Just like the things in the gift bag given to Taoist gathering pace, he can dispose of them at will, even if he gives them to outsiders, he will do whatever he wants.

Taoist gathering pace is not alone. He also has his own wife, children, parents and relatives.
He has a clear view of Taoism, but he can take whatever he wants from his own cultivation base.
To put it bluntly, Ling Qing gave him these things to give to his relatives and friends.
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Give treasure to different methods of wild symbol borrowing method
A few days later, while combing the blessed land of Qingyun Mountain, Lingqing discussed with Taoist Yun-shen about the next visit.
After he personally tested Linghong for four times, he saw that the mind was somewhat like a monk, as Taoist Yun Sheng said.
After the Mid-Autumn Festival, he will call them up and formally accept them as Taoist priests.
And promised them in front of Taoist Yun-sheng, "If you can ask me sincerely, I will ask Taoist Yun-sheng to accept you in the future, so that you can formally enter my way and see the gate wall."
Ling Hongcai and others were so happy when they heard this that they immediately clapped their hands and thanked them. "Thank you, master, for taking care of everything!"
I have lived in Qingyun Mountain for more than a year and a half, and I often know the difference between mountains and mountains.
After being beaten by Taoist Yun Sheng, I also know that if you want to stay in the mountains and want to live long and live forever, you should be guided by someone besides being willing to practice penance.
Every time Lingqing went back to the mountain to lead everyone to do their homework, what they learned was that Lingji and Wen Jun changed a little.
That is how convenient it is to have a master to teach.
Yu said that he didn’t want to be spiritual, but he was delighted to hear that he could worship a Taoist teacher.
Although they are uneducated and honest, it doesn’t mean they are stupid.
Naturally, it is better to know if you can get Lingqing’s personal teaching.
Whether it’s Lingqing or your nephew, although you don’t mind what your seniority is, you obviously can’t get into Lingqing’s eyes
And gathering pace Taoist practice is not as good as Lingqing, and now it is not as good as a brainwave and Wen Jun.
But this does not mean that in their eyes, Taoist Yun Sheng is not as good as Lingqing.
On the contrary, because everyone is directly in charge of him, he can see more about gathering pace and personnel.
And the more I see it, the more I feel that if I can learn to be resourceful, I will not waste my life.
Yu Lingqing, they know that they dare not think much.
Seeing that they agreed, Lingqing nodded and pulled out a treasure banner from the tiger skin bag.
There is a colorful glow on the topaz pole. In the center of the topaz pole, there is a three-story Xuan altar with a golden cloud floating around and several colorful spots swimming.
This is exactly the time when Lingqing southern Xinjiang sacrificed and refined all kinds of poison and complications.
At the beginning, the main purpose was to receive poisonous insects and poisons collected by Tian Ying from all over southern Xinjiang.
And then I hardly moved. I haven’t moved since
I can even talk about Ling Qing’s self-cultivation, except for the world of Montenegro and the world of southern Xinjiang, when he moved a few times, he didn’t move much.
In a wave of his hand, Ling Qing brushed the dust from Wan Fa’s banner to give a few rays of light.
He took out a ball of golden thread and looked at LingHongCai way "HongCai uncle this is a kind of gold thread method method of insect a total of one thousand.
As soft as gold, as firm as iron, as sharp as a blade and as thin as silk, it is quite wonderful to form a snare formation naturally.
Today, I will give it to Uncle Hongcai. "
This golden thread method is refined by Venus, the eldest brother of Golden Cicada, and it is an advanced method insect second only to the method insect in the hands of Golden Cicada.
It’s better to take it out to enhance the strength of Daoqing view.
Later, he added "dominant insects" to himself, and after the modification, he taught Ling Hongcai the method of controlling and helped him refine the sacrifice.
"Thank you, Lord!" Linghong didn’t come to hear that this is a method of insect and looked at the peristalsis thread, which was somewhat resistant.
But when you take your hand and see it again, it’s almost like real gold. How can it be half a bit ugly?
In addition, he is good at weaving bamboo baskets, bamboo chairs or straw ropes to weave grasshoppers and dragonflies.
As soon as I saw this gold thread, I naturally thought about what to make it up.
However, he didn’t make up a play on the spot. He knitted his own bamboo into a lotus bridle and changed the ponytail dust in the dust for this gold thread method.
The soft gold thread method hangs like gold thread, and the yellow bamboo handle blows the dust, which is quite a bit like it.
Others can’t know the secret at a glance if they are not afraid of refining the method.

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