After 45 minutes, Yan Yanche wrapped Yuan in a towel and rolled out of the bathroom, throwing her out of bed and blowing her hair.

Yuan Gungun watched him walk to the door and asked, "Where are you going?"
"Oh" Yuan Gungun gently replied that he was unwilling? Is it because she said she wanted to go to France just now?
Half an hour later, the white housekeeper came in pushing a dining car.
"Good morning, White Mom." Yuan Gungun greeted her with a smile.
"It’s getting late." White housekeeper touched her head and smiled gently.
Yuan Gungun embarrassed red in the face and didn’t speak.
"Hurry up and eat. You must be hungry." The white housekeeper pushed the dining car to her side and smiled to pick up the leftovers from last night.
"What about Che?" Yuan Gungun picked up the milk and drank a mouthful of light and asked
"Young master’s room will come soon."
"Oh" Yuan Gungun nodded and began to eat.
After the white housekeeper cleared the table, she looked at her lovely eating and walked over to her. She took out an express parcel from the dining car floor and handed it to her "Gungun, this is you"
"Me?" Yuan Gungun took a look.
"Well, you eat me slowly and go out." The white housekeeper smiled and turned to pick up the table and packed the chopsticks and went out.
Yuan Gungun found that the parcel was sent from France, and it was a box of her favorite chocolates and a brand-new mobile phone. She took out her mobile phone and pressed the button. A burst of music sounded, and a text message appeared clearly in front of her eyes (Happy wedding, I love you).
My heart wrenched a tear, and the warning came. I closed my eyes. She put her mobile phone in her heart, brother Rui …
When Yan Yan Che returned to his room, Yuan Gungun was sitting on the bed, holding his legs and quietly looking at the bed. When the mobile phone saw him come in, he quickly picked up the mobile phone "Che … this …"
"Have you finished your meal?" Yan Yan che interrupted her words and asked lightly
Yuan Gungun leng shook his head.
Yan Yanche sneered, "Then wait here for me to wait on you?"
Yuan Gungun looked at his unhappy expression and swallowed his mouth. He sat in a chair and ate it.
Yan Yan grabbed her and clung to her mobile phone, which caused her to exclaim "Ah!"
"What do you mean?" Yan Yanche frowned and put the phone on the table.
Yuan Gungun was relieved and looked at him carefully.
"Don’t eat yet?" Yan Yan gave her a cold stare.
Yuan Gungun hurriedly picked up a meatball and stuffed it into his mouth.
She sat next to her and picked up another pair of chopsticks and began to eat.
Yuan Gungun peeked at him from time to time to prevent him from hitting the mobile phone line.
"Going to Dubai" suddenly faded.
"Ah?" Yuan Gungun is a little unresponsive.
Yan Yanche looked at her and said nothing, but it was obvious that he was not in a good mood at the moment.
Yuan Gungun scratched his head for a long time before he reacted. "You mean honeymoon?"
"What do you say?"
"Didn’t you say you couldn’t go?" Yuan gungun don’t understand to ask
Yan Yan che knife-shaped eyebrows slightly pick looked at her coldly.
Yuan Gungun immediately bowed his head and immersed himself in eating and stopped talking.
Violet eyes looked at the table, and the phone picked up the food and sent it to her mouth, leaving it as if she didn’t see what was so good to her. She didn’t realize that he was really full …
Yuan Gungun secretly looked at his face with a sweet smile. Although he usually eats and sleeps together like this, today is particularly different … Now she is his wife and he is her husband …
That’s good. All she needs to do is be patient and wait for him to like her.
How time flies! Three years have passed, which can change many people and things, but it seems that Yuan Gungun and Yan Yan are the exceptions …
In the quiet afternoon, the sun shines gently on the earth and the wind blows gently, which should be a warm and moving atmosphere, but at this time, the black family is shrouded in a sea of fire
"Yuan! Go away! Get out! " An explosion roared out from the mouth of a flaming bird, knocking down trees and birds.
Sitting on the sofa in the living room, drinking scented tea, Yuan Gungun was startled and tea gushed out.
Sitting opposite her, Hei Yan Jue quickly hid from the scented tea that splashed at him and looked at it. He rushed from the building and turned into a fire-breathing dragon.
Chapter 97 You’ll have a memory if you play.

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