"That can’t wait to die!"

Monkeys and others frown and secretly communicate with each other.
Su Mo missed the shot.
He glanced at the jade true empress not far away.
At this time, Empress Yuzhen looks cool, not annoying, not dry, not anxious or annoyed.
See YuZhen empress this picture Su Mo heart slightly Ann.
The strangulation of Elders Gu Ling and others this time can be described as watertight!
If there is a change, it may fall into the jade goddess!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifteen Powerful meteorite!
The old capital of Yan is hundreds of miles away.
Dragon and Tiger Pavilion, Blood Fog View, Seven Killing Cases, etc. Several door patriarchs looked at each other and nodded their heads. They all stopped and looked at the past in the direction of Yan’s old capital.
"Why don’t you leave?"
Moon cases patriarch frown asked.
"Nothing is waiting for a result."
Dragon Tiger Pavilion patriarch said simply
Surprised, the patriarch of Xingyue Sect quickly asked, "Did you really fight the wild weapons?"
The patriarch of Longhuge sneered, "If you don’t make moves, you will naturally have his clan to make moves. This life can’t last today!"
Elder Gu Ling of Longhu Pavilion not only invited blood fog view, Yin ghost clan and other clan families to help Yu Zongmen, but also swam.
However, it seems that the Zongmen such as Xingyue Sect did not agree.
Mu clan leader was silent for a little and shook his head. "It’s a pity that you shouldn’t kill him if you want to make this move."
Yuwen clan leader has a bad tone and said coldly, "There is no distinction between good and evil in the wild and evil, and there is no restraint in acting according to heart."
"It is definitely a great disaster for the northern region to let such a person keep his life and let him grow up!"
The patriarch of the Seven Killers also nodded, "Yes, this edge is too strong and must be killed!"
For this statement, the patriarch of Xingyue Zong and others don’t agree with it.
Of course, they don’t want the Dragon Tiger Pavilion patriarch and others to argue about it.
The owner of Huoyun Valley asked, "Who is there?"
"There are six elders who live in Gu Ling!"
Dragon Tiger Pavilion Lord proudly said
The moon, the moon, the patriarch and others shook their heads with a sigh in their hearts.
There is no hope.
They originally thought that they might be able to find a chance to escape from the world with a lot of cards.
Now, I heard that it’s a combination of six statues, and that’s ten dead and ten alive!
"Bone spirit elders all have blocked it over there for a while kung fu should be coming to an end"
Dragon and Tiger Pavilion Patriarch Light Nan Yi
Although he knew there would be no accident in this matter, he still wanted to wait and see the final result.
A cold wind blew.
The patriarch of Longhuge suddenly felt a little chill and couldn’t help frowning slightly. "There won’t be any variables, will there?"
After thinking for a long time, he shook his head again and said, "I don’t think so … never!"
Yan Guo JIU du
"Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you."
Elder Gu Ling suddenly laughed. "We decided to do what we did when we were sure there was no movement in the Dragon Valley. You don’t expect the bodhi old zu to show up to save you."

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