Falling stars come here to increase their knowledge, and they should not waste it here. When Nan Yunqing thought about it, he nodded and said, "Okay, go out."

After Hainong studied the ball of light from time to time, he went out of the hall with Xiao Wen and others, and also helped them to treasure in Haitian fields. He still knew something about these Haitian fields and knew the accurate picking method, which really helped Xiao Wen and others a lot.
Even Hainong and the fallen Xinghai people left the hall, and several people in the world tried the last few times and flew out.
During the visit, we can see that someone will fly back to the hall from time to time, and they should have thought of some strange way to try it.
With one exception, those people flew out soon, and most of them added new injuries.
Because of the previous cooperation, although the two sides are busy in the sea field outside, they are still in peace. Seeing this situation, they will not start work until the sea temple disappears.
Xiao Wen let ninety thousand fly out early. After all, many people can pick faster.
It’s probably been so busy for an hour, and they haven’t even finished picking one tenth of the fields outside the temple. Suddenly, the light above their heads seems to have changed. When they look up, they can see that the blue Se sky is flickering like water waves.
Anyone who has been here and heard of it and doesn’t know that this is a sign that the Temple of the Sea is about to disappear may have been left for them for less than half an hour.
Everyone is speeding up and trying to make more money before the sea temple disappears. Unfortunately, it is good that they can take one-fifth of the things in the sea field before the sea temple disappears.
At this time, I don’t know how many people regret it. I really shouldn’t have been surfing in the ocean heart for so long! That kind of thing is really beyond their expectation. Its only field is the wave time! And in this sea temple, the waves are equal to the waves, which are treasures everywhere …
However, there are still people who are unwilling to fly into the hall again, but unfortunately they still gain something. These people are pitted in one, two, three times.
Xiao asked himself how busy he was, and unconsciously he split up with his own family, even 90 thousand was far away from him
Did he have any other ideas at this time to get more things before the Sea Temple disappeared?
He has had a bumper harvest when he comes back to the Sea Temple. After he goes out, he can also quench two immortals with Jinxianhua liquid.
Busy Xiao asked suddenly heard someone shouting "child" in his ear.
Xiao asked "well" for a while, but he didn’t condescend. What old thing is this? How dare you call my child? Don’t you know that I’m almost two hundred years old? However, when Xiao asked, he turned to look, but he couldn’t see anyone.
"The child is me", and the man said that the sound is older.
This time Xiao Wen finally felt the sound-seeking root not ringing in his ear but in his mind.
Xiao Wen wanted to answer, but 90 thousand was not with him. He couldn’t. He just consciously muttered in his head, "That old turtle?"
"Ha ha … yes," the other party laughed.
Xiao Wen was startled, and the other party could clearly feel his thinking. He turned his head and looked in the direction of the old turtle’s head, only to find that the old turtle still closed his eyes and did not move.
"I don’t have much time to be a child. Can you ask you some questions?" Old turtle kindly tunnel
Xiao asked in his mind to answer "OK, doyen, you ask."
Speaking of which, he and 90,000 both admire and pity the old turtle, but it has been carrying the huge sea temple at this moment, saying that it is its destiny …
"What are you going to do with that little jellyfish on your shoulder?"
"You say sesame bravery? Er ….. you don’t I really forgot that it is uneasy in the middle and the second floor. I’ll send it back to the outer layer later, but my sister likes it. If it can be born outside, I can take it out for disposal, but I can’t talk about it. I just took it with me to save it. "Xiao asked like a barrage.
"Ha ha … well, I guess it’s not suitable for your external environment."
"Well, I’ll send it to the outer layer in a minute."
"Did you return the soul-locked flute to Heinon out of sincerity?"
"He is also a poor man. If you can help him, you will help the so-called" Xiao asked, and at the same time lamented who the old turtle took me for!
"Do you have any goals in life?"
Hmm? !
Why do you ask about life?
"Of course, there is a good practice."
"Straight to the top?"
"Straight to the top!"
"It won’t bring trouble to others?"
"What do I do when I practice by myself?" Xiao asked that the old turtle might have been crazy.
"Well … I’m glad to see you with that little jellyfish after I ask the child …"
"Ha-ha, I’m glad, too. Sesame gall is still funny."

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