When the flame falls on this floor, there will be a strong sense of distortion, and then it will be immediately transferred out

This transfer process is so turbulent that even the attacker, Chixiao people, did not feel any fluctuation.
This means that the puppet’s ability is a negligible ability with little consumption.
If the consumption of this transfer ability is negligible, it means that the war of attrition will become meaningless. Although the total amount of one’s own psionics is also very strong, there is absolutely no way to compare with the ancient sound.
"A little trouble" ChiXiao thinking puppet transfer attack has appeared here.
"Although the flame method has done harm to Lord Chixiao, I think the people of the Red Crescent Temple should realize how powerful Lord Chixiao is."
As soon as the puppet finished saying that Chixiao was transferred to Skyfire, it appeared on the top of the Red Crescent Temple.
These skyfire trajectories can be said, and their attack direction is also chaotic.
I’m afraid this kind of large-scale attack can’t be stopped even if Chixiao people want to.
"Rule ability …"
With the exchange with former Xu Le, Chixiao has probably understood that the rules are strong
If a rule has a high priority, it can really be suppressed at the level of visual energy, just like she is now fighting puppet projection.
Although she has carried out two rounds of active attacks, she hasn’t found any way to win.
The sky fire is about to fall, and the temple city department is about to fall, but Chixiao can’t care so much anymore.
Since the flame can’t work, let’s continue to change the way
"Iron column!"
The molten iron flow to form several iron pillars and fly toward that puppet, which is a very real physical strike.
Chixiao is testing whether physical attacks and psionics will be transferred as well.
"Don’t give up, Lord Chixiao. If you are so energetic, you may not be able to hold on later."
Puppet if pointed said
Chixiao knew that the puppet might be secretly planning something deeper.
But those things have no enemies with her, and it is impossible for her to give up in front of her.
Chixiao suddenly lifted his blindfold, and the puppet released and moved, at the same time, a special flame flowed out of the iron column.
This is what she and Xu Le studied in the dark!
"Do not put out the fire"
The iron column passed through the puppet in an instant, and the attack was transferred again, but the flame released by Chixiao finally remained.
The flame lit the air in front of the puppet, which was a hidden passage in front of the puppet.
"Hey? Regular flame does not extinguish the flame? Hehehe, a genius is a genius.
So young can go to this step.
However, Lord Chixiao may not understand that the immortal flame is just immortal
Immortality doesn’t mean that it can’t be transferred. Lord Chixiao still needs a lot of progress! "
The puppet’s voice just fell, and the eternal flame was once again transferred.
Puppet body with red clouds behind a palm on her back.
Chixiao felt as if his back had been hit by a mountain, and everything was in disorder.
The moment when blood flows to the psionic capital, there is chaos.

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