"Hum waste today, I will spare you in Wan’er’s face. I really don’t understand how a waste like you can be raised for nothing in the family. You just want to talk to me if you haven’t reached the day after tomorrow." Lin Yong said to the boy lying on the ground before he left and kicked the boy hard.

"Lin Yong, go quickly. Do you really want juwan to come?" cried Lin Wan again.
"Good good" Lin Yong smiled at Wan’er Lin said.
At this time, where is the evil sample just now? I don’t care about the boy lying on the ground with blood all over him. He walks directly in the direction of Lin Wan.
As the two figures gradually disappeared in the sea of people.
"Say nothing! Hey! " Two painful sounds sounded on the road.
Just lying on the ground, the boy got up at an extremely slow speed, and the blood in his legs slowly flowed out, clearly seeing that this injury was not just a skin injury.
Passers-by are also busy with each other, ignoring such a lonely and wounded boy.
The world of martial arts is a world of respect. Everything pays attention to strength. Without strength, it means your status. Without strength, it means your interests.
Some people have once shaped the world like this.
Do you want to benefit? practise martial arts
Do you want to have status? practise martial arts
Do you want to sit on a beautiful woman? practise martial arts
Do you want to go to heaven in one step? practise martial arts
All kinds of words and deeds are followed by strength. It is important to have strength in the world of martial arts. It is important to enjoy people’s respect and want to have beauty. Everything is strength.
This injured teenager is Lin Yuan, who is only 14 years old this year. He is one of the concubines in Linjiazhuang. It can be said that he has neither status nor profit, but it happened that two years ago, he was the first among the civilians to enter Linjiazhuang.
At this time, Lin Yuanxiu is also catching up with some of Lin Guzhuang’s younger brothers, so the Lins also dare not bully him.
Because those people’s white civilian status can be achieved in such a short time, now they have entered the home and need resources. When the future comes, it is unimaginable that they are also elders in the family
However, all this changed two years ago.
That night, the forest edge dantian was broken.
He was seriously injured and fell down that night.
His own glory collapsed that night.
Since then, the fate of the forest edge has changed, and the resources that belong to him have gone with it.
Bullying and seizing friends gradually died with him. It seems that there is nothing left in the forest edge, but I am lying alone in bed.
Lin Yuan doesn’t know how he spent that time. He just lies in bed and eats everything, but it’s just a meal.
During that period of Ri, Lin Yuan didn’t submit to fate. After Lin Yuan recovered, he continued to practice. Even if he tried hard, there was no way unless the innate strong came to help him build a foundation again.
But it’s impossible to be born, and how can someone like Lin Yuan degrade himself? That’s the world’s top strength.
Perhaps in their eyes, Lin Yuan is just like an ant, and Lin Yuan also knows that there is not a congenital realm in Fiona Fang for hundreds of miles in the whole thousand-line town, let alone his foundation.
The cultivation of Linyuan didn’t give up, and still insisted on the method of breaking the roots in the abdomen, and there was no way to absorb the true qi. With the change of time, Linyuan gradually couldn’t feel that he could absorb the true qi because he couldn’t.
The edge of the forest moved slowly, covered in blood, and the body slowly got up, and the face was also covered with blood. The face seemed to be a bit biting because of blood.
Yes, it’s a biting feeling!
If you look at his hand at this time, you can clearly see that his fist is clenched and his nails seem to have been inserted into his palm.
Humiliated and painful, it seems that this is the mood of Lin Yuan.
Lin Yuan has become accustomed to this kind of indifference, ignoring people walking in the street because he knows that even if he asks them for help, it will not play any role and attract more people to despise it. This is the world of martial arts.
For two whole years, Lin Yuan has been tortured, bullied and humiliated almost every day, which is the result of his lack of strength.
Dragging a heavy body back to one’s own house, maybe this can’t call the house shabby. It’s almost out of shape. If it rains, it’s definitely the kind of hiding in the house and getting soaked.
However, although the things on the edge of the forest in the room seem simple, a bed, a table and the rest are all things. Although life is simple, it looks very neat.
Lin Yuangen didn’t see anything. He sat cross-legged on the bed and meditated. He didn’t pay any attention to himself. He was covered in blood and his injuries were not dealt with.
Today, Lin Yuan plans to go to the blacksmith’s shop in the street to build a weight-bearing armor, but no one would have thought that just when he was about to leave the blacksmith’s shop, he actually met his defeated hand in the street today, and Lin Yong happened to go to the blacksmith’s shop, which was just a scene.
Lin Yongshen is a narrow-minded pseudo-gentleman, and he met Lin Yuan, and it is impossible to spare the door of his blacksmith shop and humiliate him.
Of course, Lin Yong has also heard in his family that Lin Yuan is often bullied and seems to be alive and kicking the next day after each injury.

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