"All three are the same? What fruit? "

"Garbage, fruit, three hearts, two lusts, barely selling money. That’s probably it. That’s what you’re doing."
When I heard Xu Le say this, others also showed expressions that everyone knew.
Wang Qing pulled a long face and finally picked a random one. Fortunately, he chose the most valuable fear. It was really good luck.
Although the colorful harvest is not rich, it is still very beneficial for Xu Le to master the matter of making Huang Quanli.
"Well, now that we’ve got everything, we can talk about the red crescent robbery."
These things have been discussed in the dark, but the complexity of information is definitely not something that can be accomplished at once and twice.
It is also very necessary for Xu Le to get as much information as possible.
"I’ll go first." Sean, the cold face, spoke first.
This time, Sean’s harvest is the biggest. He has always been cold, but he is very positive at this time
"This time in the Red Crescent robbery, we killed another Baal in the Red Crescent Temple. It happened that I participated in this battle …"
"Did you take part in this battle?"
"How many levels are these so-called evil spirits?"
This is the information that Xu Le wants most, because he can judge many important things from it, such as the overall strength of the Red Crescent Temple.
He wants to know what kind of strength the peripheral executors have.
"I’m not very clear about the situation at one time, but this time I went to war and there were a lot of people involved in it, and the temple didn’t ask for secrecy. What is the meaning?
This time, we killed the virtual wanderer of the Baal group in pursuit of some kind of information and came to this world.
Strength level 7 strange Titan biological entity name-Death Nail "
Xu Le, listen to this long title. At that time, some people didn’t quite understand what the names Baal meant.
"Strange creatures? Titan biological entities. What do these mean? "
Obviously, Xu Le asked these questions which were also of interest to others. They all looked at Sean and waited for his answer.
"Entity means entity means that it is a creature that can be attacked by materialization.
Titan is also easy to understand that any creature with great destructive power over 1 meter in height or length can become Titan.
Yu Qi’s affirmation of some characteristics of a powerful creature of level 7 is strange.
For example, the strangeness of death nails is called death nails. "
Chapter 279 Death nail fruit
"Death spikes? It sounds awesome, but I don’t know what the specific effect is. Do you know? "
"I know that although I have not seen it with my own eyes, many people at the scene have been stabbed by it, and the result is a rapid death in just a few seconds to a few minutes.
As far as I know, there is some solution to this ability, and there may be a solution, but I don’t know. "
Then Sean told others a lot of information about evil spirits and even drew a sketch for Xu Le and them to see.
However, this guy’s painting skills are not very good. Xu Le can barely see from the picture that the death nail should be some kind of creature like centipede or polypod.
It can constantly float and shuttle and release some special energy spikes to kill opponents. It is huge and moves quickly.
Although I didn’t really meet, Xu Le Sean said that there is also some pressure to deal with such things as Baal and the Red Crescent Temple.
Whether Baal is weird or not is controversial in the warlock world.
If it’s weird, can it be put into the furnace?
After Sean told the story of the Red Crescent Temple, several of them also described the information of their respective city-states.
Like the dark mother world, everyone blew a wave of Zion’s awesome lighthouse tragedy, and Tianrui Lifeng was boring.
Xu Le will be a patient listener at this time after the conversation.
Carefully distinguish some of these messages, and the whole communication process lasted for about 4 minutes.
But in the end, Wang Qing had a problem.
"If we export Zion Guyin multi-technology core to other cities, will you accept it then? Will Lunatone prices collapse? "
This question is actually Xu Le asking him to slip the note to Wang Qing.
And Wang Qing is also very sensible to find a more harmonious opportunity to ask this sharp question.
Several of them looked at each other and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"I don’t know much about economic matters."
"I don’t know much about it either."
"Me too"
Several of them have their own ideas. If Zion is really possible to export this energy, the impact on Lunatone will be unimaginable
They have been thinking about whether to take out and sell some of their Lunatone.
Before fall in price.
After some discussion, everyone returned to their homes and looked for their mothers.
Although the Red Crescent robbery is full of danger, it is also full of opportunities.
No one knows what a Red Crescent robbery will be like, but at least this time they have survived it.
Then there is a three-month stabilization period.
There are different ideas about whether to have fun when you are addicted to money or to develop steadily against a Kuroshio
Xu Le’s idea is not unique.
Because he doesn’t know how strong a Kuroshio will be, and whether the ancient sound multi-technology weapons developed during the three-month precipitation period can cope with it.
It’s fine if he can, but will he die if he can’t? Will everyone around you die?
These are thing that Xu Le cannot predict.

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