Concubine? No, she doesn’t want to be a concubine to a man. Never again.

Her hands clasped together, and her eyes were full of hatred and sadness.
Once … Once she loved that person so much that she would rather commit herself to be a concubine, but what did she get in the end? Being suppressed by him all the time and he is watching all this coldly. He is afraid, but even so, he still wants to provoke her?
I took her, but I didn’t protect her. I thought she was innocent, and her daughter was the best among women. She followed him and met a lover, but she was deeply hurt by him and abandoned her.
He was promoted to take his wife with him, and she entered a miserable life.
I’ve suffered enough in my previous life, and now God has sent her to this strange dynasty, so I want her to live again.
Only then did she have the stigma of the original owner. Few people should remember it. Hehe … What if they did? I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her. What a bumpy fate for a weak girl.
Huangfuye Rui is the emperor on Friday, and he will be her. Go to that Gu Hui and get sick!
It’s also a pity …
The room makes a lot of noise. The more Gu Mian listens to my heart, the more jealousy burns. Xue Xiao looks at her back and her eyes are gradually complicated.
Is it her …
It’s better for him not to speculate first, and then wait until the temple is over
The ear sound was too harsh. Gu Mian didn’t stay long to greet the two little girls who had already blushed and slowly walked out of the front yard.
It’s calm. Generally, women are not ashamed to act quickly when they hear that sound. She is different in pace and doesn’t panic. The whole person feels so graceful and demure.
Xue Xiao couldn’t help thinking as he watched Gu gradually walk away.
"Temple, please spare handmaiden … handmaiden can’t go, handmaiden will die …"
In the past hour, the movement in the room has not weakened, but has become more and more intense. Huangfuye Rui’s latosolic red eyes have not stopped for a moment.
The girl who was led into the room by Xue Xiao was happy. She didn’t expect that a second-class girl had the honor of being served in the front yard of the temple for a year. Every time she saw the temple, her heart would beat wildly. At that time, she thought that if a woman could become a temple one day, even if she had no birthright, she would burn incense and worship Buddha, thanking God for her blessing.
But now she doesn’t want to be a temple woman. She wants to live well … She can’t bear the love of the temple …
"Temple, please let the handmaiden go … handmaiden please …" The girl was in tears and looked very pale. She didn’t have the strength to resist and didn’t dare to resist. She could bear the pain and bear the violent impact one after another.
Huangfuye Ruigen couldn’t hear what she said. He felt a fire burning, which made him unable to stop.
Xue Xiao has a headache in the temple, but it will hurt you, but if you don’t go on, it will also hurt you, and maybe you will lose your manhood.
Alas! I don’t listen to his advice to fill the backyard with more women who have to keep their virginity and want what they want.
Love? Who like them has such a good life as Prince Bright and can have a heart-to-heart love?
Despite many twists and turns, the result is good after all.
"Take her out to deal with it!" Huangfuye Rui went out with a deep dumb voice. It took Xue Xiao a long time to recover. He almost fell asleep. After that, he pushed the door and picked up the girl who had fainted and quickly left the room without falling into the quiet night.
After two quarters of an hour, he returned to his room and recovered as before.
Huangfuye Rui only wore a water-blue gown after bathing, and her black hair hung freely in front of the window, and her brain was not completely dry.
"The temple people have dealt with it!" Cold seep people stay a little longer to specify frozen Xue Xiao eyelid droop hand the great way
"I want to know the result before dawn." My hands clasped behind me, and Huangfuye’s sharp voice was cold and biting. "What do I hate most in my life? You know how to do it quickly!"
Xue Xiao was ordered to leave.
On this night, several maids and maids died in the Five Emperors’ Mansion, and these lost lives included Gu Hui’s courtyard and the eyebrows. They didn’t know where they were wrong at the moment when they were shot with a stick.
"Show cloud you tell me what to do that temple? Why does he want to shoot those girls and mothers? They are kitchen attendants and have done nothing wrong! " Gu Hui is wearing a blouse and sitting on a chair with a morbid face.
Xiuyun stood by to listen in. She just stopped coughing and rang again, holding a cup of hot water. "Miss, have a cup of water first."
"I’m fine. You say you tell me what’s going on now?" Shook his head Gu Hui didn’t pick up the cup in Xiu Yun’s hand "say it! Why don’t you tell me? Will the temple order like that? And the eyebrows in what second sister side over there that two little girls … "She looks up at Xiuyun said and kept coughing.
"That bowl of soup has" Xiuyun was silent for a moment to ask Xue Xiao for her alone.
Gu Huiyuan didn’t have much blood in her face, and suddenly she became more and more pale. Her body trembled and she said, "How … how did this happen? I-I went to the kitchen … No, no, the maids and maids in our college are honest. They won’t frame me like this … But … But what happened to this second sister? The girl around her was also shot with a stick … "Giving the temple medicine or killing her with that medicine couldn’t do such a thing.
But there are some complaints in her heart, but no matter how much she complains, she won’t force the temple to submit in that way
"Miss didn’t think it was Miss Er?" Show cloud knelt to hold Gu Hui hand words earnestly word by word "handmaiden know what to say miss also won’t listen to but now handmaiden miss even death also want to open your eyes wider Chapter 313 wake up.
"What die die who want you to die? Why do you want to die? I know what you want to say, but she has changed, completely changed! " Gu Hui held her hand instead, tears trickled down her eyes and sobbed, "How did she treat me for such a long time? You can see and help me take care of my house, but you always care about my body. How can I doubt her heart?"
Xiuyun said, "I know that the young lady is in poor health, and I have repeatedly told her to rest in peace and not worry about anything else. Have you forgotten these young ladies?"
"I haven’t forgotten what I said in the temple. I haven’t forgotten a word" is like running water. Although they don’t have a close relationship today, he has unconsciously entered her heart. She likes the temple and loves him for this life, so she will feel resentful and complain that he doesn’t understand her. She doesn’t know how to cherish her …

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