Yanchen dropped his eyes indifferently and disdained to leave his mouth. That’s the truth. None of the servants at home are not afraid of him, but he hasn’t done anything!

Is a little cold in front of them …
Smiling indifferently, Lin Zixiao’s eyes fell, and then he did it by himself. He felt melancholy again and again at the bedside ~ ~ ~ He had a headache when he thought that the medicine in his hand was only to temporarily alleviate the invasion of toxins! ! !
It should be Su Moxiao’s hand. He shook his head with a wry smile. What should he do?
He can’t care whether Lin Zixiao talks about whether she saved her today or not. He must get Ziqingdan, but it’s not so easy to get it! !
Lin Shengyan Sumo owl! ! One is tougher than the other.
And a few days ago, he checked the news and found that Anshun Tian seems to be very good with them! ! !
In the face of heavy oppression and potential limitations, the only thing Yan Chen can do is to let go! ! !
He gently lifted the wound of Lin Zixiao’s clothes, and the place was already bloody and horrible! ! He was a little queasy and swallowed saliva. He immediately got up and pushed the door. He leaned against the door and took a deep breath. Then he shouted, "Somebody! ! Get me some alcohol and clean cotton balls. "
At this command, everyone’s body shuddered.
After a short time.
A mature man handed Yanchen a medicine box. "Young master is here!"
"Thank you ~" Yanchen relieved and the hospital box entered the room.
It’s him. Thank you! Amazing everyone! ! !
Yanchen pulled out a cotton ball and got wet with alcohol. Lin Zixiao’s wound was lightly smeared. Lin Zixiao was still in a coma and murmured a sigh because of pain.
After hearing the sound, Yanchen was somewhat delighted and reminded the corners of his mouth.
She feels pain! It means that her subconscious is still a good thing! ! !
After cleaning up the local blood, Yanchen’s fingertips are stained with medicine foam. Lin Zixiao’s wound is gently applied to the fingertips to make it soft, silky and delicate, which makes Yanchen breathe quickly! !
He moves more and more lightly, like a feather falling to the ground, and his eyes are full of tender feelings like water.
"What a demon!" Yanchen sighed and withdrew her fingers.
My eyes are reluctant to look at Lin Zixiao’s exposed skin. Yanchen took a deep breath and forced himself to look away. When his eyes swept the door, he shouted "Ah!"
See Xia youran leaning against the door with a smile in his eyes and a smile on his lips.
"What’s the matter? Don’t you see me? Master Yanchen! " Xia Youran looked at Lin Zixiao’s thin lips and looked at Yanchen’s smile. !
"You you you! When will you come in? " Yanchen stammered
"Don’t worry, master, you continue. I didn’t see anything." Xia Youran was shy and left her mouth and turned to leave!
I didn’t ask my relatives for forgiveness yesterday.
Something happened to me yesterday ⊙⊙ b Khan.
Dear friends of "Evil School Grass Begging to Fall", you support it! ! "Evil" clicked on the collection recommendation and went to my "Noble" to add more! ! !
Who the hell sent Par158?
"Don’t worry, master, you continue. I didn’t see anything." Xia Youran was shy and left her mouth and turned to leave!
"live! !” Yanchen shouted at me like thunder.
Lying in bed still in a coma, Lin Zixiao was also shocked by his sudden sound and frowned …
"Master …" Xia Youran looked at Yanchen with a smile and said, "What’s the order?"
"Here you are! !” Yanchen put Xia Youran’s hand in a small bowl filled with medicine. "You give her medicine! !”
"Huh?" Xia youran unbelievable finger pointed to himself.
"yes! It’s you! !” Yanchen yelled again! ! The face is an abnormal blush.

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