If there is no breakthrough, it will be directly dragged into Su Mo’s body by this vortex, and I am afraid it will be torn to pieces!

Changes in the spiritual sea once again attracted several eyes.
This spiritual sea vortex is too horrible, just like a miracle, like a bottom hole to swallow everything in the sky.
"How did this happen?"
"I’ve heard from the master that it seems that one thousand years ago, the monk who got the Dao Huang Cheng also had this vision after he entered the spiritual sea …"
"You mean …"
"Look, there seems to be a man in that whirlpool!"
Reef white face becomes extremely ugly.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Dinghai volume
The original submarine countercurrent has already made Su Mo feel the pressure.
It is this pressure that he has to get through the seven points.
After being involved in the whirlpool of Linghai, Su Mo felt more powerful pressure and had to run the secret code confrontation of the Wild Lich King crazily.
Full of flesh and blood, shaking muscles, shaking bones, cutting pulp, changing blood, refining five internal organs and opening seven orifices!
Linghai whirlpool stimulates the exhaustion of the need to rush to the head, and finally the eyes are stunned over and over again …
I don’t know how long it took for Su Mo to be out of control in the whirlpool of the spiritual sea. Suddenly, two divine lights generate reflected the whole dark seabed!
All seven points are connected!
The flesh, muscles, tendons, bone marrow, five zang-organs and seven acupoints are connected and combined to form a big cycle.
The whirlpool of Linghai is still there, but Su Mo’s figure is in its original place. He stands still because the sea water washes, rotates and twists!
The seven senses are connected, and the dizziness disappears
Su Mo couldn’t help screaming in the sky.
Loud and loud, piercing through the golden crack stone, it covered the spiritual sea and roared!
The original shore is still suspicious. The friar can’t help but feel the shock and color change with horror when he hears this long whistle. His doubts are gone.
"This person is still alive!"
"Don’t … this person is going to be the second person to get the knife?"
Shura Zongmo White Reef spoke nothing and looked gloomy.
Just then someone pointed to the depths of the spiritual sea and exclaimed
Everyone looked around and saw the huge whirlpool like a bottom hole, which seemed to be pushed and pulled by some force and was slowly moving towards the mountain!
"What is this?"
Everyone is at a loss.
At this time, if a monk can fly to Linghai and look down, he will see an amazing scene!
At the center of the whirlpool of Linghai, there is a blue monk strolling around the bottom of the sea, with clear eyes and deep eyes.
Every step he takes will push the vortex of Linghai forward a little!
The whole spiritual sea is affected by him!
Time goes by slowly
In a blink of an eye, day and night passed.
And the huge whirlpool of the spiritual sea has also come to Daoshan, and several eyes are fixed on a black spot, like a figure coming out of the spiritual sea and running towards the top of the mountain.
After a thousand years, another monk has passed the test of staying in the sword and will soon get the sword!
Many monks on the shore were dumbfounded without a trace of jealousy in their eyes.
White narrowing her eyes flashing.
No one knows that his heart is more shaken at this time!
Because he had heard that one thousand years ago, the elder who received the Shura Sect from the Knife Emperor was exhausted after crossing this spiritual sea.
Rest for seven days before recovering strength to climb the top.
Now, after crossing the Linghai, this man still has the strength to rush to the top of the mountain!
"This man must die!"
White close your eyes and say something in your heart.
He knows more about Dao Huang Cheng than his brother.
Keep two volumes of secret method at the top of the mountain of Xiang Dao Huang.
One article is that the art of secret has been visited by the elder of Shura Zong.
The other is said to be the five-style knife method.
That is to say, Su Mo is going to get this five-style knife method.
The higher the knife method, the more difficult it is to master, and there are different levels and realms in the knife method.
White believes that even if Su Mo can learn the five-style knife method in a short time, he will definitely control the essence and mystery of the five-style knife method.

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