A month!

A burst of heaven and earth true yuan instantaneous violent rushed to the direction of the forest edge, and the whole congenital hole seemed to be slightly shaking because of this violent extremely congenital true yuan.
"Boom" Lin Yuan didn’t ask the direct body to hit that violent congenital true yuan instantaneous Lin Yuan body suddenly took a step back, but the body didn’t appear any injury, which showed that the congenital true yuan impact was too strong.
In a month, Lin Yuan almost benefited for half a month to consolidate the realm, while in the remaining half a month, Lin Yuan continued to practice. When he knew it, there were not many roots for him, and he added himself to practice Taiyuan. After some martial arts, he was finally able to practice Lin Yuan, and he has been practicing.
The ninth formula of skyshatter sword tactic is also cultivated by Lin Yuan to dzogchen state at one stroke, which makes Lin Yuan happy, but now his breakthrough comes too fast and skyshatter sword tactic is the peak of Wushu the day after tomorrow, which is not enough for Lin Yuan to break through to the innate state.
The state of the forest edge is high, and the martial arts double cultivation can not keep pace with the martial arts achievement method of the forest edge, so it can also be put aside.
A foul breath stands out, and the forest edge is relaxed. Now the forest edge has advanced 170 meters from the congenital hole, which seems to have reached his limit. The root of the forest edge in front is unclear, and the real element is more violent. Now the boundary root can’t break through that obstacle.
Overtime was not enough, and the forest edge did not sprint again.
When the time passes, it rings at noon!
Tianyuntai figure instantly appeared beside Lin Yuan and looked at Lin Yuan with a smile.
"vitreous too you come" Lin yuan saw vitreous too instantaneous came to his side and not too surprised, I have become accustomed to this kind of situation.
"Today, you are out of the hole, and I have come to pick you up." Tianyun was almost watching Lin Yuan grow up and reach the innate state when he was three months old, and he also didn’t think of Lin Yuan’s surprise.
The potential of double cultivation of martial arts will make several people crazy, not to mention the fact that the Ministry is gathered in the forest edge alone.
"Thank you, vitreous. It’s been three months, and I can finally go out." Lin Yuan sighed that there was still a word in his heart that said, "Those who bullied me and Hu Xiaolong of the North Campus are ready to accept my Lin Yuan anger."
"Well, your master is also outside." Lin Yuan knows this congenital cave. No one can enter it without Tianyuntai or Wu Zongzong’s permission theory.
Not to mention closely following Mrs. Tianyun, Lin Yuan has changed too much in the past three months. He knows that human feelings are changing and the world is cold, and his heart is maturing a little.
Song Changqing, the master of Linyuan at the entrance, and Guo Tao, the eldest brother of the South Courtyard, were full of excitement. Today, Linyuan came out, and they also greeted him early.
Song Changqing is not as relaxed as before for the South Yard for three months, but many things will happen in three months, and the whole atmosphere of the South Yard is gradually changing imperceptibly.
The forest edge entered the congenital cave. It seems that because of these battles between the forest edge and the North Yard, some brothers in the North Yard are gradually quiet and less arrogant. They just can’t meet each other and bicker the most, so they won’t meet each other like before.
As soon as Lin Yuan was out, he saw his master and master elder brother there, and his eyes were instantly rosy.
"Ha ha, how old are you crying?" Chang-qing Song naturally saw Lin Yuan’s situation over there and said with a smile.
He has been to Chang-qing Song for a long time, and he only received five apprentices and Lin Yuan only six. It is not that he does not accept apprentices, but that his apprentices must be really kind and Lin Yuan is such a person.
Lin Yuan doesn’t taste like a true lover. Since his parents left, he has come out of Lin Guzhuang. Who is better for her than his own teacher to help himself? Lin Yuan knows clearly in his heart. I’m afraid that he will soak Se liquid for the second time, which is valuable.
Lin Yuan inquired that the root is to promote a person’s qualification and potential. I’m afraid it’s not the only one in the whole Wu Zonggen.
Lin Yuan knows but doesn’t say that he also returns Chang-qing Song a little.
"Master, you will know that you are teasing me." Lin Yuan said with a tearful smile. At this time, where is Lin Yuan, and what is the appearance of the former North Yard, which makes the North Yard fearful?
"Congratulations, teacher younger brother, breaking through the innate realm" Guo Tao can naturally see the realm of forest edge. After all, there is nothing to hide from it. He just knows that my forest edge has broken through my forest edge and returned.
A sigh Lin Yuan finally returned to his residence in the evening.
For three months, the forest edge room was not messy, and there was still someone cleaning the forest edge every day, and there was nothing to prepare. His eyes gradually looked in the direction of the North Yard, which was the direction of God Blessed Pavilion.
Tianbeiyuan, we will fight again.
North yard tianyouge
"Master Lin Yuan came out and today he is going to fight with his brother." Hu Xiaolong’s voice seems to be nervous for three months. Although Hu Xiaolong’s strength has improved, he still has some Y and N haze in his heart.
In three months, Hu Xiaolong will not believe that Lin Yuan will not make any progress, and perhaps he has reached the innate state.
Lin Yuan can defeat the innate Naling realm when he is in the acquired realm. At this time, if Zhao Guangli reaches the innate realm, his own strength will grow to such an extent that no one can tell.
"What are you afraid of? He has indeed reached the innate state. Don’t be nervous. It’s just a mere innate Naling state fighter. You have reached the innate state. What’s to be afraid of? Plus, I’ll give you a secret method to cope with him." Song Changqing’s eyebrows are obviously a little dissatisfied with Hu Xiaolong, but after all, he is his brother and he doesn’t say much.
"Is the teacher younger brother remember" Hu Xiaolong face se y and n said after a pause.
"To prepare for the first world war, this time the South Yard seems to have been stupid." Sun Tianyou exudes a cold breath in his eyes.
Looking at Hu Xiaolong gradually leaving Sun Tianyou’s eyes, he immediately gave off a dark light, whispering in his mouth, "I can succeed two years ago, and I can also wait for Song Changqing two years later!"
With that, the whole God Blessed Pavilion immediately plunged into darkness, and the unknown oil lamp in the room gave off a stinging sound.
Chapter one hundred and forty-continue to crazy
Wu Zongwu technical field where Wu Zongdi settled disputes.

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