This is what the ghosts can tell them, and it is also the guide of hades to all ghosts.

"Want to escape?"
However, it took so much effort to turn these residual souls into evil spirits and successfully intercept Yang Ajue. How can they escape?
Ah Jue did his best to turn all the thugs who entered Jikoji into evil spirits, but it was not out of good intentions.
If he makes these thugs suffer and then disappears completely into this corner of the world!
Reincarnated person? Stop joking!
Ah Jue wished that their generation could not even do snakes, insects, rats and ants, so how could he let them turn over a new leaf?
"The daylights out of you!"
As soon as Ajue’s face was ferocious and he roared and tried to control the "swastika" characters in the sky to break them all up, he sighed and stopped him.
"Alas … spirituality is natural and natural, and it falls into the magic way."
That faint sigh came from Ajue’s right face.
The moment I saw that fierce and perverse face sigh, it suddenly turned into a calm and dusty old man’s face.
"Who are you? What stops me! "
For the first time, I realized that my body was abnormal, and Ajue shouted with surprise and anger.
Whether it’s to stop himself from chasing those ghosts or to control his right face, it’s beyond his cognitive range.
"When children suffer from the seaside, they turn back to the shore. What you are doing has gone far from the right path."
"Stupid! Since you ask for Buddha, what if you fall into the magic road! "
At the same time, the magic Buddha in the hall also noticed that the old monk was distracted and could not help but reveal a sneer.
"And you incredibly dare to get distracted at this time. Are you dismissing me? !”
The magic Buddha’s voice did not fall, and the statue of the Tibetan King and Bodhisattva in the main hall suddenly made a crisp noise.
Then I saw several clay sculptures and sawdust peeling off its surface, just like scales shed their skin.
For a moment, the Tibetan king bodhisattva in the center of the hall fell apart as if it had been bombed by high explosives.
It was not until this time that the huge bronze bell of the hidden Tibetan king bodhisattva was officially revealed.
Buzzing …
The deep bell rang from the belly of the giant bronze bell.
Ferocious and horrible face are constantly emerging, and that surface of the bronze bell seem to be free from the bondage of the bronze bell.
Nai, this bronze bell has melted all the gold wares in Jikoji, and it naturally has the ability to suppress evil spirits.
The bodhisattva body of the Tibetan bronze bell has absorbed many incense wishes for so many years.
Don’t say that some of the strength was taken away by the old monk. Even in the heyday of the magic Buddha, it may not be able to break free from the shackles of this bronze bell.
The old monk dared to suppress the bronze bell with the remains of his golden body. Naturally, he knew what this instrument was capable of, and he was not worried that the magic Buddha would get out of trouble.
His only worry now is that he accidentally inherited the magic Buddha Road, and Ajue will completely fall into the magic road and become another evil magic Buddha.
"Dan Chen! It’s you again! "
I soon realized that this bronze bell was powerful, and the angry voice of the magic Buddha came out from the bronze bell again.
He never imagined that the "reincarnation golden body" that really suppressed him was not the statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, but this bronze bell that was easily overturned by himself.
This bronze bell can suppress itself now, of course, thanks to the blessing of incense for so many years.
I don’t believe it if there is no Dan Chen means to kill the magic Buddha!
"Old monk, since you attach so much importance to that little one, I will completely enchant him!"
Thinking of this angry magic Buddha, he no longer wanted to break away from the bronze bell suppression and turned his will to Ajue’s body to occupy the other side’s left face like the old monk.
"I am the real magic Buddha! You are all walking the way I have walked! "
Magic Buddhism and Taoism means that magic Buddha imitates buddhas and monty while since the enlightenment practices Taoism.
In a sense, the magic Buddha, like the original Buddha Sakyamuni, is the ancestor of the magic Buddha, and practitioners of magic Buddhism and Dharma can be his incarnation.
If you want the magic Buddha to think of him, you can just like those ancient Nirvana Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to bring your will to other practitioners of magic Buddhism and Dharma.
In fact, this is one of the reasons why the magic Buddha deliberately let his practice go out.
If this practice of turning others into incarnations and confessing themselves is against humanity and the law really dominates the will of the other party, the magic Buddha would have broadcast his own practice method a long time ago.
After all, it is better to find your own weakness than to worry about being cracked by others.
This way of turning everyone in heaven into their own incarnation is the real "enemy."
Unfortunately, imagination is imagination after all.
Not to mention turning heaven and man into their own incarnations, it is much more difficult to influence Ajue’s mortal will than the magic Buddha imagined.
"How is that possible?"
"This small but just a humble mortal, how can you have such a strong life spirit? !”
Chapter 25 Magic Buddha Recovery
Back to a few breaths before, that is, Peiwende wench entanglement.
Once again, after successfully repelling the girl, Pei Wende suddenly turned around and made a seal with one hand, turning the last evil spirit into a child.
"Damn this outsider is too strong …"
"What should I do if I pick it up?"
"Why hasn’t Brother Jue come back yet?"
"Sister, are you all right?"
When holding the girl who is about to fall down, a dozen people behind her have been dispelled by Pei Wende and temporarily turned back into children. The evil spirits are clamoring one after another.
For these children whose average age is only seven or seven years old, the present situation is beyond their understanding, and they can watch it happen at a loss.
"I’m fine. Don’t worry about me."

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