, and all of them were occupied. Finally, I registered a name of "Master Zhuang arrives" to leave a message for Mi Mei. "Mi Mei, if you have good news, give my regards to the old man and come if necessary."
A group of people were shocked. "Is it really Lord Zhuang?"
"Lord Zhuang’s adult is here? The poor ask if tomatoes can be tried! "
"Lord Zhuang’s adult can sell more every day! When I got there today, there were only two peppers left and others robbed me! "
Not long ago, Zhuang didn’t feel it, but now he really found that the speed of webcasting was terrible.
All kinds of edited videos on the Internet are crazy. Soon, Zhuang found a few in his circle of friends.
Most of these inexplicable videos are not available, and many people have also appeared some kind of fool special effects software. They all inquire about what is going on online.
Otherwise, how can anyone do special effects?
Duang suddenly changed?
Not many people know the truth, but the word "manor output" is on fire in a small circle
But by 9 o’clock in the evening, the wind direction of the network changed.
A group of people roared "disgusting way of propaganda!"
"When did someone really believe that there is a cure-all thing!"
"Duang a hair will grow out of this kind of thing you also believe! What about IQ? "
"False propaganda is unbelievable. Some people believe this kind of anti-intellectual thing! Has the nine-year compulsory education gone to the dog? "
Zhuang has seen a lot not far away, but he understands what these people think. If it were him, he wouldn’t believe it. It’s not scientific at all!
But from another point of view, the so-called unscientific is also because the earth is too small and there are not many magical things.
There are so many things in the universe that are beyond imagination. After thousands of years of literary talent, human beings feel that they know everything about the universe with a life span of 10 billion. This kind of self-confidence is not worth mentioning.
These people don’t believe it, but it’s not far from Zhuang. I’m really worried that too many people will buy what the manor produces. That will have a great impact. His "epigenetics" fool can fool liberal arts students, but not experts. Let’s make a fortune.
Besides, there will probably be more magical things in the manor.
Stop walking slowly and steadily, and repair the manor first.
Will you support me after Chapter 29?
At about ten o’clock in the evening, Zhao Min finished processing all the output in the manor and reported not far from Zhuang that "the Lord Zhuang’s adult has all gone back, and the output is not ideal"
Three groups of servants in the manor all came to work for an hour or two today.
First of all, Deng Yali, the boss of Yajian Company, has a low loyalty and has been idle. The chefs and servants work seriously, but after all, the output is not high without one person.
In the afternoon class, An Danyue came over with her own women’s army. The women’s army worked hard, but she chose that chef to cook well in farm work, but she didn’t add women’s strength and output was not high.
Arrived late or so, Ma Changfeng, the boss, arrived with the chef and assistant manager to work for an hour.
Ma Changfeng’s loyalty is not high, and his work is a little slow, but he is better than Deng Yali after all.
The overall output is not ideal. If it weren’t for Zhao Min, the output and integral of a manor might be compensated.
Zhuang sighed not far away. In this era, the glory of manor owners is long gone. Manor owners are not a big deal, and they can’t attract successful people like Deng Yali and Ma Changfeng. They enjoy the special convenience when they come, and they don’t care much about the convenience brought by identity cards.
Not far from Zhuang, I miss Liu Jinge and Feng Bin a little.
Forget it. People have to move on. You can’t always disturb other people’s lives.
"Zhao Bo, it’s so late. Why haven’t you gone back yet?" Zhuang not far looks up at Zhao Min countdown.
There are about five or six minutes left. Zhao Min has been busy here all day today, and most of them are voluntary labor. It’s a little embarrassing to keep Zhuang not far away.
"I applied some fertilizer to the vegetable garden and then tried to repair the places that could be repaired in the manor," Zhao Min said with a smile. "When I get older, I sleep less. I’ll go back now. Is the owner really not going to call Mr. Liu and Chef Feng back?"
"Still don’t disturb their lives," Zhuang said.
Zhao Min nodded and left.
Zhuang is the only one left in the manor.

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