Meng Qi still can’t believe that he lied to himself as if mumbling, "It must be a dream. Please wake me up." In fact, of course, what happened in his heart was white.

Cheng ruowei looked at Meng Qi’s self-deception and smiled "sloped". In my heart, I was really happy and angry. This guy who got cheap and told me.
Raise your fingers like water onion, gently click a Meng Qi nose, say "Open your eyes quickly" and then wave a bullet of oil lamp to light up again.
Meng Qi finally accepted the reality and opened his eyes.
The first thing I saw was Cheng Re-wei’s gorgeous face, and Cheng Re-wei’s hair was different from usual, and her face was full of charm and laziness.
Meng Qiyi thought of that charming dream as soon as he got there.
Looking along the outline and face, there are two clavicles and the slender shoulders. Meng Qi woke up when he was looking.
Now is not the time to look at!
"Early," Meng Qi told Cheng Rewei. To tell the truth, he doesn’t know what to say now.
"Early? Yeah, it’s early, but don’t you think you should say something else? Dear "Cheng Rewei looked at Meng Qi sample heart crossed now what’s done is done to see how you can escape?
And Meng Qi was stunned by Cheng Ruowei’s’ dear’ three words. After a while, the sound was a little astringent and asked, "Yesterday …"
"Yesterday? Do you want to ask what happened yesterday? " Cheng ruowei looked at Meng qi cunningly and said
"I ….." Meng Qi trembles. Yeah, what does he ask now in this situation? What else can I ask?
Cheng ruowei saw Meng qi’s expression and made a pathetic picture. He sat up and pulled himself over and said, "Yesterday, yesterday, nothing happened to you. You didn’t say anything about me …" Here Cheng ruowei sobbed instead of saying that the corner of his voice also brought up crystal tears.
Well, as far as acting is concerned, there is no pressure to win an Oscar. Absolutely acting school ~
Well, in this way, Meng Qi has other ideas, an idea, and some conservatives still attach great importance to this kind of thing. Since they have done it, they have to be responsible.
Meng Qi sat up to comfort Cheng Ruowei, who was trying to act. "Ruowei, I don’t know what happened yesterday, but now that it has happened, you can rest assured that I will be responsible."
Cheng ruowei, of course, made this choice only after he had grasped Meng Qi’s temper and personality, and he was not surprised at Meng Qi’s words.
Did you gradually stop crying and say "Really?"
Meng Qi touched his nose and gave a wry smile. How could he be in the mood to joke? "Of course it’s true. You don’t know who I am."
Cheng Rewei certainly knows how Meng Qi is. After getting the answer she wants, she smiles through tears and hugs Meng Qi like a bell.
But Meng Qi didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh at this time. To say that a great beauty like Cheng Ruowei favors himself, it is a blessing from generations, but Meng Qi always feels a little awkward in his heart.
I just handed it over for the first time in two generations? Meng Qi feels that his mind is full of paste now, and his mind is full of things.
In the end, Meng Qi dumped those mixed thoughts into his heart and a kurotsuchi nemu Yi Me I’m sorry.
When Cheng Ruowei saw Meng Qi, he finally looked a little gloomy and knew that he had not finished his previous relationship as he said a few days ago, but it was because of his law that he was so desperate to be with him, wasn’t it?
If he is a heartless man, will he like him? Cheng ruowei shook her head and didn’t think about it. Since you can’t forget her, you can’t forget it. What’s the point of arguing with a dead man? I’m with you now, aren’t I? I wish you had me in your heart. So what if that woman gave you a floor?
Cheng ruowei thinks so.
So our pig’s feet were pushed back by a suitable person in an inappropriate place at an inappropriate time …
It’s evil. Wow, wow, hahaha, there is a small pit in the friendship badge. Can you guess? )
Chapter one hundred and twenty That hurdle in my heart
Cheng ruowei got up and sat there dressing while Meng qize looked at the sheets with a bright red daze. even without experience, he knew what it meant.
Every man wants to accompany himself. It is perfect when he is entrusted to himself. So is Meng Qi. It can be said that this guy still has a little virgin complex.
After he looked at the bright red, his heart became more entangled.
Can he live up to such a woman? Meng Qi asks himself if he can’t do it. Maybe he has a lot of mortal things with him. Maybe he is naive? Maybe naive? But Meng Qi didn’t want to abandon these things.
The violent collision of his heart with this sense of responsibility made him feel a little sluggish.
And Cheng Rewei saw Meng Qi’s reaction from the bronze mirror in front of her, and her heart was also a slight sigh. Although she said that she didn’t care about a dead woman, she saw that Meng Qi was still worried about her, and of course there was a deep envy in her heart.
But none of this is true. When she knows that she needs to give Meng Qi a period of time, all she needs to do is stay with him and play down everything …
Although I had an affair with Cheng Rewei inexplicably, I didn’t make out much when Meng Qicheng was with Ruowei. Well, actually, this is the case.
Every night, Cheng Ruowei will come to Meng Qi’s residence, and Meng Qi will practice his name every night to escape the upcoming problems.
Cheng Rewei also knew that Meng Qi did not force him when he needed it.
This suspicion is very correct. Sometimes it will be counterproductive if Cheng Ruowei is so smart, a woman will naturally not make such a low-level mistake.
In this way, Meng Qi really feels relaxed. Of course, it is impossible to say that Meng Qi has no impulse to be in the same roof with such a beautiful lesbian every day.
At some time, Meng Qi will think of some very impure things, such as the charming dream and the glimpse of that day, which will make Meng Qi feel poor.
Although Meng Qi was deeply influenced by various films in his previous life, it was the first time to see a real girl’s sedan chair, especially when such a touching girl told him to think about it all.
However, after much consideration, Meng Qi dared not take the initiative to ask for anything. One was his own problem, and the other was that he was still shy.
Although he is not a man, he just can’t mumble with Cheng Rewei’s eyes staring at Meng Qi, and he doesn’t know what to say. The good scene is awkward.
All this has been going on like this.
After a few days, I drifted to the ethereal Sect and found Meng Qi.
"Meng Xiong, this is a high-order LingShi two hundred middle-order LingShi in but it took some effort to raise" free walked over and took out a bag and handed it to Meng Qi.
Meng Qi took the bag and saw it as if it were free. Suddenly, he was a little surprised. Although in terms of aura, a medium-order Lingshi is worth ten low-order Lingshi and ten medium-order Lingshi is worth a high-order Lingshi.
But no one will ever exchange the ratio of high-order lingshi for low-order lingshi.

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