The thirty-fourth volume The office situation Chapter three hundred and forty The origin of the girl

A few evil sects here are also experienced and knowledgeable. They recognize that this thunder fire is the most famous thunder in the orthodox religion. It is suspected that Emei sent people here, otherwise they would not have such a powerful thunder. They also know that it will be difficult if they don’t play it by ear, but they rely on their own magic skills and are good at the magic of transforming blood into two places to fly and hide.
A few people are not willing to self-harm their limbs, but they want to fight for it, but they have a magic weapon to resist apprentices for a moment. A few people have grabbed all the magic weapons and fled, and when they see each other, the thunder of God is so fast that the law has been destroyed since it was almost devastating. The master demonized Deng Qingfeng himself, but he was lucky not to get hurt.
However, a pearl of body double was cracked by God Lei Zhen, and it fell like rain. Moreover, several of his disciples were destroyed by Xie Shan God’s thunder because of their poor mana. Deng Qingfeng’s umbrella-shaped golden light hanging in a glimpse of the fear in spite of his busy schedule has already given up the enemy’s determination to control himself.
He knew that it was difficult to escape from this, and he knew that this time it was run. According to the current situation, he was not willing to fight for a little bit, but he definitely couldn’t hide from the other party. He was also in a hurry to escape, but he flew his sword and cut off his left arm. At the same time, he cast a demonized blood doppelganger to replace his body and wanted to hide from lotus flower.
I didn’t know that Xie Shan had expected that this magical thunder had passed by and saw that the demon array had broken the demon road but was not dead. A piece of smoke flew over the place and a lotus flower thundered, "Know Uber! Just showing off in front of me? Do you still want to escape today? " Said at the same time, the finger had previously sunk into the ground, and the blue brilliance suddenly emerged from the periphery of the demon array.
One end of the blue light is still on the ground, but the other end suddenly grows like a blade. Thousands of cold, dense, blue-edged, cold light shines in the middle, and at the same time, all the fronts of the golden umbrella cover are also self-defeating, and the golden arrow hangs upside down for a while, stopping in the middle and shooting away.
Splendid brilliance is half tit-for-tat in the two places, and half of them are intricately intertwined. Splendid brilliance is brilliant and dazzling, except for the dazzling place where the two women’s masks are located, which is as dense as cabin. These nine days, Luo Shenfeng, also known as the extinct god network, was once covered, and the two-color gods staggered one by one, and immediately disappeared in form and spirit.
This thing is the treasure of Xie Shan’s master. How can Deng Qingfeng, a demon, escape? He caught a glimpse of a body double brokeback just after he threw it. Although he knew it badly, he was still lucky enough to play it by ear. He had already turned lotus flower invisible and escaped. born to die, the physical body, could always escape without himself. I didn’t expect this treasure to be wonderful and poor
Xie Shan is distressed by her two daughters and resents the demon. It is already in the extreme that she knows that the enemy will not escape from the net. She is still afraid that if the other party’s escape method is magical and longer than Xuangong’s change, she will be accidentally escaped by the other party when she fails to eliminate the Yuan God and collect the treasure. Therefore, as soon as the Luo Shenfeng Fang closes, she will even refer to her hand and spray her true qi, and she will go to the golden splendor and rush to the center.
At that time, Deng Qingfeng was so miserable that the Yuan gods were strangled by the resplendent brilliance. Don’t say that the flesh and blood had vanished without leaving a drop, and when the Yuan gods melted, only a wisp of smoke was left, which was wiped out by Luo Shenfeng. The refining of the Yuan gods was even more useless. If it hadn’t been so powerful, it wouldn’t have become their master treasure.
Xie Shan saw that the demon man was too busy to accept his magic weapon, and then he accepted the magic aurora shield. At first glance, he couldn’t help but feel pain and trembling in his heart. Two women in that shield were already unaware of the personnel.
He didn’t know that the two women should have been in a coma because of the demon’s five-ghost-mastermind method, but they were deeply rooted and had a magic weapon to protect themselves. Although they were shaken and confused for a while, they didn’t have an out-of-body experience, but after all, they were the first to encounter an enemy and neglected their own defense.
Although the first half and the four outer parts of the monarch’s aurora shield were protected by divine light, they were exposed in the ground, so they were invaded by monty-shaped poison for a while. That’s a demon’s thousand-year-old arrogance and fierce soul demon ghost’s mutual magic refining. It’s very troublesome for a master like Xie Shan to accidentally contaminate it.
Fortunately, the two women are a clever magic weapon, and it is also very wonderful to feel bad. Both of them can’t support the falling light building, but they still can’t resist the monty-shaped poison that has invaded the body, and their mind is unconscious because of the five-ghost mastermind method. It is already dead.
However, Xie Shan is now two women who are dead, but because they are all married, then the people, Yuan Shen, have refuge and ties. Although the body is dead, the soul is still not separated from the body, and Xie Shan is still being protected by the power of then, and she has been practicing monasticism for hundreds of years. There will also be many spells that bring the medicine back to life in her hands.
As soon as he saw it, he knew that his two daughters could still be saved, but they were poisoned too much, and their bodies had been poisoned for too long. There were some changes and defects. If they were allowed to grow up and repair, they would suffer. I am afraid they would stay in the golden elixir for the rest of their lives, which made him angry.
After thinking about it, he felt it was good to use a secret method to temporarily make the two of them still look like 13-and 14-year-old children and prevent them from growing up, so that although their bodies can’t grow up, there is no harm in practicing. Maybe wait until they meet in the future to see if the great avatar can find a way, and then just sliver.
It was decided in my heart that when I put two magic pills in the mouth of two women to help them get rid of the toxin, then I picked them up with my hands and threw stones at them, I trapped a giant, buried a three-demon disciple and the temple where I lived together, and then I returned to Jinchun Valley, where I didn’t even finish the secret method to save people and the magic medicine to help Cui Wu wake up the next morning.
I didn’t finish the secret method until after noon, and it was already three days when the two women woke up. Cui Wu also knew that there should be such a difficulty in the lives of the two children, but after all, they had been raised for more than ten years as if they were their own. The thought that they had been hurt so much was painful and regretful, and the thought that their horses were going to sit down and take care of the two children was heartbreaking.
Xie Gu sisters nursed back to health for some time before they recovered. Ye Bin listened to the news and came to check. Now the two women proved to be physically damaged. After being refined by Xie Shan’s secret method, they could not grow up, and they couldn’t help feeling sorry for them.
Soon Cui Wu’s induction in the quiet has already known that the two women in Zuohua Zhurijun also know that their bodies can’t grow up, but they are too young to know what it means to be unable to grow up, and now Cui Wu’s horse is leaving. They have been raised by Cui Wu since childhood, and suddenly they will never know if they will meet again. It may be sad.
After listening to the adults, the two women kept by Cui Wu’s side, and they didn’t want to leave their faces. It was a sad look. Every time they talked about it, they cried. This is not that they lied before, but that they are really sad, whether they are practitioners or mortals, because it means farewell to where will you go.
That is, people have an afterlife, but if they meet in the afterlife, will you give it back to you, him or him? The soul may be the same, but the other person no longer remembers the past when you were together. Things have changed. Now that you have grown up, the other person has changed his body and identity, and everything is different. The past is gone forever and can’t be found again.
Cui Wu has been proficient in helping Yuan Ying in Xie Shan and others. She didn’t choose to abandon the physical body to practice Yuan Ying. Because it is too difficult to achieve enlightenment in that way, it is even more unreliable to seize possession. After all, it is too difficult to find a body with Yuan Ying. If you just find one, you don’t want to achieve enlightenment. It is said that this is the case with Zhu Mei and Zhu Wen now.
Finally, Cui Wu chose metempsychosis, so it is not easy for Yuan Ying to exercise until she is extremely mature, and then she will be reincarnated and refined. When she is born, she will not remember that she needed someone to take over her previous life. The advantage is that she is born with fairy roots and bones, and she can get twice the result with half the effort, just like Xie Jia sisters, and she can bear Dan in her teens.
It’s easy for the baby to soar in a hundred years, but it’s also very dangerous. No one wants to be reincarnated as a last resort. After all, after rebirth, the consciousness will disappear now, and the new self is no longer her own. But Cui Wu has to be reincarnated if she wants to achieve it in the future, but she really can’t bear to part with two girls.
When she came, she loved the two women. Seeing that they were so attached to themselves, the more moved she was. There were still ten days left to calculate the date. Xie Ye went back to prepare for the two of them. They had to arrive the day before the due date, and there were still a few days left.
Malicious and cruel to the two women mournful way "your father because of your deep roots in rewelding, he achieved great success in his year, and it was too late for fear of taking the wrong road and repairing it. It was a right idea to take root in the base kung fu, but your father and Ye Daoyou are both the best among scattered immortals. Why didn’t you be taught the mysterious spell Gao Qiang? Really puzzled.
In recent years, I have repeatedly persuaded you that although I have given you some spells and given you this kind of self-defense treasure, at present, the dissidents are very rampant, and they will never let go of your extraordinary talents. You are so young and fond of moving. After I went, although the valley was banned for a long time, I couldn’t keep quiet and thinking, and I tried every means to rush out and be harmed by evil spirits.
A few days ago, I advised your father and Ye Daoyou to give them more, but they all said that I was afraid that you would be distracted. I was too shallow to talk to them, but I really let you two go! I want to think about it. I’m going against their meaning. I gave you magic weapons and some spells. You have to protect yourself. What happened to you? "
End of volume 34
Volume 35 Emei Three Wars Chapter three hundred and forty-one Escape from the cage
Xie Gu sisters listen to their adoptive mother’s words, but they are greatly moved by their consideration. I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to meet each other from now on, and my heart is sad again. Both of them are pulling Cui Wu to cry. Cui Wu is also distressed to persuade them for a while before they calm down. "I used to be an expert in a side door."
After my master’s liberation, I had to have two powerful magic weapons and a flying sword. Unfortunately, she broke it in the first world war with Shenni, which made me afraid to give up evil after being persuaded by Shenni. Over the years, I gave some too evil magic weapons to Shenni and asked her to help me melt them. All the other magic weapons are gone.
Although I am in the side door, the two good magic weapons were originally treasures left by immortals in the Han and Tang Dynasties, but they were not refined by evil methods. There are also several kinds of self-defense and rescue spells, although they are out of the side door, but they are not evil to you. I wanted to give them early, for fear that your father would not delay. I have caressed your sister for more than ten years, and it is still difficult to know whether I will meet you in the next life.
I’d like to take advantage of these days to choose whether you can do it one by one to commemorate it forever. In addition, there is another thing that I care about. I have several girls who have been robbed. One of them is still working for me. His name is Cui Qing. He took my flying sword and is still in the side door. If you meet him in the future, will you be lenient? I know it’s hard for you. Can you two give me this favor? "
Two women smell speech all said, "I was raised by you, although I was an adoptive mother, but I was as kind as my own loving mother. Don’t say that forgiving my righteous brother is to change him." What’s so difficult? "
Cui Wu sighed, "I don’t want you to venture in this matter, but that child is my own flesh and blood after all, and I can’t bear to see him perish, but his master has offended your aunt Ye Daoyou, who hates him. Now, although he has to hide his years, the evil number of the Antarctic group will eventually meet or born to die."
I haven’t been instructed by Shenni before to get a little idea of the future cause and effect. I’m embarrassed to talk to Xie and Ye Erdao about it. Xie Daoyou said that you two have a great chance. After you cultivate your qualifications, you will naturally achieve great success, and you will always be with Xie and Ye Erdao.
I’ll leave you a note on this matter. If Ye Daoyou has anything to do to clean up the evil spirits of the 73 islands in the South Pole, he can immediately dismantle it and act according to it. It’s enough to be kind to the two magic weapons I left you, a famous cave spirit Zheng, which is only a few inches long. It’s the immortal of Han Dynasty and the demon monster of Baoshan.
If you play the law, how powerful the monster is. The whole body is soft and soft, and it can crack the stone mountain and pass through the sea. Ye Daoyou’s small Antarctic is like taking this treasure to save trouble. Another magic weapon, the five-star god, is very important. I am also embarrassed to send it to you.
You two twin sisters, I heard from Xie Daoyou that you are all born in this way, so in the future, it will be different when you meet each other, and the sisters will never be separated, but they will be able to cope together. "Say that finish, I will take out the two treasures from the bag of Gankun and choose to give them to two women and Xie Gu sisters respectively, and I will also fight back my sadness and study hard.
After five or six days, the two of them learned together. Cui Wu took out the invitation card and told them to hide it carefully. Don’t tell others. More importantly, they can’t tear down the second daughter in advance. The mother and daughter have been intimate for a few days. Cui Wu always doesn’t trust to explain everything. He always wants to get everything ready, such as food, clothing and so on.
Three days later, Xie and Ye came to Cui Wu, and then they helped to protect him. After that, two different enemies somehow knew that Cui Wu lived here and found the door. Just when they saw that Jinchun Valley was forbidden and failed to cast evil methods, Ye Bin was secretly killed by ice spirit and divine light.
Some evil spirits ate Xie Shanli to protect Yuan Ying from infringement, and finally went to be possessed and difficult to refine Yuan Ying. Since then, Cui Wu has been reincarnated.
The two women were very sad. After Ye Bin’s repeated persuasion, they stayed here with them for a few days before they lost some grief. As a result, Xie Shan and her two women booked a day class and still made them practice in Jinchun Valley to visit once every six months. Once every three years, they were allowed to stay in Wuyi Province for ten and a half months, but they were not allowed to walk alone.
When the two women saw that no one accompanied them, they repeatedly asked to live with their father in Wuyishan to practice Xie Shan, but they were not allowed to ask again and again. They did not tell them the reason. As time went by, the two women stopped being banned in the valley of distress, and the two women could not get out of Wuyi once every three years.
In a flash, nearly a hundred years later, two women have reached the peak of the later period of then, but they can’t always rise to the spiritual level because of no chance. Although their skills are enough, they can’t form a baby, and their minds are always like children because they can’t grow up. Although they are much more stable than before, their sex has not changed much.
Practicing for a hundred years, two women think that the foundation has long been solid. Every time I see Xie Shan, I have to force him to take another road. Xie Shan always has a different path in the future. At this time, giving more money will lead to a wrong future. By shirking the magic weapon, Xie Shan is invited to eat them, and it is unclear. So the two women must ask for treasures every time they return home.
Xie Shan saw that the two women’s skills were improving day by day, and their hearts were strong and pure, especially solid. They also loved it very much, and they didn’t have so many magic weapons around them, so they were always looking for leisure and refining some to make it a practice. As time went by, the two women got a lot of advanced magic weapons of various colors. Naturally, they were delighted and suffered from the trial of law. This year, Wuyi returned to the province, just as Ye Bin visited Xie Shan, talking about Emei’s upcoming government, which was a once-in-a-thousand-year event. At that time, the two women in
In fact, Xie Shan has probably figured out that the two women should meet in 2008 when they are busy and happy. He also figured out that the two women should not belong to Emei Gate, but should enter Buddhism. He didn’t allow the two women to go to Emei Mountain for fear of missing the opportunity. He wanted to wait for two days to finish his own business and figure out the cause and effect of the encounter before letting them out of the mountain.
When the time comes, it’s the same for them to go to Emei Fairy House. However, after the two women tried to refuse, they were angry and anxious to go back to the mountain. Together, they couldn’t break the ban for many days. On this day, Xie Lin suddenly remembered the magic weapon that Cui Wu, the foster mother, gave, but once the stone was cracked, all the rocks and trees in the vicinity would suffer, and if it was more severe, it would collapse.
Gem, where my father lives, can’t test the real power even if it doesn’t meet a demon. After all, my sister and I have tried to live alone with this treasure for fear of damaging the beautiful scenery in the valley. It’s rare to meet such a once-in-a-lifetime disaster. My father refuses to call me to go to Youkeqi, a fairy house as good as my father’s, but he doesn’t allow his daughter to live in this prison for many years. I’ve had enough.
Thinking of this, she said to her sister, "It’s a pity to miss such a great opportunity and event as Emei Mansion. Why don’t we just go to Emei to attend the meeting? What if my father and aunt Ye go there? When we get there, they can kick us back? And they all love us for yelling at each other in front of so many outsiders. "
Xie Ying’s eyes brightened when he heard this. "It is in this way that we can see some famous immortals and Taoist couples and see the scenery of the fairy mountain. My father saw that this prison hole has been destroyed and our place can live, so that we can move to Wuyishan and save ourselves from being stuffy here for many years. Even if we don’t go to Wuyi, we can go to Aunt Ye’s Admiralty Island to see the sea!"
Although the two women have been practicing for a hundred years, they have never been handed over by many outsiders. What’s more, they don’t know anything about the outside world. It’s as childish as when they were young, so they thought of doing it. Schelling first took out the cave spirit Zheng and went to Taniguchi to try it. I didn’t know that the forbidden method was wonderful. The forbidden method immediately gave birth to a reaction, and it was full of golden light and red glow.
But even though the earth shook and shook, people were dizzy, but once they stopped, they still returned to their original state, as if everything had not moved, and they still could not go out half a step.
When I saw this, both women were so anxious that they almost cried out. Even after trying several times, the two girls and children were already disheartened. When they returned to the cave, Xie Ying suddenly remembered that the ban was all in the hole outside the cave. When Chongshan’s father acted, he never thought that they would escape from the back hole and go out. The ban there may be weak or not.
When they discussed it, they felt that they could try again and face the back hole. As the magic string bounced, the rocks gradually cracked. Because the response sound of the forbidden method was not very violent, the rocks gradually cracked forward. For about an hour, the original stone mountain was cracked into a narrow canyon and went straight to the outside, which was out of the forbidden area.
The two girls are glad that they have got away. Although the living hole has been destroyed, they don’t care about it. Moreover, they have been tired of living for a hundred years and want to go out. They know that although there is a fixed date when their father comes, Aunt Ye is hard to say and her aunt comes frequently. On weekdays, they are afraid that their aunt will not come, but they will encounter it.
They hurried back to the cave and hid all the magic weapons that they couldn’t bring on weekdays. They immediately broke up and flew up. They knew that Emei Mountain was in the west, but they didn’t know the specific diameter. They wanted to fly to the west and saw the beautiful mountains. They paid attention to it. When they met people, they asked if they couldn’t find it, but they didn’t know that they had found the evil abode of fairies.
The thirty-fifth volume Emei three wars Chapter three hundred and forty-two Things often happen
Song Chang Gung and others didn’t know the origin of Xie Gu’s sister department until they heard the story of two women and Ye Bin. Ding Chang and Gan Biwu were very fond of the two sisters. After listening to their experiences, they took pity on each other and gave them a magic weapon and hugged them in their arms to caress them. Because Ding and Gan were both immortals, the two women also liked them very much.
Ye Bin see two people like Xie Gu sisters so much, but also like to see Song Chang Gung sitting there with a smile and say with smile to him. "Today, my two little nieces came to Zheng Daoyou and Ding and Gan, both of whom gave gifts. Why didn’t Song Daoyou give them? Hehe, not so stingy, right? I know that Taoist friends have many magic weapons! "
Song Chang Gung knew that she was joking, reached out and took out a piece of paper, pinched a tactic, whisked it away and turned it into a Huang Guangfei, and then laughed. "Just now, they also said that Xie Daoyou didn’t give them a magic weapon over the years. The so-called magic weapon of the practitioner is not much, but the magic weapon of the refined self is a lot, but I think more will add flowers."
It’s pitiful to see that the two sisters have been together since childhood, and they don’t even have a playmate or a friend of the same age. It’s just that my two righteous sisters are both fourteen or fifteen years old, and my apprentice Yudie is also a little girl. It’s good for them to play together. I’ve called them to come. Is this a gift? "
Zheng Dianxian beside laughed "or Song Daoyou will calculate that you say it’s good that they have so many magic weapons that they may not be able to send these sisters when we meet, but it’s rare that our brother is as old as them, but he is not as afraid of polluting others as they play with them too much."
I’ve seen Shuangying in Yuanjiang, and both of them are spirited and innocent with these two little sisters, and your little girl apprentice likes people to talk about innocence and purity and have a fight with their sisters. If you let them be together, it’s a real aura of heaven and earth, which is probably rare in one thousand. "

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