Even Fang Zhou smiled, nodded gratefully and whispered, "What do you think of these people on the same stage?"

Luo Guang looked at it and said, "Look at that posture, there are two sophisticated people. I think the two young men will be cautious and will be able to stay successfully."
Even Fang Zhou was relieved to hear him say so.
It’s up to you now.
One "Go!" Even Fang Zhou felt that her heart was about to jump out, as if watching the full-court swords and shadows flashing and shifting her palms, and she couldn’t help clutching her hands tightly and breaking out in a cold sweat.
Every time I see a sword, I want to add it to Lian Ze’s body, and her heart will follow it. When I see him closely, I evade it but sigh.
Even fangzhou is so, and all the people are paying close attention to it, which is especially serious than before.
The reason is that the king of Laomin County woke up miraculously, sat up straight, and stared at the scene unblinkingly with round eyes.
The people exchanged glances without moving each other, and each of them was white for a few minutes. It seems that the words are true! It turns out that the little brother of Hou Weining and the gentleman of Lian family really have a lot of friendship with the king of Laomin County! Alas, I don’t know what this little guy has gone. * * * He’s lucky! You know, the most difficult thing for women in Beijing is to stay in the county, and the male is the old min county king!
Everyone knows that at the same time, they can’t help but worry a little. What if the gentleman in the family is a small man who is beaten by someone?
If others are playing fair, they will be dissatisfied and unwilling to say anything but admit that they are unlucky.
But the king of Laomin County is not others!
Everyone’s heart is clear. If that’s the case, the king of Laomin County will not comply!
Too heart is the most nervous.
The father ordered him to host this event, which shows that he still attaches great importance to him, and he specially arranged for the fourth emperor’s brother to come with him, which is even more obvious!
He must make a perfect job of this job! There must be no mistakes!
Otherwise, no matter what others say, my father will feel in his heart.
Even if the father values and believes in himself again, how much patience does he have to kill?
It’s too hard to take a glance at Li Fu’s heart and think that it’s too honest and frank. In fact, with his identity, he directly put Lian Ze into a post in the military camp. Who can say anything? Is to let him take part in the martial arts to do a disadvantage, such as arranging some bad opponents. Just thinking about doing nothing, doing nothing and letting nature take its course-
The fruit will be like this
It happened that there are two people in this group who are particularly good at it, even if they don’t understand it very well. If one thousand-
Alas, I can’t blame you for thinking, thinking and acting. It’s not like this, and I can’t trust him completely.
Who would have thought that a good omen would suddenly appear?
That’s all! Now that things have come to this, there is nothing left to say.
If you can say that people are not as good as heaven, look at fortune! Whether it is a blessing or a curse will soon be known!
"good! Ok! That’s great! "
He was so confused that he was interrupted by a burst of relieved laughter and cheers, and he looked up sharply to find that the competition had already ended.
My heart was so busy that I looked intently at the people left in the field and saw even Ze impressively in it. Suddenly I secretly breathed a sigh of relief and my face unconsciously smiled.
This is everyone’s tacit understanding. Everyone is as worried as he is that the king of Laomin County will make trouble!
I secretly caught a glimpse of the king of Laomin County, smiling with a red face, and my eyes narrowed into a crack. Everyone was dying and had a narrow squeak! That was close!
Too see Li Yunhan also present face smile is more strong.
Even Fang Zhou and Luo Guang were very happy in the crowd. Even Fang Zhou smiled brilliantly and archery. She was very confident in Lian Ze! Riding is also very good!
Less famous this time, it’s almost settled. Chapter 993, Someone shouted unfair!
Just as the invigilator was about to announce this competition, no one expected that the last young man who was thrown off the platform suddenly pushed away and held his soldier and shouted, "No! I don’t! It’s not fair! Unfair! "
"Bold!" As soon as the invigilator’s face changed, he drank, "I’m not as good as people who dare to roar and block the tinker!"
No one wants to bring about complications. On this occasion, everyone is looking forward to seeing this person picking things up without hating or being annoyed!
"why! Don’t dare to listen to me! " The man stepped back and sneered.
You!’ The invigilator was furious.
Too, Yong Wang and others can’t be seen as the Ministry of War Shang Zhao’s adult got Taihe Yong Wang Weiwei nodded and stopped the invigilator and ordered the man to come near to reply and asked, "Do you have an uninvited way! If there is really injustice, there is another fair way to deal with it. If you make a fuss, you will be punished. It’s not a game. You can think it over! "
Zhao’s adult has worked in the Ministry of War for many years, and now the official residence is a dozens of elderly adults in the officialdom. Plus, he has the intention to show his dignity. This face is full of awe-inspiring blazing with anger aura, and the young man is almost breathless and hesitant.
Wanted to think, now that you have stepped out of this step and don’t spit in the end, you will grind your teeth and kneel down and say, "Right people understand! If the grass-roots people say that they ignore the grass-roots people and admit their punishment! "
Zhao’s adult also don’t want to make any disappointing accident to just that a dignity yelling is to want this person to retreat.
Who knows he didn’t retreat?
Zhao’s adult snorted gently and nodded sullenly. "In that case, come on!"
"Yes!" The young man promised to knock his head again and climb up, pointing to Lian Ze and Li Yunhan and shouting, "It’s the two of them! We’re all on our own. They’re on the same team! It’s natural to take a lot of advantages to join forces to deal with others. I just don’t want this! "
Everyone was in an uproar.
Even Fang Zhou’s face frowned and asked Luo Guang, "I also saw that Aze and Yunhan cooperated with each other. Is this a violation of the rules?"
Luo Guang’s heart is also correcting the smell speech and slowly shaking his head. "I don’t know about this … After all, Wu Ju has not been held for so many years, and there is a precedent to follow. However, when the former invigilator read the rules, he didn’t say that two people were not allowed to cooperate. I think this person is anxious and unwilling to want to importune. It’s really tricky!"
Even Fang Zhou’s silence is not unreasonable for him to speak tactfully. It depends on what the examiners say!
Alas, even Fangzhou is worried about them, not to mention themselves.
It happened that the young man pointed out that one of these two was the nephew of Hou Weining, and the other was the younger brother of Hou Weining, and there was a eyeing old min county king sitting beside him. This is really easy to judge!
At this time, including too much in the crowd is not exactly what I think.
Li Fu is also very silent and simply doesn’t say anything.
At this time, what he said is not appropriate. If he is allowed to judge even Ze or Li Yunhan, he can’t do it.
At this time, Lord Zhao really strangled the young man’s heart, and he practiced all ten weapons in his heart, showing his fairness and justice, but his face could not be revealed.
The young man, who was afraid to see his words at the moment, seemed to have puzzled the prestigious adult, but his heart was somewhat settled, and his confidence was restored bit by bit, and his head was lifted slightly.
"Hum!" But it was the old Min County King who struck the table so hard that he shook the young man at random and said to Lian Ze, "Lian Ze, what do you have to say?"
Lian Zeqian looked at the young man with a courtesy to all the adults and said slowly, "This brother-in-law doesn’t say that two people are not allowed to cooperate with each other to listen to the score, does it?"
The young man said, "that’s true, but you’re lucky that people you know happen to be in a group, which is unfair to others!" "
"I don’t know if you have acquaintances who participated in this martial arts?" Lianze asked
The young man just a hesitation nodded, "of course! We are accompanied by seven people from the province. "
Even ze laughed. "So it’s not just the two of us who are familiar with each other to participate in martial arts together. Besides brother, we must have our cooperation. It’s our own business. You can also cooperate! It’s bad luck not to be in a group, so who can blame? If you are unlucky enough to eat your stomach last night, you will have to shout that it is unfair to ask you to have a game alone! "
Suddenly there was a burst of laughter around.
Even fangzhou smiled slightly.
Luo Guang chuckled, "Cousin deserves to be your brother!"
Too, Zhao Shang and others said that they were also secretly relieved and had a good impression on Lian Ze.
Yong Wang then sink a way "luck is also based on strength, if there is no strength, the two of them are no matter how to cooperate!" They never broke the rules. It’s unfair that you are inferior to others. It was they who skillfully used the imperial court to recruit talents. The original purpose was to select intelligent people with both strength and flexibility. They did a good job! "
This is not strange but appreciated.

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