Threaten. This is definitely a naked threat.

Evenson heard Lindsay’s words, and his forehead swished cold sweat. Although he knew Lindsay was threatening him, what could he do? Can you resist? cannot
The Howard family has an unusual position in Britain, both politically and economically. Now even they, Mr. President and the Queen, have to be polite to the Howard family for three points. Nothing else is because if the Howard family does something big, then maybe a financial storm will blow up in Britain and Europe as a whole.
Evenson, of course, knew that Lindsay, the Howard family, had uttered those words, and then evenson nodded and wiped his cold sweat.
Threats? People are telling you the truth. Isn’t it easy to replace you as a mayor?
"Director Simpson needs a satisfactory explanation." evenson looked at Simpson and said.
"This ….. this" Simpson is also more anxious than evenson. It’s the mayor, Lindsay, who said that if you get it, you can get it. He’s a director. Matt, how can I spoil you like this? Now it’s okay. You got us in.
"Matt, you, you tell me what’s going on." Since the mayor wants him to explain, he has to talk to Matt. Although Matt is his sister’s daughter and his nephew, he can now sell Matt to protect himself, so that he can find a good job for Matt after saving his position.
"I … I" Matt squeaked yum-yum and couldn’t say anything. His face turned blue and white for a while.
"Let me tell you," Qin Shaojie said, and then told me what happened in the bar and how he beat Matt.
"The lesson of playing well with Mr. Qin is that" Qin Shaojie had just finished saying Simpson, and his face was even uglier at the same time.
How could Matt, an asshole, do such a thing and shoot a member? It’s okay if you meet ordinary people, but now look who you’re messing with. Can you provoke the Howard family?
"Matt now apologizes to Qin Shaojie, and hand over your badge and gun first. You are clearly out of the police force, and your horse goes to the hospital to apologize to the woman. You have to pay for all her medical treatment." Simpson shouted to Matt Li.
"Burst" Matt couldn’t get up any more. Instead, his face was full of ashes.
"I said director Simpson, right?" Qin Shaojie said
"Yes, Mr. Qin, I am Simpson." Simpson heard Qin Shaojie calling him to change his face quickly and said with a smile.
"It is necessary for him to apologize, but can he just shoot a gun in public just because he is a policeman?" Qin Shaojie light asked
This bastard wants to put a spy hat on me and let me go to jail. I’ll be too sorry if I don’t send him in.
"This … this" Simpson hesitated to dismiss Matt, but it was a little hard for Simpson to send him to prison.
Simpson was in trouble when he heard evenson cough twice and glanced at Lindsay.
"Then get up first and wait for the court to decide," Simpson said with gritted teeth.
I can’t help it, even if I want to protect Matt. There’s a mayor in the house who is bigger than him, and there’s a Lindsay who is better than the mayor.
Matt, you can rest assured that my uncle will have someone take care of you inside, Simpson said to himself.
"Mr. Qin, please leave me alone. I don’t want to go to jail." Matt just reflected that he jumped up from the ground and cried when he held Qin Shaojie’s thigh, and Qin Shaojie was surprised to find that his arm, which was still bandaged just now, had miraculously recovered.
Now Matt doesn’t know what Qin Shaojie meant by asking him to kneel down and send him out. It’s not the other person who is the stupidest. I didn’t even know that I had poked a hole that day, and I didn’t listen to my uncle’s words. I was thinking about how to stir this hole up a little bit.
"It’s very late in Qin. Let’s go home." Linsell took Qin Shaojie’s hand and said, "Let the lawyer handle these things."
"For Miss Linsell, you can rest assured that we will handle it fairly." Mayor evenson hurriedly responded, but Nellinsell didn’t even look at him.
"Go back? Where are you going? " Qin Shaojie strange asked
"Of course, I went to my house." Lindsay laughed. "When I came out, I told my father that I was coming to see you, or my father wouldn’t let me out. My father said that he wanted to see you."
"Ah?" Qin Shaojie suddenly felt the thunder rolling overhead … It’s nothing yet. Why is her father going to see me?
Chapter 36 William Howard
"Don’t go?" Qin Shaojie sat in the car and looked at Linsell and asked.
"Qin, please?" Linsell said
This is two people don’t know how many times this question and answer.
Silver Rolls-Royce followed two Mercedes-Benz cars before and after the silver charm, so they went to Linsell’s house arrogantly.
Qin Shaojie looked at everything in the car and finally came to a conclusion that this car is indeed much better than his phantom, which is several grades higher than his phantom in terms of car decoration and the whole body thickness.
Rich people are good!
Qin Shaojie couldn’t help sighing that although his car is also a Rolls-Royce, although it is also silvery white, it is called a phantom family. It is also the second most expensive car in the world. If it is converted into Huaxia currency, it will take 1.5 billion yuan, but it is still a problem to buy it. Even if you have money, you may not buy it. At the same time, you must have an identity worthy of it.
Qin Shaojie isn’t benzene either. Since Linsell can pick himself up in this car, it must be with his father’s consent. In the face of old Howard, Qin Shaojie is reluctant to stop talking.
It’s just to meet an old man. It’s not a big scene. Don’t be afraid.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
I don’t know how long Qin Shaojie had been sleeping with his eyes closed until Lindsay called him.
"Well, let’s drive in Qin," Lindsay said with a smile.
Qin Shaojie nodded and hit the door and went. Then he went to Lindsay with great grace and pulled the door for her.
"Qin, let’s go in. My father is waiting for you inside." Lindsay smiled and took Qin Shaojie’s arm and pointed to a building that looked a few years away.
"How do I look so like a castle?" Qin Shaojie looked at the building in front of him and said.
"Hee hee, this is the castle." Linsell laughed. "This is a century. It is said that a member of the royal family lived in it and my father bought it later."
Castle, what a luxury …
Two people talking has reached the door.
"Miss Linsell, you’re back. The master is waiting for you in the room." Just when I got to the door, the castle gate was already dressed as a standard housekeeper, and the white-haired old man came out from the inside and bowed slightly to Linsell.
"Grandpa Mike, I’ve told you many times that you don’t have to salute me," Lindsay said angrily. "Even my father grew up with you."
The old housekeeper didn’t answer, but smiled and shook his head. He had been a housekeeper since Grandpa Linsell was alive. Even if he was old, he still remembered his housekeeping duties.
"Mr. Qin, please come in. The master is already waiting for you in the room." The housekeeper looked at Qin Shaojie again and saluted.
Qin Shaojie nodded with a smile and followed Lindsay to the inside. The old housekeeper is a good door and then followed behind the two.
"Dad, I’m back, and Qin is here." Lindsay gently knocked at the door and said.
There is a deep voice in "Come in"
Get a response after Lindsay pushed the door with Qin Shaojie and went in.
Luxurious, noble and elegant
This is Qin Shaojie’s first impression of this room.
The whole room is about 100 square meters, which can be said to be very thick wool carpet. Even if you walk barefoot, you can’t feel a trace of coolness. On each side of the room, there are two classical frames made of unknown wood, which are neatly filled with all kinds of books.

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