"Who can say for sure that fate has come to an end?" Jade Duxiu sighed slightly.

Looking at her face full of regrets, Jade Duxiu came forward. "It’s a good thing to get married today. I want you to prepare a big gift. I’ll show it to you later."
Jade Duxiu smell speech looked at the whirling eyes of jade disc circulation and looked at the whirling eyes with horror. "You …"
Nowadays, the whole body is different. It’s a world of difference.
Looking at Yu Duxiu’s horrified eyes, he smiled gently. "When the wind rises and rises, Wan Li may step over at any time."
"But you …" Jade Duxiu wants to say that you have neither Xuan Huang Qi nor struck Tianjiao. How can you cross that threshold?
Say, wait for the chance. I’m bound to become an immortal. Even the ancestor Long Jun can’t stop me. You can just let it go. If anything goes wrong, there’s a seat for you.
Listening to the whirlwind, Yu Duxiu suddenly felt a slight movement. This sentence is the warmest thing that Yu Duxiu has heard since he came to this world.
Jade Duxiu moved her lips and was about to say something. Then The Hunger came out and pushed it to the sky. "Come on, let’s not block the door. Didn’t you see a guest coming in the distance?"
Said a few people in order to look into the distance only to see the sky shining in the distance, and there was a faint guest coming to the door and staring at the sky. Suddenly, there was a surge of pitfalls in his eyes, and ShaQi flashed in his eyes. "I really didn’t have the eyesight to see this wonderful novel of the bodhi old zu. This is the monk who dared to collide with the bodhi old zu …"
Speaking of which, I looked at Jade Duxiu’s warm jade eyes and smiled in the air, and Shaqi converged. "Forget it, bodhi old zu will give you a small face today, and you won’t spoil your wedding day, but in the future, it is always necessary to try the means of bodhi old zu."
"Come on, you guys, don’t mess up your seat. Go and have a drink. Today’s banquet is carefully prepared, and it’s not bad than that day." Jade Duxiu said
Three people smell speech eyes a bright instant push jade Duxiu walked towards the top of the mountain.
Looking at the three people far away, Jade Duxiu shook his head. "It’s not the kui that the ancient scum is a troublemaker everywhere. Where is the scourge? Today, you should keep an eye on it. You can’t call these guys to spoil it for me."
Just thinking about it, I heard the master of ceremonies shout, "The Loess Sect in Wan Chuan has arrived."
"I’m waiting to meet the cave owner and wish the cave owner a good relationship for thousands of years." The Wan Chuan loess patriarch came to the crowd to stop hiding light and show respect to Jade Duxiu. A monk handed a gift behind him and was picked up by Jade Duxiu’s welcoming brother.
"Come on, it’s all friends who can come to a big wedding. It takes so much ceremony to go in and have a drink," Yu Duxiu said.
That Wan Chuan Huang Tuzong friar saluted Yu Duxiu again and then led his master into the hall.
Looking at Wan Chuan’s Loess Sect Godsworn walking far away, Jade Duxiu gestured to the brother holding the ceremony to the front of Jade Duxiu "Cave Lord".
Jade Duxiu took the gift in his hand and nodded, "It’s the heart of this door."
He put the gift into his brother’s hand and said, "It would be good to keep it and take it away later."
The younger brother heard that he was hesitant, but immediately nodded "respect the law."
Just then, I saw the sky coming to the sky, and the rainbow paved the road and spread from the sky to this place
The emcee said, "Hey, it’s a vegetarian soap case."
As he spoke, he saw the master of ceremonies shouting, "Plain soap comes."
Looking at the MC’s surprised face, Yu Duxiu was slightly stunned. "Is there anything strange about this vegetarian soap Sect?"
Chapter 116 Ice cicada
Facing the puzzled eyes of Jade Duxiu, the emcee said with a little flattery, "The master of the cave is a first-class clan that is second only to the nine big doors. Of course, there are many first-class clans in this world, but the Xuan Soap clan has a unique achievement method, which is the most overbearing and exclusive. The whole science of uniting is also famous, and the first goddess of Xuan Soap clan is my nine big door. The most important thing is that Xuan Soap clan is a proud woman, but there are several ice beauties among the women, but the younger generation admires her."
"The yogi doesn’t pay attention to cutting off six roots, but he can’t lust after beauty while you wait." Jade Duxiu stared at the MC noncommittally.
Just then, I saw that all the people of Xuanzaozong had come to the front. The patriarch of Xuanzaozong was a middle-aged man. This man was elegant in face, but Yu Duxiu was proficient in viewing people. Look at this patriarch of Xuanzaozong, who was full of heart, courage, fortitude and courage.
"Liu Yi pays a visit to the cave owner and wishes the cave owner a fairy fortune and a pair of children forever." That mysterious soap patriarch is Liu Yi’s respectful gift to Jade Duxiu.
With the jade show now, even the quasi-fairy should be in awe. What’s worse, she is just a first-class patriarch.
"Get up, the newcomer is not polite." Jade Duxiu held Liu Yi with a wave of his big sleeve.
"Thank you very much, Master Dong." Liu Yi smiled gently and turned his head. "Ice ooze doesn’t present the gift to Master Dong."
In the crowd, a cold-looking Sichuan woman came out as if she were immortal. To be fair, this woman is extremely beautiful, and she has never seen anyone in the world, including Tai Su, the fox god, especially this cold temperament.
Arguably, it is usually cold with white clothes, but this woman is different. This woman is blue and her clothes are all empty, and there is ice flowing slightly. A pair of slender palms seem to be transparent, holding a jade box and respectfully presenting it to Yu Duxiu. "Please ask the cave master to check it."
While my brother was about to take over the treasure, Jade Duxiu’s palm stretched out and stopped him from moving. Instead, he slowly came to the front of Bingqin and looked at the jade box, which exuded a chill. The virtual speed was visible to the naked eye, but it was frozen constantly, but it was instantly given to refining by Bingqin.

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